My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 582

what? Are you fancy with him? ”
“Yes, there’s such a fancy,” the woman said.
“Then he will be thrilled, you are taken by Miss, he will…”
“Confidentiality first.” The lightness in the woman’s beautiful eyes.
“Of course, I always listen to you, Miss,”
“Okay, don’t say it, I will let you show up whenever I want, and I will try him again,” the woman said.
“Yes, but, you… the patriarch’s meaning is very obvious. If you can’t get married, don’t take the last step with that Chuck. You know what I mean. Sorry, I may have talked too much, don’t mind, ”
“I know, I won’t do it casually,” of course the woman will not give Chuck anymore.
How long have you known this? She is not so open. The more such a super family, the more strict the rules and follow the tradition.
A woman can only have one man, that is her husband in the future! This is tradition!
“Okay, but miss, do you want me to do something?”
“No need to,”
The woman tucked this thing back into her shoes and changed her clothes.
“Okay,” the woman came out.
Chuck looked stunned. He might have been an instinctive man thinking, so when stealing clothes, he always took that kind of transparent clothes. Now, it looks so beautiful.
“What are you looking at?” The woman looked beautifully.
“It’s nothing. You are as beautiful as my wife,” Chuck laughed.
The woman didn’t say this, “You are teasing me,”
“I don’t have it, my wife Jiang…” Chuck explained, he was just eloquently speaking, other things, Chuck didn’t even think about it.
“Needless to say,” the woman shook her head.
Chuck didn’t say much, and took the woman to the restaurant to eat, and now you can go in, but Chuck is looking for someone to borrow a mobile phone. Others don’t actually borrow it. Chuck can only be annoyed and can’t be robbed.
After dinner, Chuck and so on, waited for the woman’s person to come, but did not come until the evening.
“Don’t you say you will come over?”
“What might be wrong,”
“What’s your secret family?”
Chuck is speechless, is this woman really fake? !
“Okay, you can only eat the king’s meal,” Chuck hugged the woman and ran.
The people in the restaurant chased them out with a knife. Chuck was full and full of energy. It was okay to run alone. Of course, he would not be caught up by such a person who would not fight.
Quickly found a place to hide.
The woman smiled slightly, “This is the first time I have eaten a king meal,”
“It’s the first time for me to find a place to sleep,” Chucksi was sleepy. Li Tian didn’t sleep well.
Today, he can find a corner to sleep.
“Okay, no problem,” the woman agreed.
Chuck found a ruin, took the woman in, and put her next to him, and then slept by herself. After this time, Chuck thought of Yvette.
Especially special.
Naturally, there is no other thought, if Chuck just had money, he must have done something, anyway, no one else.
But now, Chuck only wants to sleep.
“Don’t touch me?” the woman said.
Chuck opened his eyes, “Are you playing with me? Or are you playing with me?”
Doesn’t this woman say that she is particularly dangerous? For the secret family, Chuck felt that he should not provoke him for a while, otherwise his mother might be implicated.
“I didn’t play with you, you are a man, I am a woman, everyone is an adult.” The woman said lightly.
Chuck looked at her again, strangely in her heart, how did she feel, what she said was so emboldened?
“Forget it, I have a wife,” Chuck closed his eyes.
“you have not married.”
“But I have a girl who grew up together. I like her. When I am old enough, I will marry her.”
Chuckxin vowed. necessary.
Yvette has followed him for so long, Chuck has long decided that he must marry Yvette, and that the most luxurious wedding is to let everyone know that Yvette is my wife of Chuck.
“It’s just not married,” the woman had no expression.
“I will get married, don’t think about it, go to sleep.” Chuck closed his eyes.
To talk nonsense again, Chuck may have to think about it.
The woman looked at Chuck, her eyes were all narrowed, she had a colored heart, and she could control it. This man was a bit funny.
She has spoken here, just a temptation, if Xiao Chuck saw her, then she would be expressionless, because her people will appear immediately, it also means that Chuck, like other men, is a man who is caught on the brain and cannot be marry.
The woman watched Chuck fall asleep, she barely stood up, but Chuck might have been asleep, and tossed and turned, and came over, For a moment, the woman’s expression was colorful, stunned, angry, cold, and a little shy, and suddenly appeared on her face.
As long as she screams, this man who touches himself will die within ten seconds!
“Pretend to sleep, or intentionally?” The woman hummed.
“Wife, wife…” Chuck drooled.
The woman was stunned and smiled slightly, “Fortunately.”
She took Chuck’s hand and moved to the side. Once again took out that thing.
“Hello, miss, will I come over to pick you up now?”
The woman looked at the sleeping Chuck. She thought about it for a few seconds. “Let me know who this Chuck’s wife is.”
Thirty seconds later, “Yvette, this woman grew up with him. He used to be a teacher, now he is a killer of the killer organization, code-named Blood Leopard.”
“Killer? Somewhat interesting, why are you a killer?” The woman was stunned.
“Because Karen li is her father’s enemy, she mostly wants to improve herself by being a killer,”
“It’s interesting. Actually this is the case. Then the two of them are impossible. How does this Yvette look?”
“This one……”
“Pretty, pretty,”
“Oh, compare with me?”
“No, how can this woman be compared with you?”
“I mean looks,”
“This…she reveals low feelings everywhere, she has good facial features, and the rest are completely incomparable to you, Miss.”
“So, what did he say is true?” The woman looked back at Chuck, who was asleep.
Chuck said he was as beautiful as his wife. Now it seems that Chuck has not lied.
Really similar to myself.
“Well, almost, do you need me to solve this Yvette? After all, she is not qualified to compare with you, how can she be qualified to compete with you for men?”
“Yes, solve, I found out, she should also be in Amazon,”
“Oh, come and find him?”
“Yes, so as long as you agree, an hour later, she can die without knowing it. Chuck will not find any clue, you can rest assured,”
“I’m always at ease when you do things, but this time forget it, let her go, the woman needs to be compared, he will know that I am much better than this Yvette,” the woman calm.
“Yes, then I’ll pick you up now?”
“This, I’m injured, you come to pick me up, help me deal with it first, I have to try him,”
“Are you injured? Okay, wait a minute!”
In less than a minute, someone came, and all ten men in black were well-trained.
Quickly treat the wound to the woman, the woman waved her hand, and everyone left. During this process, there was no sound, and Chuck slept without any abnormalities.
Woman, sitting next to Chuck, sleeping with her eyes closed, quite honest.

Yvette sneezed, she was very tired, but why did she sneeze suddenly? She looked around strangely and didn’t have a cold.
However, just now, Yvette had a feeling of being stared at by a beast, as if someone would suddenly appear and kill himself.
Yvette glanced vigilantly and found nothing abnormal.
Don’t think about it, or find Chuck quickly. She is already anxious. She picks a wild fruit to eat, and continues to look for it without rest.

The woman woke up in the morning, she was angry, shy, and cold again for a moment, because how did Chuck sleep? Press yourself, hand.
She is patient, is this man pretending or sleeping? ! Woman doubts!
Chuck woke up and saw himself leaning on her. He was embarrassed, “I’m sorry, are you okay?”
Is it okay for a woman to hold back her anger? You know you just did this action, you just need to die, you will die? ?

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