My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 581

“I didn’t expect you to save her.” The woman held by Chuck in the forest said so unexpectedly.
After all, Chuck just ran away just now.
Chuck was expressionless.
He didn’t want to save, but what to say, the blue-eyed beauty was also brought in by himself. If he was forced, he would definitely die tragically. Chuck didn’t want her to do that.
What Chuck said before, he will do it, and let her see it!
So Chuck just took a stone in, and the three men were all on their brains. Where did they want someone to sneak attack?
Three times, they didn’t miss, and three people were stunned.
Perhaps one was killed directly.
The back of the head is still a sharp stone.
Chuck stunned them and came out. The others looked at herself, but this blue-eyed beauty was shrouded in despair, so she ran very fast and should have run away.
“What is your relationship with her?” The woman was so curious.
“I only appeared here because of her.”
“Then why did you save her?” The woman was stunned.
“Because… I said a word to her, I will do it.” Chuck squinted, like a lion.
“What did you say?”
Chuck ran around her, ran to the river, and placed the woman in a big wooden hollowed boat, but accidentally, Chuck’s head was buried.
Woman stunned.
Chuck should row when nothing happened.
Woman closed her eyes.
Chuck quickly paddled down the water and could definitely encounter any civilized village.
At that time, the crisis will be lifted.
Chuck worked hard to row the boat, and the boat went down the river and quickly left here.
“Bang, bang, beep, beep, beep!!!”
The bullets were shooting wildly, the scene wailed and everyone was killed!
This is a mercenary force. In a helicopter, the blue-eyed beauty looks at everything indifferently.
This place almost took away the most precious thing! !
“Wow wow wow wow…”
The three people in the room were really killed by Chuck. The other two were pointed at by guns, kneeling and begging for mercy, and their heads were covered with blood.
“Kill them!” the blue-eyed beauty said indifferently, these two people, she hated!
The mercenary pulls the trigger!
The bullets shot the two men dead, and the scene was as quiet as the dead.
“Miss Hui, I didn’t find that person!” said a mercenary, looking down.
“No!?” Blue-eyed beauty is angry!
Did Chuck actually? Have you escaped?
“It must be Chuck. When you escaped, Miss, he seized the opportunity and escaped. This person was actually rescued unintentionally by Miss.”
“Really?” The blue-eyed beauty was cold.
These days, it is something she will never forget for her life, and the person who has suffered for her is Chuck! !
However, he actually gave him the opportunity to escape? !
The blue-eyed beauty is extremely angry!
“It must be so!”
“That’s good, find me for him, and come alive.” The blue-eyed beauty decided to return all her despair to Chuck! ?
“Yes!” Some mercenaries started looking.
“Slow down,” the blue-eyed beauty ordered.
“Miss, what else do you need?” Several mercenaries bowed their heads. This beautiful woman was the daughter of the head of the Luofu family!
How dare Chuck dare to mess with it? !
Don’t die!
“Help me find someone.”
“What did you say?”
“I don’t know. When I was surrounded by three people, a person suddenly rushed in and stunned three people. When I opened my eyes, the person ran away, and I didn’t see it.” A little gentle.
If it weren’t for this person, he would have been insulted already, or even dead.
This person, she wanted to find, and then thank, what to give.
Because of this person, you can survive!
All mercenaries looked at each other, this. . How to find
“Go!” the blue-eyed beauty ordered!
“Yes!” The mercenary left.
The beautiful blue-eyed woman also left on the helicopter. Behind a big tree, a pair of beautiful eyes appeared, and she was a little stunned.
“Cer was here, and then escaped? Where did he escape?”
Logan, chased here without rest, she just heard the sound of shooting, so she came over.
But I didn’t expect that there was really news from Chuck.
Logan continued to search because these mercenaries were also looking for Chuck! ?
In the darkness, Logan’s figure was silent.

Zhang Planning Boat finally arrived at a small town with modern buildings. Chuck was assured that now he needed to find a mobile phone and then call his mother.
Close to the beach, people nearby had strange eyes. After all, Chuckke had been tortured like a beggar in the virgin forest these days.
Chuck continued to hug the woman.
She hurt her leg and it was not easy to move.
“Do you understand the language here?” Chuck asked.
He doesn’t understand.
“I don’t understand, we are here, just stay for one day, my people will come.” The woman said.
“Are there any dollars in you?”
Chuck wants to eat, nowhere without money.
“No.” The woman shook her head, her phone, and everything was taken away.
Nothing left.
Chuck can only look at her speechlessly, holding her to find a place to rest, but, Chuck has been holding her like this, it is inevitable to have some ideas.
“Don’t tease me, I’m dangerous,” the woman said solemnly.
“Beauty, I can’t help it. You see I have been locked up for more than ten days. I have been in the forest for five or six days. I haven’t seen any other women. I can’t help it.” Chuck is speechless, and Who is calling this woman as beautiful as his wife Yvette? !
The woman closed her eyes, “I’m dangerous.”
“Okay, okay,” Chuck looked at her and told the truth, it was beautiful.
Comparable to that, Ouyang Fei and the like are much more beautiful.
First of all, the temperament is the difference between heaven and earth! ?
“So where do we rest? Didn’t you say that one third of the world is yours?”
“I’m not talking here, this is someone else’s house,” the woman shook her head.
Chuck thought, anyway, this woman’s person will come, so just find a place to eat directly and wait.
“Does this work?”
“Well, I’m hungry too. Looking for a place to eat, my people will find me.”
In this case, Chuck is not polite anymore, and he goes in when he finds a place.
Chuck is no longer wrong. He is tired and hungry. He can only take a woman to steal clothes from someone else’s house. Otherwise, wherever he goes, others think he is a beggar.
Chuck stole the clothes, put on herself, and stolen the woman. The woman was definitely inconvenient to change. Chuck put her down where no one was, and then turned around, walked not far away and waited.
The woman was stunned. “It’s a bit interesting, there is a color heart, it’s human nature, but it can be controlled, and it may not be done afterwards.”
The woman began to change clothes.
Ding Ding Ding!
Suddenly, there was a ringing in her body, and she took out a glittering thing from under her shoes and put it to her ear.
“Miss, we are here, and there will be about three minutes to your place. Wait a minute.” This flashing thing is a communication device of the latest technology.
So, she can be found anytime, anywhere, just whether she wants it or not.
“No,” the woman looked at Chuck.
“No? Miss, are you?”
This voice is very stunned, why not use it?
“Know why I came out this time?” the woman said lightly.
“I know, the patriarch asked you to get married, saying that you are not young, and you don’t want to, so…” The voice was careful.
“Just know it.” The woman was faint.
“Then you found someone who wants to get married?”
“No, but I met someone who was okay,”
“Can I ask what is the name?”
There was silence for thirty seconds, and the voice came out, “Chuck is the son of Karen li. This Karen li has been very popular recently, and his family is not yet qualified for Miss Gao Pan!”
“It doesn’t matter if you don’t qualify, you come out and meet so many people, but he is barely okay,” the woman calmly looked at Chuck waiting in the distance.
Chuck hugged her all the way, how to say, she can feel that this man is not bad, at least, not so annoying.
“Then what do you mean??”
“I’m in love with him…” The woman’s beautiful eyes squinted with a command, as if she was in the same toy as her fancy.

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