My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 589

Logan whispered, she didn’t feel confident at all, because she couldn’t help herself, so Yvette, the wife of Chuck, caught a straight one.
She has a feeling of doing something wrong.
Yvette was quiet and silent, she did not deny it, so when she saw Logan’s relationship with Chuck, she was particularly angry and very angry!
Because in Yvette’s heart, Logan has always been an elder, but actually did such a thing.
However, Yvette calmed down when she was angry. She didn’t know how to deal with it. She was very tangled. Also, she felt a little embarrassed.
“Aunt Logan, don’t say that,” Yvette shook his head.
In Yvette’s eyes, Logan has always been a gentle and understanding woman.
She could understand something she couldn’t help but do.
“I…” Logan bit her lip and Yvette’s forgiveness made her feel more guilty.
She had already decided in her heart that she would never do that again, and even if she couldn’t help herself, she must absolutely control herself.
“Aunt Logan, I want to ask you a question.” Yvette urged her to ask.
“You said,”
“Have you and Chuck ever done that…” Yvette couldn’t say anymore.
“No, no.” Logan didn’t understand what Yvette meant. She was asking if she had been with Chuck.
Of course not, Logan didn’t pay much attention to this aspect. What she wanted was spiritual.
She cares more about this.
“Yvette, you believe me, really don’t. Ceer doesn’t like me, doesn’t like me, how can I do anything with him?” Logan shook his head.
The tone was anxious, for fear that Yvette would not believe it.
“Well, Aunt Logan, I believe you.” Yvette is serious, she is also a woman, and of course can feel that Logan’s words are really fake.
She can clearly feel what kind of person Logan is.
“Yvette, do you really believe me?” Logan bit her lip.
“Well, I believe, Aunt Logan gives me the feeling that you are very principled and will not do such a thing. Even just now, it is only after he falls asleep…” Yvette stopped.
“Thank you, I will never again, absolutely not.” When Logan said this, he was very sad.
In fact, she has been in control all the time. She will bury everything in her heart, but she couldn’t help it just because she couldn’t help it.
In the future, she will never be able to do that again. Even, she must keep a distance from Chuck and cannot stay in a room.
“Aunt Logan, I don’t know how to say this, but, I know it feels that there is no way to do this. I didn’t see it as if it weren’t.” Yvette could only deal with it like this.
“Thank you, starting today, I will keep a distance from him,” Logan said lost.
“In fact, it’s not necessary…” Yvette didn’t know what he and Chuck ended up with.
Karen li, who killed his father and enemy, is always sandwiched between two people. How to deal with this matter?
Yvette attacked the future of Chuck and could not see it at all.
So what can you do? ?
Now with Chuck, the first is that she cannot refuse Chuck.
The second is that she also likes it. The current situation can only be controversial.
“It is necessary, there is,” Logan took it seriously.
Yvette suddenly felt inexplicable, and she couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.
“What is necessary? Aunt Logan… Yvette, wife,”
The confused Chuck woke up and didn’t see Logan. He came out unexpectedly and saw Yvette who hadn’t seen him for a long time. At that moment, Chuck was excited like a child.
He rushed over and hugged Yvette.
Affected by this enthusiasm, Yvette also moved, his tears blurred, “Her husband…”
The two embraced.
Logan, beside her, was lonely and lonely, and her eyes were wet. She didn’t want Chuck to see her like this. She lowered her head.
You can’t be like him for a lifetime.
After the surprise, Yvette woke up and there was Logan beside him.
She couldn’t look like Logan.
“Her husband, don’t do this,” Yvette struggled.
Chuck also awakened, yes, Logan is still around.
“Aunt Logan,”
“Well, I’ll go next to it. You and Yvette have a good talk.” Logan raised her head and smiled, burying the bitterness in her heart.
She has always been like this, and she is unwilling to show her emotions in this regard.
Indeed, Chuck has many words to say to Yvette, “Uh huh.”
Chuckla and Yvette entered the room. Yvette was a little complicated and followed Chuck into the room.
It’s empty outside.
Logan walked outside herself, looking at the traffic outside, she suddenly felt like she wanted to cry, or wanted to cry.
But no.
How can I cry? What if Chuck sees it?
How do you explain it yourself?
She controlled herself sadly. At this time, there was a voice behind her, “Logan, what’s wrong with you?”
Karen li and Betty are back.
“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Logan shook her head and completely suppressed the emotion in her heart.
Karen li looked up at the hotel and realized, “Yvette is back?”
“Well, come back.”
“And what did you see?”
“Well, I saw it.”
“Then, Yvette got angry?”
“No, she didn’t get angry at all, didn’t see the same.”
“Then you…” Karen li knew Logan’s character, too.
Logan is heartbroken, otherwise how could this be? ?
“I’m fine.” Logan has suppressed his emotions.
“Ah, you guys, I don’t know how to say it,”
Karen li is helpless. As a person who loves this kind of love, she can’t say it at all.
“Well,” Logan was silent for the first time in front of Karen li, but only for a few seconds, she asked quickly, “Sister Karen…”
“I think you call me aunt, I like it more,” Karen li stretched out his hand and sorted Logan’s forehead’s hair.
“Don’t be,”
“Well, what did the woman say?”
Logan is worried about this. The hidden family is really not a joke. If the hidden family takes action, the situation is absolutely in crisis.
“She said she wanted to let Ceer get into trouble and follow her surname,”
“What? No, absolutely not.” Logan immediately shook his head.
How is this possible? !
Let Chuck enter into trouble, but also want Chuck to change his surname to Wan?
“I can’t say that, but her person, you didn’t call it, really… It’s hard to say in a word, now it can only be, the soldiers come to cover up the water and the earth.” This is Karen li’s method.
After returning to the United States, she will immediately solve the problems of the Ouke family, and then resist the hidden family with all her strength! !
“Well,” Logan breathed a sigh of relief, what was the difference from selling Chuck? !
This is absolutely not allowed.
“Betty, you go up and call Ce’er, Yvette comes down, and then go back to the rice country together,” Karen li said.
Bettyen, walk up.
Seeing Logan’s emotions is still a bit lost, Karen li “amount”, on this issue, she is embarrassed,
“After going back, I will accompany you to drink,”
“Well.” Logan thought he was going to drink some wine, which made him feel better. in the room.
Chuck is really happy.
Yvette lay beside Chuck, “Her husband, do you still have a headache?”
“It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a little uncomfortable,” Chuck still felt a little bit. This can only be said after arriving in the United States.
“Then check it carefully, husband, can you answer me a question?”
“Of course, you ask.”
“In your mind, what does Logan look like?” Yvette asked this question. this problem?
Yeah, Chuck was a little confused. First of all, it was amazing. When I saw Logan, it was amazing.
Then there is the idea, then what is it? Because of Logan’s careful care during that period, Chuck felt that, thinking that, she was sorry Logan.
So he respected, and now respects Logan.
“Respect her.” Chuck said.
“Respect?” Yvette was stunned, Logan was so perfect, Chuck didn’t even like it? She doesn’t even know what she thinks?
Yvette was quiet, “Husband.”
Chuck hugged her, “Why mention this suddenly?”
“Nothing, husband, miss me?” Yvette blushed, Chuck understood, of course, but just thinking, what happened to Logan just now? What did Yvette tell Logan? ?
“Wife, what did you say to Aunt Logan just now?” Chuck asked.

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