My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 645

Seven people came indifferently!
Their eyes are cold, they have to listen to You Tianle, break Chuck’s leg, and let Chuck kneel! !
Approaching step by step, the sarcastic laughter in the hall, falling from side to side, is the kind of ridicule with such a trace of interest!
Logan panicked, she hurried to Chuck’s side, but Chuck in the ruins got up, he tried to get up!
There was blood in his mouth, but it was wiped cleanly.
The pain doesn’t matter, you must stand up!
The strong willpower supports Chuck, he can not embarrass himself, he is a man! !
Loganmei’s eyes were wet.
Chuck grew up, really grew up…
“Chuck, you bastard. Now that you’re almost killed, don’t you look at me yet? Don’t ask me?”
Guest area!
Wan Ziwen was so angry that she was so extreme that she also felt distressed.
Yes, every time Chuck is punched and kicked, she is distressed.
Because Chuck is her future husband! !
Really want to fight, only she can fight alone!
No one else can!
The man sneered, and he was quite sturdy. See how long you can hold it.
Really when you die, your strength will be broken and you will beg for mercy! !
“Miss, do you need my shot?” the man asked deliberately.
“No, absolutely not, let him die, die!”
Wan Ziwen closed her beautiful eyes, she simply stopped watching, and she saw nothing!
However, Chuck’s cough and vomiting blood seemed to stir her heartstrings, pimples, pimples!
Wan Ziwen couldn’t help but opened her eyes again, looking at Chuck, who was still standing upright, she had a touch of wetness in her eyes:
“Please beg me to save you! Hurry up!”
Wan Ziwen was crying and taking the initiative, but during this process, Chuck coughed up and vomited blood, but still did not look at herself. Wan Ziwen was so angry that she was distressed again. Her eyes were open, but she didn’t want to watch anymore!
“You bastard! Bastard!” boom!
Seven people kicked and kicked Chuck again!
The main thing is kicking. A person has kicked away with one foot, and he wants to kick Chuck’s leg! !
Logan protects Chuck, how could she let the seriously injured Chuck be beaten again?
“Do it, do it!” Wan Ziwen couldn’t see it anymore and said voluntarily!
The man nodded, but when he started again, Chuck was cold and even spoke calmly.
“and many more!!”
The sound is like a thunder, the sound of a scream!
Let the eardrums of Wanjia’s grandchildren feel stinging!
Then, it was all laughter!
“I c! It’s begging for mercy, haha, really useless!”
“That’s right, I thought this pen was very sturdy. I didn’t expect it to be a counselor! The sturdiness just now was pretended!”
“That is, I can’t pretend anymore, I must compromise! The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie, but even if you ask for mercy, it’s useless. Today you are dead!”
The children of Youjia laughed!
You Tianle smiled slightly, “Why wait? Are you begging me for mercy? Ha ha ha!!!”
Reluctant on his face, he was a little proud, and took my woman, and made me embarrassed in front of so many people. You should beg for mercy!
But there is no difference, in the end you will die of Chuck!
“No, I don’t ask for mercy!” Chuck shook his head, still calm!
He was embarrassed, but his eyes were firm!
“Oh, don’t beg for mercy, then what do you stop?” You Tianle smiled.
“I have something to say to you, would you like to listen?” Chuck said, and there was blood in it.
“Oh, I don’t want to, because I heard what a dead man said?” You Tianle smiled and shook her head.
“Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t listen, but I want to tell you, no matter how powerful you are, you must have some people buried with me today!” Chuck supported Logan.
His voice echoed in the big hall, even in the corner!
“Pooh! Haha!!”
Someone couldn’t help laughing.
“This pen is stupid, isn’t it? Haha, I’m laughing to death!”
“It was really stupid. It seems that he is still struggling to die!”
The ridicule of the descendants of Youjia and the ridicule of You Tianle have made this big hall full of laughter! !
“Oh, is it? You laughed at me! You are so powerful, you are still dying, you can still laugh at me, ha ha ha!” You Tianle smiled slightly!
Chuck gave him a few glances and whispered to Logan, “Aunt Logan, do you believe me?”
“Believe, I believe!” Logan did not hesitate!
She is very sad and guilty now, because she is involved in Chuck. If Chuck does not take himself away, then Chuck will not face such a danger!
She is absolutely sorry for Chuck, Chuck is still so small…
How can I die here?
“Well, I will really take you out, really! Trust me?” Chuck’s pale face appeared softly.
“Belief! Ceer, I have something I want to say to you. I have been buried in my heart. I feel that if I don’t say it again, I’m afraid, I have no chance!”
Logan bit her lip! !
She was buried in the heart of any troubles in her life, no matter if she was bullied when she was a child, or something else, she even felt like Chuck, from the unforgettable lovesickness at that time, to whatever she wants now. Policy!
This kind of pure feeling has always been buried in her heart!
She didn’t want to say it because Chuck didn’t like herself at all!
Say it yourself, it will only make the relationship between the two people awkward!
But now, it may not be possible to survive!
She didn’t want to regret it, she wanted to speak out this feeling.
She likes Chuck, and for a long time…
She had to say this, and at this time, she wanted to…confess!
No regrets confession!
“Well, Aunt Logan, you say, I listen!” Chuck was a lot softer.
He didn’t know what Logan wanted to say, but he knew that Logan definitely thought she was going to die, so he told him his last words.
“Cer, actually I always…”
These are just a few words, but Logan seems to stutter, intermittently, unable to speak at all.
When she has to say the most important and important words!
You Tianle’s icy voice interrupted her, “Logan, you are all dead, what else do you want to say? I think you should beg me, if you beg me, I might give you another chance!”
“You Tianle, shut up for me!!”
Logan was angry and used the rest of her strength!
She growled fiercely for the first time! ?
Because You Tianle interrupted her courage to say something!
You Tianle was cold and exasperated, “Okay, okay! Logan, you killed yourself! Then no wonder me! Kill, kill me!!!”
Logan is not afraid!
Chuck coughed a few times. Now is not the time to listen to Logan. He looked at everyone at the scene calmly, glancing at them, “I remember you, people from the house, I will let you all disappear!” !”
The voice is too calm!
Let the descendants of Youjia look at each other, this calm voice is like the voice of death, why is this so? !
“C! Do it, I don’t want to see this shabby face, disgusting!!!”
Someone scolded!
You Tianle snapped her fingers, and the seven people approached again.
“Ha ha!”
Chuck suddenly smiled.
Logan was stunned, and Wan Ziwen was annoyed, “What are you jerks laughing about? Please beg me?”
“This pen is so stupid?”
Some people were puzzled and mocked.
You Tianle frowned and Chuck’s smile made him particularly uncomfortable.
Why is this so?
“Know why I smile?” Chuck smiled deeper and calmly.
In the big hall, there is echo…
“Because you are dying and struggling, you are delaying your time to live!” You Tianle sneered.
Chuck shook his head, “No, no! I’m thinking, it’s a miracle that your secret family can pass on to the present. Why do you look down upon me so much?”
“What do you deserve?” You Tianle laughed!
“You think so, then you are wrong, do you think I really don’t have a bit of preparation?” Chuck was so angry that You Tianle was angry!
“What did you prepare? Didn’t you just get brought by Wan Ziwen? Oh, I know, do you want to ask Wan Ziwen?” You Tianle glanced at Wan Ziwen.
Wan Ziwen’s heart fluctuated, and even the beautiful eyes were inadvertently moist. “Asshole, you finally begged me!”

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