My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 603

“No.” Black Rose shook his head immediately.
She is not a big mouth, will you tell the picture she just saw?
She disdains that.
What does it mean to say it? What is good for yourself?
The boss behind the scene also felt that Black Rose would not speak out, she knew the character of Black Rose.
“You have protected Chuck for so long. What do you think of him?” the boss asked lazily behind the scenes.
“That’s it.” Black Rose had this impression of Chuck.
Just think, when I went to the banquet last time, the two things Chuck brought to her were very delicious. Others, black roses felt like that.
“That’s it?” The boss shook his head behind the scenes, which was very interesting.
Yes too. How could Chuck tease you? ?
“Okay, you go out, by the way, tell Chuck, take good care of your body, come and find me at any time, I give red envelopes, absolutely big red envelopes.” The boss said behind the scenes.
Black Rose nodded. Of course she knew that the boss behind the scene and Karen li knew each other, so it would be reluctant to care about Chuck.
The black rose went out. In the end, he stopped talking, and thought that such a shrewd boss behind the scenes should not be caught by Ouyang Fei Yin? !
Besides, Ouyang Fei should not dare to do that!
At the very least, the behind-the-scenes boss is not comparable to himself, but others are excellent!
I must have thought about it myself.
The black rose left without saying much.
The behind-the-scenes boss, looking down at her clothes, she smiled in a variety of styles, or you are a funny guy.
Come to me next time. I won’t let you make fun again.
Come home to sleep, this time my sister will not dream of you little guy…
Behind the scenes, the boss packed home.

Here, Chuck has taken Du Peixin’s heart and has been watching it in his mother’s casino for a day. Du Peixin had been managing before. Research is now more and more exciting.
She felt that she could do the job. She was already immersed in this casino.
Chuck was certainly satisfied with seeing her like this. It seemed that the decision to make Du
Pei feel over here was good.
Chuck can start the business empire in the United States.
After discussing with my mother, my mother gave Chuck 50 billion dollars in starting capital to let Chuck open the most luxurious and largest casino in the whole country! !
Chuck was very excited, when Du Pei was present, and he was almost fainted in excitement.
Her Du family’s money is only tens of billions, which is still Huaxia currency. Now Chuck’s casual entrepreneurial project is 50 billion US dollars. This gap is really too big!
Can you manage such a large casino?
Du Peixin felt that he was dreaming.
Betty began to choose an address for Chuck and opened the casino, and began to proceed in an orderly manner.
When I think of it, I have the biggest casino in the country, and Chuck is excited!
Your business empire will slowly begin. One day, you will become one of the world’s four richest families, three secret families, and the real richest man in the world!
Chuck looks forward to this day, when he is the richest person in the world! !
Wait, the woman surnamed Wan, you said I couldn’t be the richest man in the world, you waited. My Chuck will be above your hidden family!
Will definitely do it! ?
But today, Chuck is sad.
Because Logan said, I will return to China today.
In fact, Karen li and Logan talked about it last night, but Logan felt that since Yvette had been promised, then he had to do it. The more he stayed together, the more difficult Logan could control his emotions.
She felt that it was better to watch Chuck silently, no matter where it was.
So she decided to return to China.
Of course, Karen li is not good enough to persuade. Just sigh helplessly.
Chuck knew that Logan’s heart was decided, so he drove Logan.
Yvette knew this, she said to Logan, don’t leave, she doesn’t mind, really she doesn’t mind.
Yvette said the truth, but it was embarrassing to say it. because? How do you say this?
She didn’t mind, but Logan still felt guilty that she couldn’t face it.
Yvette had no choice but to try to send Logan, she was embarrassed to avoid embarrassment.
So she found a reason to stay at home.
She was also relieved because the black rose was back in place.
Seeing Chuck drove Logan to the airport, Karen li sighed.
“Mr. Li, what exactly did Mr. Tang think?” Betty asked.
“She is a person who will squeeze everything in her heart. If she likes Ceer, she will also squeeze in her heart without saying it. I can’t help it,” Karen li shook her head.
For her Karen li. Logan’s behavior made her a little inexplicable.
“So Mr. Tang is going to pay quietly? But there is no result…” Betty muttered to herself.
In this case, how can there be a result without saying it?
“Look, this fate. No one can say badly,” Karen li shook her head.
The best candidate for Chuck’s wife in her mind, how to say, was originally Logan, now…
Karen li didn’t want to say this.
I want to give Chuck’s father some dim sum. Zhang Qingyang called.
But the phones were all taken out, but I didn’t know what to say about it.
Betty was silent.
The room was silent…

Chuck reluctantly sent Logan to the airport, and the private jet was already waiting. Chuck was reluctant to go back.
But Logan has been out for so long, her business is basically in China, she has to go back to deal with it.
Chuck didn’t know what excuse to use to make Logan stay, said, is it a bit selfish?
“Aunt Logan, will you stay for a few more days?” Chuck sighed.
“I want to go back to something,” Logan kept smiling, but there were also reluctance and sadness in her heart, but there was no way.
She must leave now.
Can’t stay still, and promised Yvette, how could he not do it?
Facing Logan’s gentle smile. Chuck was quiet, he sighed and opened the car door, thinking of
Logan’s good for himself, he was sad, moved, unable to speak.
Don’t you like her a little?
Do you only have respect for her now?
Chuck couldn’t think of it himself, he didn’t know what he thought.
From the initial fantasy, to respect, to the present entanglement, Chuck’s psychology has changed greatly. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Logan’s smile from beginning to end.
She smiled at all times.
This smile, infected Chuck.
Chuck was addicted, but Chuck had asked Logan before, and Logan said that she already had someone she liked.
So that is to say, Logan was gentle with herself before. It is the care of an elder’s spoiling of the juniors, nothing more.
“Be obedient. I’m gone. Call me if you have any problems. You can do it at any time and at any time. As long as you want to call, I will answer.”
Logan felt that she would never leave. She couldn’t leave, she didn’t want to leave, she wanted to stay here after giving up everything.
If Chuck likes himself, then Logan will give up everything and will stay, silently guarding him. but……
Logan was sad.
He doesn’t like himself, it would be better if he liked it a little bit.
The more he thought about it, the more sad Logan was.
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck sighed, more reluctant, he wanted to hug Aunt Logan, did nothing, just wanted to hug her.
Logan’s cleanliness and her tenderness made Chuck no evil thoughts, just want to stay with her well and do nothing.
“I… can I hug you?” Chuck sighed.
“Okay,” Logan smiled slightly, Chuck’s simple eyes. Make her warm and sad.
Warm Chuck’s attachment to himself, and sadly Chuck’s feelings towards him are over and over, there is no, or even a little overstep.
Chuck embraced her.
Logan moved her eyes closed. She didn’t know when Chuck would go back, she just thought that it might take a long time to separate this time, and spend a long time like this…
She was very sad and wanted to say what she felt in her heart. If she didn’t, she really couldn’t bear it. She leaned on Chuck’s shoulder, “Cer,…”
“Aunt Logan,”
“I ask you, what will you do if I have someone I like?” Logan asked. If he likes himself a little bit, then his reaction will definitely be sad.

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