My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 590

“Nothing.” Of course Yvette would not say what he just saw.
Because Chuck said it personally, but respect Logan.
There is no idea in that respect, so what do you say to embarrass Chuck and Logan? ?
“En.” Chuck also felt that there would be nothing.
Logan and Yvette have a good relationship, what can they say?
But Chuck was thinking that Logan’s beautiful eyes had a bit of sadness that could not be concealed for a moment when he looked at Logan. Why?
Chuck thinks that he should have read it wrong, Logan shouldn’t have anything to be sad about, right?
Successful career. The character is good and beautiful.
Chuck didn’t think much, “wife, it’s been a long time…”
“Little villain, thinking again, waiting for a while.” Yvette smiled slightly, too, and it has been a long time since he was together.
The sound of knocking on the door.
“Master, Mr. Li is back, let you go down. Now I’m back to the United States,” Betty’s voice was outside.
“Okay, I will come out immediately,” Chuck said.
“Wife, go back and say,” Chuck stood up.
“Okay, listen to you, go back to whatever you say, listen to you.” Yvette was a little gentle.
Really, she was terrified this time. Especially worried.
Just lying in Chuck’s heart, listening to Chuck’s heartbeat, she felt real and Chuck was still alive.
Chuck smiled slightly, “All listen to me?”
“En. But you know, I can’t accept anything now,” Yvette said.
Yvette still can’t cross this hurdle. She likes Chuck. In addition to this, she satisfies all requirements of Chuck.
I don’t know when it started, it has always been like this.
“Well, let’s go back.” Chuck and Yvette went out.
“Aunt Logan?” Chuck asked Betty when she was outside.
“Wait below,”
“Then you saw that person this time, what did she say?” Chuck was more concerned about this.
Of course, Betty said everything, and said her own view of the woman. When Yvette knew nothing about it, especially when she heard that woman wanted Chuck to go into trouble, she was not angry. Here comes.
“She actually?? Want my husband to join in?” Yvette’s eyes chilled.
“Well, that’s what she said.” Betty was also angry.
Chuck has the powerful mother Karen li, how can it be added?
“Husband, what happened to you?” Yvette was a little jealous. She didn’t eat Logan’s, but this woman’s jealousy, she had to eat it.
She can’t stand to rob Chuck with such insults!
“Nothing, I just saved her and brought her out.” Chuck was also speechless.
He couldn’t figure it out, how did this woman think of herself?
Chuck thinks, is this woman too powerful to regard herself as a fancy toy? ?
Yes, she is a toy in her eyes? !
“Nothing happened in the middle? I don’t believe it, I recruited it!” Yvette became serious, as if he were a teacher at that time.
Betty is also curious, yes, the two have been together for a few days, should something happen?
“Really? She hurt her foot. I held her for a few days.”
“You hugged her for a few days? Husband, how can you do this?” Yvette vinegar up.
It really shouldn’t be!
Betty smiled, but suddenly felt that she was laughing?
Chuck hugs her? !
Chuck admitted that he was really a bitch of the Virgin this time, and he really shouldn’t save the woman. Just go out and do what the hell is going on?
When she arrived, the woman was not touched at all, but instead called her mother, Chuck was angry.
Chuckzhen especially regretted saving her.
At that time, what did you do about that business?
“Ignore you, don’t think of touching me today, I will not listen to you, no, absolutely not,” Yvette shook his head.
Chuck must be punished.
Otherwise, how many women have to hook up? !
Logan has fallen, and so is Zelda. Yvette felt more and more thought… sour.
“My wife,” Chuck apologized when she knew she was wrong.
This sound made Yvette soft-hearted, but remained serious.
She wants to break free. But if she tried hard, it was useless, she wouldn’t struggle anymore, whatever he did, she would not be obedient tonight anyway. I have to sleep in separate beds…
But…I haven’t slept well for a long time. She only felt safe by relying on Chuck. What should I do?
Do not listen, absolutely do not listen! !
Three people down.
The car is ready, just go directly to the airport.
Chuck thought, take a good rest after going back, sit in, Karen li drove.
Logan looked out of the window, Chuck called her, and Loganen gave a cry.
Chuck felt strange, what happened to Logan today?
He didn’t ask too much, it should be too tired, I have found myself for so long.
At the airport, Chuck boarded a private jet. Take off to the United States.
On the plane, Chuck and Yvette apologized.
Yvette shook his head, “I’m not angry, but I won’t listen to you today,”
Chuck was helpless.
Yvette watched Chuck’s head down, but she couldn’t bear it either, “Her husband, come here, but you can’t touch me,”
Chuck smiled and came over, leaning on Yvette.
Yvette was right, “Her husband, I will give you something.”
“Look, I was in the Amazon forest. I saw it by the river when I was drinking water.” Yvette took out a transparent stone the size of his eyes, and it was a little red.
“This is a diamond?” Chuck was surprised.
“Um, it should be a blood drill, so heavy, it should be valuable. Here you are, don’t mess up in the future, be obedient, you know?” Yvette said.
I feel that I am still like a teacher, so I want to give a gift to comfort Chuck.
She thought it was funny, but it was interesting.
“Wife, you hold this diamond,” what does Chuck want the diamond to do?
“Here, you will be obedient in the future, don’t just be a woman. You have to do anything to women, don’t you know? Otherwise, I will be angry, especially angry, and the consequences of my anger. That is, not to listen to you “Jian Yinan said.
Of course Chuck knew that he couldn’t do something sorry for Yvette, but he did it before, with Zelda, Queenie, and Murong Qing.
I don’t know what happened to them.
This should be a secret in Chuck’s heart.
“Well, I know,” Chuck nodded and collected the diamonds. If he was short of money, he could sell them. After all, this diamond is very big. Chuck never saw such a big diamond. It should be very valuable, so you can take it.
“Really?” Yvette smiled slightly.
“You, I don’t believe you. However, just listen to me as much as possible, do you know?” Yvette knew Chuck’s identity, how could there be no other woman around? ?
She knows that she also wants Chuck alone, but something that cannot be avoided, then it is up to Chuck to realize that she does not want to interfere too much with Chuck, which is not good.
“Got it, wife, will you listen to me tonight?” Chuck cares about this.
“No, this is my punishment for getting angry this time. Sleeping honestly tonight, don’t think about anything, you said, I won’t listen.” Yvette became serious.
Chuck is all right, okay, but, relying on Yvette to rest for a while, this is still ok.

“who are you looking for?”
Jiang Ran had an indifferent man in front of him. This was the bodyguard of Karen li’s villa area.
He had noticed that Jiang Ran, the girl who had been watching here these days, hesitated.
Who are you looking for?
“I…” Jiang Ran really didn’t know how he came.
She couldn’t contact Chuck for a long time. She only had to follow Chuck’s place. Come and ask.
What if Chuck really lives here?
“Who are you looking for?”
“I’m looking for Chuck.” Jiang Ran said nervously. She asked about this place. This is a woman’s place called Karen li.
This is the place where the super rich can only live, and this piece is all Karen li. In other words, no one else can live in this place.
So why does Chuck say that he lives here? ?
“Are you looking for our young master?” the man asked in surprise.
Jiang Ran was really stunned!
She asked about this place. It was the villa of Karen li, the super rich man of the United States.
This piece belongs to her. However, such a rich person? ?
This is, Chuck is called Master?
“Chuck is your young master? Who is Karen li?” Jiang Ran asked knowingly, but she wanted to know for sure.
“Son, of course son, are you?” The man looked at Jiang Ran.
It’s about the same age as Chuck, is it a classmate? ?
Jiang Ran was shocked. She knew Chuck was rich, but she didn’t expect it to be so rich! ?
Jiang Ran felt incredible!
“Student, I am your junior’s classmate,” Jiang Ran murmured, feeling dreaming.
She suddenly felt so ridiculous. At that time in China, she still looked down on Chuck. What qualifications did she have to look down on him? !
Also, Chuck said that while living here. I didn’t believe it.
Why don’t you believe it? !
Jiang Ran suddenly found he couldn’t understand himself.
“Is he inside now?” Jiang Ran asked, since Chuck really lived here.
“No,” the man shook his head. The matter has already spread to the United States, and Karen li’s son was caught.
“Then where is he?”
The man was silent for a second, “Something happened to my young master,”
“What happened? What happened?” Jiang Ran panicked.
It turns out that it’s no wonder that Chuck’s mobile phone has always been turned off. I didn’t expect something to happen! !
“Catched.” The man said.
Jiang Ran froze, “Who was caught?”
“not sure.”
“How could this be? How could it be? I’m looking for him,” Jiang Ran ran away and left by car.
The man was stunned.
Forget it, let her go find it!
Soon. The car came over.
It was Karen li who brought Chuck back.
Chuck felt relieved that the family returned at noon.
“That, young master, just now a girl came to you and said it was your classmate,” the man walked over.
“Classmate?” Chuck touched his nose, should it be Jiang Ran?
After so many days, she is still in the United States?
Did not go back?
Chuck thought he was wrong, so he let the bodyguard describe his appearance, and the bodyguard said.
Chuck is in tens of a dozen, it is Jiang Ran, forget it, I will get in touch again if I have a chance.
But those two people who owe their money, Chuck did not forget! !
They must be brought in!
Yvette looked at Chuck, his eyes calm.
Of course Chuck knows what it means, “It’s a classmate.”
“I won’t listen to you,” Yvette walked in.
Chuck is helpless, Yvette must have misunderstood, this is no way!
The point is, he and Jiang Ran have nothing to do with it!
This is a bit wrong.
The whole family went in, but Chuck thought of someone, Du Peixin, where did that woman go? ?
“You go to the airport now and pick me up for a woman named Du Peixin.” Chuck said to the bodyguard.
“Yes, sir, I will pass now.” The man left.
When he arrived home, Karen li put on an apron to make a delicious meal. Chuck had never eaten anything good on Amazon. Karen li had asked Betty to call a doctor.
After finishing the meal, Chucktou will be checked.
What went wrong?
Otherwise, Karen li could not rest assured.
Karen li, Logan, Yvette. Chuck, and Betty, have dinner together.
Yvette and Logan bowed their heads.
Karen li understands what is going on, so the meal was very quiet. After the meal, the doctor came and everyone accompanied Chuck to do the examination.
The process is actually very fast, but Karen li and the others waited a long time, and they were suffering every minute and one second.
After the treatment, the doctor came out.
Karen li asked nervously, “How is my son?”
Yvette, Logan and Betty are all nervous!
The doctor said quietly for a few seconds, “What about the young master’s situation? His head was hit by heavy objects, which directly affected his brain. Fortunately, the young master’s physical fitness is good, and he has resisted it, but it may be affected by neural memory. .”
The four men looked at each other.
“So what do you mean, my son will lose memory?” Karen li panicked, how could this be?
“This chance is very low, almost no, mainly affects his memory. This is a big problem,” the doctor sighed abnormally.
In this respect, it is really not treatable with general medicine.
“Doctor, you mean, is it right? Will memory decline?” Logan was anxious.
“you could put it that way.”
“How should that be treated?” several people said in unison.
Actually so serious? Memory in decline. This is a big problem. There is nothing wrong with being young now, but when you get old, then the problem will definitely come out.
“This, I have to go back and study it. President Li is assured that I will do my best for the young master!” said the doctor.
“Dr. Liu, I believe you, but my son will never lose memory?” Karen li asked cautiously. In case of amnesia, this is a big problem!
“This chance is very low, even if you have amnesia, it is also a short clip of amnesia, which has no effect on the overall memory. Doesn’t the master still know you?”
“Yes. Know,” Karen li breathed a sigh of relief. Yes, Chuck hasn’t seen any problems so far.
I know everyone.
Yvette felt the same way. Logan and Betty were the same.
“Okay, then I went to study. In terms of drugs, President Li still needs to have a psychological preparation, which may be very rare.” The doctor gave a vaccination in advance.
“No problem, as long as my son is okay, there is no problem with how much money and how much it costs.”
“it is good,”
The doctor left.
Several people in Karen li went in.
“Mother, is there no problem?” Chuck just felt uncomfortable.
“Relax, no problem.” Karen li smiled and comforted.
Chuck was relieved, and his head was hit so hard, should it take some time to repair? There should be no problem.
“Cer. Take a good rest, I will avenge you tomorrow,” Karen li’s eyes were cold.
If it was not the girl of the Luo Fu family, how could Chuck encounter such a thing? ?
“Mum, that belongs to the Luofu family,”
“Well, I know, rest, we are out.” Karen li said.
Logan wanted to stay for a while, but. She went out with Karen li in her heart.
“Wife,” Chuck called.
“Obey, you have to rest. I will listen to you tomorrow.” Yvette felt distressed, she touched Chuck’s head. The hair on this wound hasn’t grown very much yet, it must be very painful.
“Do not believe today?”
“No, I said, I won’t listen to you today,” Yvette shook his head seriously.
“Okay,” Chuck also had a headache, so he slept better.
Yvette gave Chuck a sip.
“Don’t think about it, this is my biggest concession, sleep well, and do whatever you want me to do tomorrow, just do it, well, I’m out.” Yvette went out.
Chuck smiled slightly, his wife is so good! !

“Waste, you are all a group of waste!”
The blue-eyed beauty is furious in the villa! ?
“Miss Hui. That Chuck really couldn’t find it.” Several mercenaries knelt down. They had been searching in the Amazon deep forest for a long time, but they couldn’t find it!
“He, I’ll find him sooner or later, but what about that person? The one who saved me? You didn’t find it? What are you doing?” The blue-eyed beauty was furious.
“Sorry, Miss. You are too vague, there is no voice, no appearance, we are not easy to find.” The mercenaries are helpless.
Nothing, how to find it? At the very least, it needs a look!
Even if you don’t look like it, you need some characteristics. For example, where there are tattoos and where there are moles, there is no such thing. How to find them?
“Go to death, if you can’t find it, you will all die. See if you can’t find it, can’t you go soon?”
Several mercenaries went out bitterly.
The blue-eyed beauty was annoyed and was upset about something. The young woman of her mother came in, “Daughter, why are you so angry?”
“They are all waste. I asked them to find someone to save me. Waste?” The blue-eyed beauty was so angry that she wanted these people to do it!
You must know who saved yourself, and you must repay him!

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