My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 601

Ouyang Fei approached. The beautiful face of the boss behind the scene was all blushing after drinking. Ouyang Fei was a little envious.
Everyone is a woman, why is the body of the boss behind this scene so good? And the skin is so good?
What’s more, it is so powerful! Actually have a killer organization, so rich! !
Ouyang Fei looked more and more envious of jealousy and hated, she quietly approached.
Ouyang Fei is a little nervous!
Because she knew that the boss behind the scene was particularly smart, she was no worse than
Qian Yueying. Nothing compares to Black Rose, it can be said that the shrewdness of the boss behind the scenes is definitely not comparable to the compassionate Qian Yueying and Black
Therefore, Ouyang Fei was worried that something had happened and was found, then he must have died.
She drew close, sitting on the sofa, “Boss, boss…”
The boss is lazy behind the scenes. As if talking in dreams, Ouyang Fei decided to be patient, don’t take this risk.
Your own life is still important! !
In case she is discovered by the shrewd, Ouyang Fei can think of the consequences, or be cautious!
“Boss, then I will go back.” Ouyang Fei said.
“Well?” The boss behind the scenes was confused.
In fact, what Ouyang Fei did not know was that she missed an opportunity and the boss behind the scenes was really asleep.
Drink too much. She just watched Ouyang Fei’s play just now, and after watching it for a while, she felt boring and drank, and fell asleep while drinking. Maybe she didn’t pay attention.
Ouyang Fei went out, still not reconciled in her heart, she looked back all the time, but the boss behind the scene said a dream, “Don’t go, talk with me.”
Ouyang Fei surprise, this is? ?
“Hmm,” Ouyang Fei came over, “Boss, what are you going to say?”
“You little guy, dare to tease me?” The boss behind the scene said confusedly, with a smile on her face.
What did you think of?
I thought of Chuck alone with her in a private room that day. Chuck’s performance, she was playing with Chuck at that time, took the initiative.
But Chuck later took the initiative to counteract her… she thinks it is a bit interesting.
Ouyang Fei was stunned. She must know that the boss behind the scenes wasn’t talking about herself. Who ridiculed her? ?
What is the situation? brat? Who is this little guy referring to? !
Ouyang Fei was shocked!
In her opinion, for the average man, how could this behind-the-scenes boss be worthy of it? brat? Could this man behind the scene say that he is many years younger than her? !
“Boss, who are you talking about?” Ouyang Fei asked because he was too curious.
When the behind-the-scenes boss said, he was still laughing. What is obvious is that this little guy has a play!
“Who? You forgot who I am? Little one. You really disappointed your sister, ignore you, get out.” The boss behind the scene said confused.
Seemingly angry, but no.
Ouyang Fei is even more ignorant, why is it a little bit to mean love? !
“No, sister, do you know who I am?” Ouyang Fei asked.
She is too curious, does the behind-the-scenes boss like old cows to eat tender grass? !
“Little guy, when my sister is demented? Chuck, of course my sister remembers you, but you are the first man who dares to routine me. No, you are not a man. For me, you are such a special little guy… …”The boss lying on the couch in the dark behind the scenes.
“What? Chuck?!”
Ouyang Fei stood up in shock!
The little guy the boss said was actually Chuck?
How is this possible?
When did Chuck actually tease the behind-the-scenes boss?
Even if it’s fun, the key is that the boss behind the scene is still not angry? Still find it interesting?
What is the situation?
Ouyang Fei was completely stunned, unable to understand!
Chuck that bastard!
“That boss, do you like me?” Ouyang Fei took out his phone and started recording video.
“Don’t call me the boss, I don’t have any staff like you, obedient, call my sister, and the sister will give you red envelopes…” The behind-the-scenes boss said with a smile and a charming style.
Ouyang Fei was surprised, what good is Chuck? My eyesight was so bad that I didn’t like myself at that time?
At this time, the routine behind such a smart boss?
Ouyang Fei can’t understand it!
She didn’t know that the boss behind the scenes had wanted men for so many years, and it was really someone who could kneel before her in a group of fingers.
She treats men. It has always been the active one. When I said that I was flirting with you, I flirted with you. But last time, Chuck counteracted it, for the best women of her level. Really encountered for the first time.
She feels fresh.
Because she didn’t encounter anything, Chuck did to her, so she must be very impressed with
“Sister.” Ouyang Fei called.
She is really envious of jealousy and hate, why should Chuck? !
Where is there a little charm?
“Good. Sister gives you a red envelope, slightly, there is a card in the bag, take the black one, and there is a lot of money in it, and the sister will give you.” The boss behind the scene closed his eyes and smiled slightly.
Ouyang Fei hesitated, but still couldn’t help opening her bag. There were indeed a lot of Bank of
America bank cards, but this kind of bank card, the minimum deposit in it is tens of millions of dollars, starting from hundreds of millions .
Actually said let Chuck take it casually? ?
Ouyang Fei was stunned. She took the black card that the boss said behind the scene. She had always known about the world’s luxury goods. Otherwise, when Qian Yueying was first seen. It is impossible to know that Qian Yueying is a rich man.
In this card, at least tens of billions have been saved. Just call your sister, and give it to Chuck? !
Are you dreaming, or is the boss behind the scene dreaming?
Ouyang Fei couldn’t tell the reality.
“Sister, why did you give me?” Ouyang Fei really couldn’t understand.
Don’t play like that if you have money.
“Because my sister likes you, come, sit next to my sister and make my sister happy. All the cards in my sister’s bag today are yours.” The boss lying behind the scenes and patted the sofa with his hand.
Of course, Ouyang Fei did not dare to take this card and was issued a chase order. That’s not a joke. She was busy putting it back, took the bag and put it in its place.
She hesitated to leave, but suddenly an idea came out of her mind, and a sinister expression appeared on her face.
She sat down again. “Sister, you like me, how can I not feel it?”
“Little guy, what do you want to do? I like you, but it’s not that kind of love, you, just to make me sister, I feel a little special, I feel a little interesting,”
Ouyang Fei sneered. Even mocking.
She just thought that Chuck really had to be liked by the behind-the-scenes boss, but now this sentence, Ouyang Fei knows, did not expect that Chuck was just a toy that the behind-the-scenes boss would like.
I think there is such a novel toy.
“Then I’m a little sad, but I like you. But you don’t like me.” Ouyang Fei said with a sneer, of course, this was said for Chuck!
That coward Chuck, there is such a thing to say in front of the boss behind the scenes? ?
“Little guy, I can talk, how can you be so sad? See how you flirted with me last time, but veteran, don’t deceive your sister, it’s not fun.”
Ouyang Fei sneered, but when it was time to speak, the boss went on to say that the smile on his confused face was gone, “Little guy, are you crying? Isn’t it? What are you crying for? Come, my sister comforts you.”
In fact, the boss dreamed that Chuck was crying when she was sad. She couldn’t cry or laugh in her dream, because Chuck actually cried? This operation caught her off guard!
It can be said that everything in the dream is a fantasy.
“You don’t like me. I don’t want you to comfort me.” Ouyang Fei said jokingly, the dream of this drunk behind-the-scenes boss really opened her eyes to Ouyang Fei.
“Still angry? Obedient, my sister gave you the money in the bag. Are you happy now? A lot of money, don’t cry,” the boss behind the scene comforted Chuck in his dream.
“Don’t give me money, I don’t want. I want to see you.” Ouyang Fei sneered and said next to the boss behind the scene.
“Look at me? Look at me?”
In the dream, the boss behind the scene was confused, and there was already a blush after drinking. At this time, when I asked this question, my face was even redder, and the style was full of emotions.

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