My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 606

“Unbelief.” Chuck shook his head.
“Okay, don’t you believe it? Call your mother now and don’t protect you anymore.” The black rose looked blank.
She couldn’t understand herself. She would talk to Chuck and a man so well?
“You dare not fight.” Chuck smiled.
“Don’t dare? There is nothing I dare not to do.” Black Rose took out his phone.
“You owe my mum a life, are you afraid to fight?” Chuck said.
The black roses and big blue eyes are all stunned, angry, and desperate.
Yes, she really can’t tell, she has decided before. You must repay Karen li, aren’t you doing this now? ?
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“Go back, did you hear that?” Black Rose closed the phone in exasperation.
“I’m depressed, I’m in a bad mood, can I drink some wine?” Chuck was helpless.
“You drink your wine, I usually don’t care about you, but, do you see? Someone talked to me, my identity is about to be exposed.” Black Rose said straight.
What if someone who has ideas about Chuck notices it?
“That’s easy, you kiss me now. Then others won’t talk to you,” Chuck said sincerely.
“If you are not Karen li’s son, at the moment you just said this sentence, you already have a bullet in your body, and you are in the middle of your eyebrows! “The black rose became cold, like ice cubes.
Yes, Black Rose can’t stand this kind of ridicule. Although she didn’t see it in Chuck’s eyes, she really didn’t mean it, but she didn’t like it. I hate hearing such words!
“Okay, am I wrong? Okay? Go,” Chuck checked out and was about to leave.
Black Rose also said that you can go home and drink. Drink with Yvette.
Black Rose snorted coldly, waiting for Chuck to check out.
However, Chuck suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Knowing that Logan was going to leave and go back, Chuck was absent-minded and didn’t bring a wallet.
“Black Rose,” Chuck came together.
The black rose frowned and immediately stepped back, “Don’t be so close to me!”
“No, I, I…” Chuck was hard to tell.
This black rose was asked by my own mother to protect yourself, but not to pay for yourself.
“Did you want to eat a bullet?” The black rose was as cold as ice.
“No, the piece of mung bean cake I gave you was delicious last time?”
“What do you mean?” The black rose frowned.
“I, I didn’t bring a wallet, you pay me first, and I’ll give you after I go back.” Chuck said cheeky.
The black rose is weird, “How much?”
“It seems to be more than ten thousand dollars.” Chuck casually ordered a bottle of wine.
Black Rose took out the card and handed it to the waiter, “Pay the bill!!!”
“Wow, this superb beauty actually paid this Huaxia man? Oh my god!”
“Am I right? It’s so beautiful, but it’s still posted?”
Many people in the bar were stunned.
Black Rose took the initiative to talk to Chuck in the past, which was enough to surprise them.
Now he still pays Chuck?
What happened?
At this moment, many people are envious and jealous. A few want to apprentice Chuck, they want to know, how to make a superb beauty so obedient? !
There was a lot of talk in the hotel, Chuck didn’t understand it, but Black Rose understood it, and the more she listened, the more angry she became.
Post your own poster? ?
She wants to scold people!
“Returning to the beauty, our boss said, please ask this gentleman to drink, and then, I want to ask this gentleman to talk alone. “The waiter came over politely. Handed the card in both hands.
The black rose frowned, and she actually wanted to ask, who is this hotel owner? Why should
Chuck drink?
But she suddenly thought that this bar seemed to be the place of the Luo Fu family.
When she came back, of course, she knew from Karen li’s mouth that Karen li took Chuck to the
Luofu family, and she knew how to solve it.
Now, this is to take the initiative to ask, what exactly does Chuck have to say? ?
“Go, go back to you.” Chuck took the last sip of wine.
The black rose didn’t move.
“Uh, do you want to drink? Then continue to be good.” Chuck does not matter.
I don’t know how much women like Black Rose drink.
“No, this is the Luofu family, I just forgot,” Black Rose said straight.
Chuck was astonished, what a coincidence?
“and then?”
“She asked you to drink and wanted to talk to you,” Black Rose said straight away. She was not very happy that Chuck was not in her sight, but what about the Luofu family. She feels that it will be settled early.
“Are you talking or not?” Black Rose asked, and she had no right to let Chuck listen to her.
“Talk, why not?” Chuck shrugged.
“Then you go in, I’m outside the door, there is nothing. Call me.” Black Rose said coldly.
“Black Rose, I ask you a question,” Chuck followed the waiter.
The waiter led the way respectfully and dared not offend.
“Are you going to protect me forever?” Chuck asked. With such a seductive protection of
American beauty, Chuck thinks it is still very good.
At least in Chuck’s eyes, of all the American women he has seen, the black rose is definitely the most beautiful.
Secondly, Emily’s mother, that charming young woman, she has a good taste.
“Do you mean to say that you have been rubbish all your life?” Black Rose asked directly.
Chuck was speechless and speechless.
Yeah, one’s own strength will grow up one day, absolutely will be in combat, when the time comes, he surpasses the black rose, and surpasses a lot, then the time comes. This means that black roses don’t have to protect themselves.
At this time, Chuck felt that it would not be too long, and it was not difficult to surpass the black rose.
“If you have been rubbish all your life, then I will protect you all your life, then you are willing to do garbage?” Black Rose ironically.
This smile is pretty good.
“Unwilling, of course not,” Chuck shook his head.
“That’s not enough. When you exceed me, I won’t protect you anymore. I have to seize the time and protect you every minute and every second, it will be a torment to me.” Black Rose said straight.
Chuck was speechless, was she too direct? ?
“Here, please,” the waiter is polite.
Chuck pushed the door in and Black Rose said, “Don’t forget, it feels wrong. Just call it.”
This is a reminder. If Chuck happens again, then the character of Black Rose has no face to see
Karen li.
“Got it.” Chuck went in.
The black rose was waiting at the door, always paying attention to the sound inside.
In the private room, the blue-eyed beauty, her mother, and the charming young woman were all uneasy.
Just now the hotel manager called and said, Chuck came, and the young Fengyun woman panicked when she heard this. Go to your own bar, is this a request? ?
She was tangled to the extreme.
How do you answer such a thing, what should you do?
“Mom, he must have come to our bar on purpose and reminded you of your intentions. You promised him something, he is a jerk,” the blue-eyed beauty was angry and angry.
Chuck actually wanted to be with her mother. She thought of it here and there was fire all over her.
“Alas,” Fengyun young woman sighed. She had been thinking for several days. What should I do?
He said one thing, he always said that he did it, and agreed to Chuck’s thing, which means that he must do it. No matter what requirements he puts forward, he must also agree, but?
She never thought about it. How did you get through this hurdle? ?
She knew that young people just like to conquer, but… alas.
“Mom, don’t sigh, do you want to promise him? Don’t do that. Really, “The blue-eyed women are crying anxiously. She knows her mother’s character. The expression is that her mother is ready to compromise. , Ready to fulfill the promise.
She couldn’t accept this at all. After all, she… Chuck saved her own, and she didn’t know what she was thinking.
“Ah, I always said I could do it. This time, I couldn’t do it.” The young woman of Fengyun sighed and shook her head. She felt that she was exhausted. She would have encountered such a thing.
“Mom…” the blue-eyed beauty is impatient.
At this time, the door opened and Chuck came in. The young Fengyun woman saw Chuck, and she sighed more in her heart. What did she do? ? She was a bit desperate!

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