My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 604

Logan said this before, Chuck knows, what can I do?
Chuck didn’t know how to answer this question, he didn’t even know what he thought.
Logan has someone he likes, so he should be blessed.
But Chuck felt that he had only one idea, and then he couldn’t bear it, especially Logan.
This feeling is that I can no longer lie down on Logan’s lap. I can’t hug her anymore, I can’t get along alone anymore.
“Aunt Logan, who do you like?” Chuck sighed.
“I have someone I like,” Logan said, she leaned on Chuck’s shoulder and whispered softly.
I was lost in my heart. Sure enough, Chuck didn’t like himself at all!
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“Aunt Logan, you have someone you like, so can I lie down on Aunt Logan and sleep on your lap in the future?” Chuck asked this question.
“Of course,” Logan smiled softly, feeling sad.
This feeling is beyond description.
“Anytime.” Logan left Chuck’s shoulder. Said softly.
Chuck was touched, but he couldn’t tell the tangle, “Aunt Logan, I have something to tell you.”
“Are you angry?” Chuck’s entangled thoughts were really entangled. He didn’t know what happened today. He wanted to tell the feeling of Logan’s first meeting. That was when he thought about Logan’s things. frank.
Chuck felt that Logan was great. He still feels guilty for this conjecture because it is disrespectful.
Saying it is equivalent to telling the secret buried in your heart.
This requires courage.
“No, I won’t be angry when you say anything. Say it,” Logan smiled slightly, showing tenderness.
“I, I…” Chuck suddenly found it difficult to speak, and could not speak at all.
Tell this secret yourself, Logan will definitely be angry.
Or… Don’t say it, really can’t say it, can you tell Logan, I thought about you?
Not only is it embarrassing, it will also make her away from herself, in a word:
Logan treats herself as a baby and spoils herself. Does she actually think of her?
This is a bit of a beast! !
Fortunately, now I have changed it myself. Since I respected Logan in my heart, I have never dreamed of her.
Even if it is a dream, it is a normal dream. For example, Logan teaches Chuck to fight, or in the dream, Chuck lies on Logan’s lap and falls asleep, everything is normal.
“Why don’t you say it, Ceer? I won’t be angry about what you say, really,” Logan was curious.
What exactly does Chuckzhi support us? ?
Does it seem so different today? !
“Don’t say it. Aunt Logan anyway, I’m sorry to tell you, never again,” Chuck said seriously.
“Why should I say sorry?” Logan was stunned, why? ?
She didn’t understand, and even felt inexplicable.
Chuck was always a simple child in Logan’s heart. Until now, Logan still thought so.
“Ah, Aunt Logan. Don’t say it.” Chuck shook his head, more difficult to tell.
He, don’t you want to talk to yourself?
Hurry up and go? !
Logan was lost, “Well, then I will go back, just call me if I have something to do, and it will be fine for many nights.”
“Well,” Chuck sighed and hugged Logan again, reluctantly. In fact, Chuck looked at her white net cheek, he really wanted to click, but. .
Forget it, don’t mess up the relationship with Logan.
At least Logan agreed, even if he had a boyfriend, he would let himself sleep on her legs, so…
Ah, is it enough? ?
Chuck was in a trance.
I don’t know what Logan said in the next time. Chuck just confusedly saw Logan waving to himself and walked in…
Chuck turned away sadly, and arrived in the car, he was absent.
He looked at the rearview mirror and saw the black rose that followed him. Chuck took out his mobile phone. Suddenly wanted to get drunk.
Very empty, Logan left.
Chuck felt that if he had taken away his own things, perhaps his soul would have to be taken away by Logan and taken away…
Did you have acacia? !
“What’s the matter?” Black Rose answered the phone.
“Will you go with me for a drink?”
“Thirsty? Your mother Karen li didn’t let me drink with you. I only secretly protect you.” Black
Rose immediately refused.
“I asked my mother to give you another money, is this all right?” Chuck just wanted to drink.
“No! Don’t call me if you’re fine.” Black Rose is ready to hang up.
“Don’t hang up, I’m in a bad mood, can’t drink with me?” Chuck was helpless.
In fact, Chuck did not regard the black rose as a bodyguard or something to command.
So it is at this time that Black Rose is invited to drink.
“I can’t say anything. I’m drinking. Who protects you!” Black Rose was exasperated.
She would never make such a mistake again.
“Then I’m going to drink, do you want to follow?” Chuck asked.
“Follow, I will follow wherever you go, but don’t expect me to drink, it’s impossible!!” Black
Rose got a vaccination.
To be honest, after the last time Chuck was taken away under her own eyes, Black Rose can now say. She would always watch Chuck when she went to the bathroom, and absolutely would not allow that to happen again!
The same mistake, she will never make a black rose again!
Chuck didn’t say much, hung up the phone, and asked the nearest bar to drink.
The black rose followed, and her brow furrowed, “It looks like, really going to the bar?! Logan is gone, are you in a bad mood?”
In fact, she is a bit like Logan. Some aspects of her thoughts are particularly pure and she won’t even think about it. It can be said that she simply thinks that Logan took Chuck as a child…
She didn’t think about this any more, and followed Chuck to the bar far…

On the plane, the private jet has already flown.
Logan sat next to the window and looked at the scenery, her eyes were sad.
She was actually thinking that if Chuck was just now, Qiang had left. So will you stay?
She could not refuse any request from Chuck, and nothing could be refused.
May stay.
“Alas.” Logan sighed.
Suddenly, she frowned, because in her private plane, a man came out from the front.
Logan calmed down, “Who are you?”
“Your plane is a bit rubbish, was it bought at a discount?” the man said sarcastically.
Logan certainly wouldn’t talk about this kind of topic anymore, she was shocked in her heart and said, “Are you?! Are you from the family of the hidden family?”
It’s obvious. You can say that your private jet is trash, so how many people are there in the world? ?
What’s more, Logan is also a master of fighting. He noticed at a glance that this man is definitely not an ordinary person. He walks lightly, but looks like he will attack the defense instantly anytime, anywhere! ?
How can such a person not be a master?
“It’s a bit of an insight. Come here, my lady is on your plane. This is your honor. In general, you are not qualified to meet my lady. But this time, you are lucky. My lady will give you this opportunity! “The man beckoned to Logan and said tauntingly.
Turn around and go to the rest area in front.
Logan was quiet for three seconds and stood up to the rest area.
She saw a superb beauty comparable to Yvette, indifferent, lazy. So the feeling of controlling the world, this is the ten thousand families of the hidden family? ?
To be honest, Logan saw this woman, and she felt no doubt after feeling her aura. People who are not secret families, few people have such aura.
But Logan told the truth and hated this woman. Although she had never seen it, she knew that she wanted Chuck and her surname Wan!
This alone is enough to make Logan angry.
“You came to find me…” Logan asked. Of course she had nothing to fear. Everyone was on the plane.
“Hush, no rules, don’t forget your identity. You haven’t qualified to speak in front of my young lady. Can you hear it clearly?!” The man was cold.
Logan frowned.
“It’s a beautiful spare tire. Are you the spare tire that Karen li looked for Chuck? It’s not bad.”
The woman looked at Logan lazily, but her eyes were indifferent, as if Logan was in her eyes, a ants that could be trampled to death at any time. !

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