My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 607

There was no sound in the private room! !
Chuck came in. The blue-eyed beauty was atmospheric, and the charming young woman sighed slightly and had a complex look.
The two of them did not speak, and the atmosphere solidified in the private room.
Chuck sat down and shrugged. He saw the complex look of the young woman, and he showed strange.
“Chuck, what exactly do you want to do?” The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t help it. She didn’t want to see Chuck’s look.
Staring at her mother’s eyes. too disgusting.
“What do you think I want to do?” Chuck shrugged.
“You, you are disgusting!” The blue-eyed beauty walked up to Chuck in anger.
The charming young woman sighed. Chuck’s eyes told her that Chuckzhen had taken a fancy to the kind of temperament before her.
The charming young woman is sad, and she is also one of the four major families. This kind of strength really wants to be windy and rainy, but she can’t accept what she does with a young
Chinese person who is less than 20 years old!
But he said he could do it, as long as Chuckti asked for it, he agreed.
Ugh! !
The charming young women sighed one after another.
“You still want to be beaten by me?” Chuck looked at her.
“You are beaten by you. You can do it for as long as you want. Don’t touch my mother, will you?? I beg you,” the blue-eyed beauty compromised.
There is really only compromise. There is no other way.
“You beg me? The more you beg, the more I want to do that, you can go out,” Chuck said.
The charming young woman is more complicated.
The blue-eyed beauty hurriedly said, “Chuck, don’t do this. I know you are a good person and you have a good character, otherwise you won’t save me at that time, but you want to…”
“I’m not a good person,” Chuck shook his head. Indifferent.
“You are, you are a good person.” The blue-eyed beauty said that she knew she was wrong these days, she should not look down on Chuck, nor should she catch Chuck.
I also know that Chuck’s saving herself is a good person’s act. She is also grateful to the mysterious person who saved herself. Although she knew that this mysterious person was annoyed and disappointed, she slowly accepted it, no matter what How to say, Chuck still saved himself!
If at that time, Chuck left, then he might still be alive?
Even though the blue-eyed beauty doesn’t want to admit it, the truth is before her.
“I’m not,” Chuck repeated.
“You are, I kneel for you, you can let me do anything, don’t touch my mother.” The blue-eyed beauty knelt down.
With a thump, kneel down simply!
The charming young woman saw her daughter kneeling, and she hurried over, “Emily, you get up.”
“Sorry mother. This time, it was my fault.” The blue-eyed beauties all cried.
The charming young woman sighed and shook her head, “It’s okay, get up.”
“Yes, hurry out, don’t you want to see?” Chucklan lazy sat down.
The charming young woman bit her lip, her expression was so complicated that she finally sighed heavily.
She said that she would do it, and she would meet Zhang’s request.
It’s just… alas! !
The blue-eyed beauty begs Chuck. “Chuck, you want that, I will accompany you, will I accompany you?”
“No, hello, don’t let her go out?” Chuck shrugged.
The charming young woman sighed and lifted her daughter up. “Emily, you are waiting for me in the car.”
“Mom, don’t do that.” The blue-eyed beauty is desperate.
“No way, you can wait for me in the car,”
The charming young woman said complexly, at the very least, she is the patriarch of a family, but today…she feels that she is still a woman after all, a woman who has to compromise.
The blue-eyed beauty couldn’t cry.
“Emily, don’t you want to see me crying in front of you?” “The beauty of the young woman has mist.”
She had never encountered such a thing, she was wronged and sad. despair.
These days are spent in suffering, is she easy? !
“No,” the blue-eyed beauty cried and shook her head.
“Then don’t you go out yet?” Fengyun young woman sighed.
The blue-eyed beauty cried and stood up, “Mom, sorry…”
She ran out.
The black rose at the door saw the blue-eyed beauty crying out. She is weird, what’s going on? ?
Was Chuck hit again? !
The blue-eyed beauty ran into the car and she cried when she closed the door. How could this happen? ?
There was no sound in the private room!
At this moment, the atmosphere seems so subtle!
Her temperament. Perfect figure, beautiful face full of nobility, and he, young and lazy.
This subtle atmosphere is changing…
The charming young woman has a sad face, and her look is extremely complicated. She sighed and walked to the door to lock the door.
“Actually, I didn’t expect you to ask that kind of request.” The young woman Fengyun walked quietly in front of Chuck. She didn’t expect that she was shocked to learn from her daughter’s mouth at that time.
And this shock is to the extreme!
At this time, Chuckxi sat lazy on the sofa and his eyes looked at her like this.
“You young people’s ideas, I know. I like to conquer women who I can’t usually get. Actually, you just want to insult me, right?” Feng Yun asked quietly.
Chuck shrugged.
“No matter if you are insulting or whatever, I said that I will do it, then I will definitely do it, and
I will not lose faith in others, especially those who are younger than me,” Feng Yun said.
She was tangled at the moment, sad, hopeless and sad, and the walking dead came.
“So, before I agree, I will finally ask you a question,” the young woman Fengyun asked calmly.
“You ask,” Chuck touched his nose.
“Your request is really sleeping… me?” The young woman in Fengyun was particularly calm, but in peace, there was such a little expectation. is it? !
Chuck suddenly smiled.
The charming young woman sighed and returned to calm. “Okay, I promise you this request.”
Chuck laughed deeper, he stood up, “How old are you?”
“More than thirty.” Fengyun young woman said.
“what do you think?”
“I didn’t think about it, that’s what I did, you asked for it, and I agree, that is now to fulfill this promise. That’s all.” Fengyun young woman shook her head.
“Oh, you really surprised me. I admit that you are beautiful and have a better body than Emily. It has a charm, especially eyes. It has the kind of calmness that has experienced strong winds and waves. It really makes men conquer. Thought…” Chuck said with a shrug.
“So, I was right just now, you just want to insult me and revenge my daughter.” Fengyun young woman sighed again.
Chuck shook his head, “I haven’t finished talking yet, you have a good charm and temperament, but I have no idea.”
“What? You?!” The charming young woman’s eyes widened at once.
She shivered, “What you said is true? Chuck, is it true? You have no idea for me? So your request is not to sleep…”
Chuck shrugged, “Who said?”
“My daughter said,” Fengyun young woman took a deep breath. “She said to her when you were on Amazon…”
“Are you reminding me to make this request?” Chuck squinted.
The charming young woman shook her head hurriedly, “No, of course not, don’t get me wrong.
How can I remind you to make this request?”
“I said it when I was at Amazon, but the idea will change. Of course, if you really want to, then I don’t have any disagreement.” Chuck said.
“Huh! It seems that I misunderstood, I’m sorry.” Feng Yun young woman relieved.
Really, at this moment, her sufferings of these days have been relaxed all at once. It turns out that the tortures of these past few days are all self-inflicted.
Suddenly, she saw Chuck’s eyes much better.
“But what I said just now is true. You are really beautiful and charming, especially the temperament, the standard American beauty.” Chuck shrugged, this is the truth.
The beautiful women in the United States usually have blue eyes and a tall nose, which makes them look particularly deep.
This is a beauty.
For the first time, the charming young woman was embarrassed and praised by a little boy. The key was that she couldn’t refute it. She felt weird and unspeakable.
In front of a little boy, he was in a disadvantageous situation everywhere, which was something she had not encountered before.
“So what do you want to ask?” The young woman Fengyun was relieved. She poured a glass of red wine to Chuck, which was polite.

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