My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 644

“Why don’t you call me? Why don’t you look at me now? Chuck, do you call me until you get scrapped?”
Guest area!
Wan Ziwen was surrounded by anger, she really saw Chuck besieged by so many people!
When she first saw Chuck under siege, she was angry, because Chuck could call herself at the moment of the siege, even if she just looked at herself, Wan Ziwen would come forward! !
However, Chuck is now willing to be beaten, not letting himself come forward!
Wan Ziwen is annoyed!
She also contradicted at the same time!
Because in her heart, Chuck will definitely enter the family and become her husband. When she sees Chuck being kicked and punched, she also…distressed!
Yes, she really feels bad!
You know, Chuck is her future husband!
But, but! !
Chuck hasn’t looked at himself, Wan Zi is so angry, so angry!
Chuck, do you know that I can save you in one sentence! do you know?
“Miss, you calm down! Isn’t this person Zhang Ze having guts now? Let him keep guts! Gu qi?
Huh, what is guts before death?” Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard, the man said.
He looks so cool!
In particular, Chuck was beaten back with a punch, Ha ha ha!
“Spirit is nothing, but Chuck will go down like this, and I will lose it. I don’t want my future husband to be a waste person!” Wan Ziwen shook his head.
A pair of beautiful eyes, staring at this scene!
“Miss, what do you mean, do I shoot now?”
Men are actually not happy, after all, see Chuck was beaten, how comfortable? ?
Wan Ziwen’s eyes were fixed, “Chuck, are you so sturdy, right? You don’t call me until now?
You are stupid, I don’t know how to fight. People use feet, you use your feet, you use your fists.”
What are you doing? You stupid!”
Wan Ziwen said more and more fire, “Don’t shoot, let this person abolish him, kill him! Isn’t he arrogant? Isn’t he not calling me? Knowing that I can save him, he is not calling, well, I let You don’t call it!”
The man nodded excitedly in his heart.
Karen li, if you knew that your son would become a waste person in the next second, how would you react? ?
The more men think, the happier they are!
It’s just happy!
Wan Ziwen said in an instant, clenching her teeth, she didn’t want to see this man who had saved herself, wasted, she didn’t want this at all!
“Chuck, you bastard! Shoot, save him!!”
The newly surprised man was stunned, but Wan Ziwen spoke, he must listen!
But when he was ready to shoot!
Just when everyone thought Chuckhui would be a waste, suddenly, a screaming shriek suddenly sounded in the hall! ? boom!
Chuck stepped back, hit a table, and the wine spilled.
His face was ruddy and his fists were numb, but blood was dripping from the ring in his hand!
“Ah, ah, ah, there is something in his hands!”
The man who kicked Chuck with his foot just now fell to the ground. Because of the sudden pain in the sole of his foot, he could not hold his strength. He fell on the ground. Unfortunately, his leg hit a wine bottle and inserted it directly into his On the thigh!
He screamed with his arms around his thighs!
This pain, he really can’t bear it!
Too sudden, he did not expect to be killed, Chuck will have this kind of thing? other people!
The audience was stunned! !
“What happened? He actually came next, am I right?”
“I’m going, this pen is actually playing with Yin. What do you see on his hand? Pointy!”
“She’s so shameless. Our bodyguard and his bare hands are fighting with bare hands. He actually used this kind of sneak attack. Sure enough, this kind of slut is like this. Is she still stunned?
What about fighting, continue to fight!” The old man was flushed with blush!
So annoying!
Loganmei was stunned, and she was relieved on the beautiful face covered with sweat. She was terrified just now, thinking that Chuckhui would be scrapped. Fortunately!
Logan felt relieved that he had grown up and could stand alone! !
You Tianle was cold, was Chuck followed?
Ha ha, dying and struggling!
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes were stunned, she thought Chuckhui would be abolished, but unexpectedly, Chuck resisted!
She was stunned, she immediately sneered, her face regained her indifference, “Don’t shoot first, hum, Chuck, I want to see you, how gutsful!? How long can your guts last you! You will beg me to save you, surely! Because this scene can save you Chuck, only me! Only me!!!!”
She is confident! My confidence!
Lazy and indifferent, she appeared on her face again.
When the man was taken by Chuck just now, the man stabbed and fell to the ground, and he froze for a moment.
This pen!
He heard Wan Ziwen say again, of course he was more willing, after all, he did not want to shoot! why not? Chuck is just a fluke, that kind of master, who suffers once, can’t lose twice!
Then next, the more angry you are, the better, then you can appreciate Chuck’s being beaten even more!
Haha, interesting! !

These ten people, now one of them has a broken leg, and all the major arteries have been pierced.
Of course, they were annoyed, and they attacked instantly. That kind of speed!
What a horror! ! bump!
The power of the fist and the power of the foot are flooded all around. This fierce battle of siege has opened again!
It is too much time now!
According to the previous, less than a minute, thirty seconds is enough, but now, it has been used for so long!
This is the first time!
With fists banging, someone hit the injured with a punch, Logan, whose strength was greatly reduced!
Logan backed off, she held back this power, but it was too heavy, even if she bit her pale lips, it was useless, and the blood was spit out mercilessly.
Logan’s paleness is pitiful!
If I hadn’t been injured before, how good would it be?
“Aunt Logan! Ah!”
Chuck was surrounded by anger, he rushed over, like a furious death! !
Protected Logan who almost fainted!
She was too fortunate. During this time, she didn’t have much rest at all. She ate very little, lacked strength, and suffered serious injuries. Logan continued to the present, and she has exceeded the limit!
“Aunt Logan, you have protected me so many times. Let me return you today.” Chuck said with tenderness.
Logan’s eyes were blurred, she moved…
Moved Chuck to grow up, and moved Chuck to say, protect yourself!
“All of you are going to die!”
Chuck’s eyes were red.
“Huh, it’s going to die? Ha ha, we will die, but we die old, you have no chance to see it, because you are going to die now!” said a young man mockingly!
“Do it, hit me!” You Tianle sneered!
Nine people’s fists and feet were all smashed. This is a siege. Chuck is even more powerful.
There are only two fists and two feet. What’s more, the gap between them and them is so big?
No surprises!
After Chuck fully injured two people!
In the end, Chuck didn’t catch it and kicked Chuck!
Chuck fell from the sky and hit a wine table, the bright red wine was spilled!
“Hey, really embarrassed. Didn’t you say we were going to die? Ha ha, we’re watching you die now!” said a sarcasm.
Chuck got up from the ruins, and even if he lost, he had to stand! !
Seven people rushed over again, they have been angered by Chuck, even angry! !
They have been bodyguards for so long, and they have never met such a tenacious person as Chuck!
He was kicked, beaten, and even vomited blood, even without saying a word, Completely endured and stood up like steel. At this time, Chuck was already dying, but he wasn’t afraid yet?
Boom, boom!
Seven people punched and kicked, Chuck blocked three, and couldn’t block the fourth!
The sole of the foot kicked on his chest, one and two! boom!
Chuck was kicked off, he smashed on the wine table, drowned by the ruins, embarrassed!
You Tianle smiled slightly, “It’s really useless,”
All the children and grandchildren of Youjia smiled and laughed. Can’t they stand up this time?
“You are not over yet, I want to see him kneel for me! First break his leg, I want him to kneel!!”
You Tianle said coldly!

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