My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 600

“Mr. Zhang, what should I do?”
Du Pei, who was taken over by Chuck’s caller, was stunned. She knew this villa area, but this is the place where the super rich of the United States can live! !
No wonder Chuck can destroy the Zhao family.
But she is too curious, how much money does Chuckjia have?
“I am going to open a casino here in the United States. You are in charge. You are now going to my mother’s casino to learn management.”
Chuck said, Chuck felt that it was possible to open a casino. I asked my mother yesterday, and she smiled and agreed.
Chuck said it would be better to open one, Karen li shook his head, and said that if he wanted to open it, he would open the biggest one! !
Chuck listened to her mother.
However, the main choice of location, Chuck still has to see for himself. When the time comes, let the mother give the money.
Well, I still have to eat old!
There is no way to invest in the largest casino, that is super big! ?
Du Peixin has the ability to study for a period of time, there should be no more problems.
“Okay. I will do it well.” Du Pei was surprised by the truth, the biggest casino? Can you manage such a big place by yourself?
“Well, I have arranged it. You go out with me now and go to my mother’s casino. You have a look. I have to ask other things, too.” Chuck also has this question.
“Uh huh.”
“Du Pei Xin, you need to be serious. You have to deal with the affairs of the United States. The casino is just my first start, and the rest will start one after another.” Chuck urged.
“Really?” Du Pei smiled in surprise, and she liked that.
Because she likes to be busy!
“Thank you, I will do it well. You finally reused me,” Du Peixin said. At that time, Chuck asked her to manage a hotel, and she was a little depressed. Now she is being reused.
She was pleasantly surprised.
However, she suddenly discovered that Chuck’s eyes were a little weird. She was stunned, “Mr.
Zhang, is there anything wrong?”
“You didn’t wear your clothes well,” Chuck said, turning around and leaving.
Du Pei was stunned. She looked down and suddenly blushed. She didn’t buckle her button. She hurried it and went out with Chuck.
She was thinking, what did Chuck see just now?
She shook her head a little, a little instinctively shy.
But stop thinking.
I came here for work, and gave Chuck the people he had been in contact with for five years. All aspects of experience are your greatest wealth!
Karen li, Betty, Yvette, and Logan are all going. Karen li knows that Chuck is going to open a casino. She is happy.
First of all, the profit is very high!
Second, you can cultivate Chuck’s character!
This is what Karen li can’t wait to do now.
There is a mother, Logan, and Yvette, and they are accompanied, so Chuck has nothing to worry about.
After returning, Chuck’s head was still uncomfortable, but his exercise did not pull it down at all!
You must improve your strength. The last time I was caught by a blue-eyed beauty because of my poor reaction, Chuck would never allow it!
Because there is only one life!
“Right, Ceer, what are you going to ask the Luofu family,” Karen li, who was driving, asked with a smile.
She doesn’t lack money, and Chuck certainly won’t mention it.
So what else?
Yvette. Logan, including Bettydu, looked at Chuck.
“Mom, I haven’t figured it out yet,” Chuck shook his head.
“Well, don’t worry, the woman of the Luofu family will really say that, whatever you ask, he will agree and think slowly!” Karen li continued to drive with a smile.
Chuck nodded. Did he do it? ? So??
Chuck has an idea?
At this time, Betty’s mobile phone sitting next to her rang, and she answered, it was about the Ouke family. She said, “Mr. Li, over the Oke family??”
“It’s okay, let’s go to see the casino’s operation today with Ce’er,” Karen li shook her head. This is something she would be happy to do. After all, Chuck was almost gone last time.
Betty’s phone was put away.
Black Rose came back and told Karen li that it would take a few days before he could continue to protect Chuck.
Of course Karen li agreed.
Black rose she is in The killer organization is here, what is she doing here?
Of course, Ouyang Fei!
Ouyang Fei, who took her picture, always wanted to kill this woman in her heart! !
Three days, see if she can’t kill Ouyang Fei, she will continue to protect Chuck.
Ouyang Fei has finished training. What has she done for more than a month?
Every day, she is training insanely, and her strength has improved, even the boss behind the scenes is surprised.
Too fast, this improvement!
This is also Ouyang Fei’s talent to make a foundation, plus lunatics like forbearance and training, with her current strength.
Today, Ouyang Fei came, and she always hated the boss behind her heart!
Because she made the man want himself.
Breaking her mind, she felt insulted by Tianda.
So this hatred is being accumulated by Ouyang Fei every day. She is looking for opportunities and must grasp the boss behind the scenes!
Take a picture of her, and then spread it out, men around the world see it.
When we arrived at a private room, the beautiful behind-the-scenes boss was sitting in it, with red wine in front of him.
“Boss,” Ouyang Fei came in, and the idea in her heart was so full of ideas! !
“Your strength has improved quickly and you can take on the task. I will make you popular in the killer circle, starting today. Your starting price is three million dollars!” the boss said.
For more than a month, Ouyang Fei’s performance surprised her. She felt that she was right. Ouyang Fei, a poisonous woman, has the potential to replace Black Rose as the first female killer! !
And this may be great!
“Three million dollars?” Ouyang Fei had a surprise in his heart, so much money? !
In addition to the commission of the killer organization, you should be able to get two million dollars!
She never thought about this number.
“Yes. But I will tell you my rules again.” The boss behind the scene became serious.
“Please speak,”
“My killer organization does not accept tasks related to Karen li and her son Chuck, so you should not take it privately, otherwise I will make you regret it.”
Ouyang Fei was angry, she just wanted to kill Chuck, but now the boss actually says so? She was very annoyed.
“Got it,” Ouyang Fei chose to make a temporary compromise.
She suddenly thought of an attention, why do you want to do it yourself? ?
If you can take a picture of her, then threaten her and Chuck will not die? !
Ouyang Fei sneered in his heart.
“But I can ask, why do you want to do this?” Ouyang Fei asked, and the killer organization had a mission that it couldn’t handle?
“Karen li is someone I know, Chuck is her son, and well. It’s an interesting little guy.” The boss behind the scene drank red wine and smiled slightly.
Thinking of that time, Chuck and himself stayed in the private room, and actually blatantly counteracted themselves.
To be honest, she wanted to slap it.
But then?
She thought. Because no man dared to tease himself so much!
Suddenly she felt that it was a bit interesting and interesting, and wanted to chat with Chuck alone, to see if he dare to tease herself!
Ouyang Fei envy jealousy!
Chuck’s life is great!
But when you take a picture of the boss behind the scenes, then Chuck you will definitely die!
“Okay, you can go out and prepare,” the boss waved his hand behind the scenes.
“Well, can I have some wine?” Ouyang Fei said weakly.
“Come on,” the boss behind the scene gave her a drink.
Ouyang Fei took a sip, “Boss, can you call me the last time you called me? I??”
“Oh,” the boss was surprised. This matter is actively mentioned?
“No problem,” the boss behind the scene smiled faintly and immediately arranged for someone to come in.
Ouyang Fei is actually thinking that this is a way to approach her. Only by approaching her step by step, can she have a chance.
Afterwards, Ouyang Fei saw the behind-the-scenes boss she was just watching had actually drank too much and fell asleep. The thoughts in her heart suddenly became stronger. This was an opportunity. She secretly took photos of her, she absolutely didn’t know, after all, she had two experiences in taking photos!
Ouyang Fei walked past lightly, this is the opportunity you gave me!

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