My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 613

The woman sat lazily on the sofa, she was thinking.
Her bodyguard kills Karen li, of course, there is no problem. After all, Karen li’s strength can’t be ranked in the top 100 in her home. Such people are easy to kill. but?
Now it is a question whether I want to kill myself.
If you kill it, you can really reduce a lot of trouble. After all, the woman admits that Karen li’s cleverness makes her a little unpleasant. Those who are too clever will soon destroy their own affairs! !
But there is also a problem in killing, that is, there is no airtight wall in the world. If one has inherited the wisdom of Karen li and thought that he killed himself, what should I do? !
I will definitely turn my face, and then it will be useless to force myself!
After all, the woman admitted that she really felt a little bit about Chuck.
What is this feeling? Want to control him and own him.
This is possessiveness!
The fancy things must be possessed! !
Up to now, the woman still doesn’t want to plant the seed that might make the relationship between two people turn upside down. As for Logan, it doesn’t matter.
The woman fell into consideration.
The man is waiting.
Ten seconds later, the woman said lazily, “Forget it, let her go this time, don’t kill her.”
“Yes, but miss, can I ask why?” The man was careful.
“First kill Logan’s spare tire, and kill his mother Karen li. These are two absolutely different concepts. That Logan doesn’t matter. Chuck can forget it after a while, but killing his mother is not a normal thing. He must not forget it.” The woman shook her head.
“Also, I am a little bit tangled. Karen li is too smart to make me unhappy, but to a certain extent,
I admire her a little bit. After all, there are not many smart women in this world. She can barely count one. ”
The woman went on to say it, it was kind of…Xin Xing Xiang Xi.
The man suddenly became envious of Karen li in his heart. It was actually an honor for Karen li to be appreciated by the helm of the family of the hidden family in the future! !
The man’s phone rang, “Karen li is here,”
“Let her come in,” the woman said lazily.
“Yes, but Karen li was obviously angry this time, and the lady should not let her get too close.”
The man reminded carefully.
Woman waving hands.
The man went to open the door, and the expressionless Karen li came in. The man reached out to stop her, “You know my lady’s rules, don’t get too close, the smell on your body, my lady doesn’t like it,”
Karen li glanced at the man, without saying anything, just looked at the woman from afar.
Men sneer, don’t dare to measure you! !
The hidden family is not something you dare!
“I haven’t seen you in a few days, you are much older, so haggard? Unlike you, you were well maintained last time, and today you are suddenly old and not good-looking,” the woman said lightly.
For three days, Karen li didn’t sleep either. After all, Logan’s life and death were unclear. How could she sleep with Logan as her daughter? ?
“Speak, why come over and find me?” the woman said lightly.
“You should know.” Karen li narrowed her eyes.
“Know? What should I know? Oh, by the way, I know, that Logan’s plane crashed. You came to me for this thing? Want me to help? Is this okay, Logan, I kind of hate her. ”
“Hate her, so you shot her?” Karen li’s voice was cold.
The woman’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, “What are you talking about?”
The man scolded, “Karen li, what do you say my lady misses Logan? Huh, does she match my lady?”
“I didn’t talk to you, don’t intervene! You will make me think that you are the biggest in this house! Is this the case?” Karen li calmed down.
The man is annoyed, this is buckling himself!
If it wasn’t for the woman, he must have slapped Karen li on the face and talked to himself? !
Still slandering yourself?
Men are furious!
The woman frowned, so clever Karen li!
“Don’t do this. I came here with a great deal of confidence in my heart, otherwise I won’t come.
There is no need to hide between you and me. You are smart and I am not stupid.” Karen li said slowly.
“You are clever, but also a little stupid,” the woman shook her head lazily, “Logan’s thing, you come to me with a lot of confidence? What is your grasp?”
“Possessive, you are very possessive, Logan affects you, so…”
“Hush, you’re wrong. A woman like Logan can affect me? Her identity is not qualified to meet me. You are insulting me!” The woman’s voice suddenly dropped.
Snapped! !
The man bravely raised his big hand and slapped Karen li’s face with a slap. He had waited too long for this slap! !
Last time he was like playing Karen li, this time, actually comparing Logan with his own lady?
This is really insulting!
Logan’s industry, the entire hidden family earns a month, how can such a person compare with her own lady? ?
This slap was too fast, and it was close to Karen li’s face all at once.
Karen li glanced at him, his hands did not move, his head was not biased, but he moved back a bit, then the next step was so easy.
The man’s slap and Karen li’s cheek passed a few centimeters apart.
This slap actually went short! ?
The man was stunned and surprised. Was she a fly? Hiding so fast!
The beauty of the woman sitting on the sofa is also a little bit surprised, “Hey, it’s quite hiding.”
“This is the first time, I don’t care about you, and next time, I don’t care who you are, I will let you lie on the ground!” Karen li said coldly looking at the man, his eyes shot cold light!
The man sneered, “Hide well, but do you think you can beat me? Just kidding! I really want to do my best, you can’t hold it for ten seconds!”
“Why should I fight for ten seconds? Can’t you be solved in five seconds?” Karen li narrowed her eyes.
“Haha!” The man laughed, he really wanted to laugh to himself!
“Why didn’t you see you so humorous last time?” The man sneered.
“It’s humorous to tell the truth? No wonder you can’t say anything under your hands.” Karen li said lightly.
The man is angry!
I’m so angry that I was mocked by someone like Karen li? !
Karen li stopped looking at him and looked at the woman. “I came here to ask you only one question. Logan is dead or alive!”
This is the purpose of her coming. I have been looking for three days. If Logan came down by parachuting before the plane crashed, then even if she couldn’t find her, she should find herself!
But no, completely no audio.
Then there are two possibilities. First, Logan really fled, but was seriously injured, so she could not get out, and naturally could not contact herself.
Second, this woman caught Logan and trapped Logan, so she couldn’t find it and Logan couldn’t get out.
“Are you questioning me?” The woman was lazy again.
“Yes, question, you can think so, as long as I know, Logan is dead or alive!” Karen li said.
“Oh, it’s kind of interesting, I’m so old, and for the first time someone dared to talk to me like that, Karen li, you’re kind of interesting, what should you do if Logan is alive?” The woman suddenly smiled a little, but The smile is chilling! !
“Alive, then this thing, I will not have happened, but this is the only time, next time there will be such a thing, I will let you know, your secret family, actually looked down upon me,” Karen li said slowly .
The woman smiled deeper and suddenly turned into a bit of sarcasm.
“Haha, Karen li, underestimate you? You need my underestimation? Really poverty limits your imagination! Yes, you really hide a little strength, but that kind of strength is in front of our young lady Like ants, what are ants? Elephants can be trampled to death with one foot!” The man laughed, really, he was going to die today.
The power of the secret family is simply not understandable to the average person.
How can you understand the accumulation of dozens of generations inherited for thousands of years? !
“I have given you a chance, and you have to intervene again?” Karen li stepped closer to the man, and the man was more ridiculous. “Do you want to do it with me? Ha ha ha!!!”

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