My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 655

Fengyun young woman is angry! !
She didn’t want to see Chuck at all. She was the head of a large family. Last time she was fooled by Chuck who was a little bigger than her daughter. She was really annoyed!
But she said what she would do, but she couldn’t make it!
Where has she encountered such a stifling thing? ?
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?” Emily saw her mother’s angry look, she was strange.
How is it good, suddenly angry?
“You said Chuck is outside.” Feng Yun young woman said coldly.
“What? He’s coming?” Emily was pleasantly surprised.
But soon she was downcast, Chuck hated her, she hated Chuck too, but she didn’t hate it that much.
“Yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing here.”
“Mom, you let him in, he must have been here,” Emily said.
“Huh, what can he do?” Feng Yun, annoyed! !
She was angry when she thought of the last time Chuck said that she was in good shape and pretty!
“Mom, but he came from afar, how can you not see?” Emily begged.
The charming young woman struggled for three seconds, “Let him come in!”
The phone hangs up!
Emily kissed her mother, “Thank you mom!”
“Emily, why are you so happy?” The young Fengyun woman feels even hotter. She is a person coming here. Where do you not know what your daughter’s thoughts are?
“Me, how can I be happy? I’m angry, I hate him.” Emily had no confidence, and her voice was much lower.
“You have forgotten how shameless this person? You have forgotten that he said to play with me? Such a person, you are still interesting to him, what do you want to do! Lead the wolf into the room!?” Feng Yun young woman was angry!
If your daughter and Chuck are together, then you are not a wolf staring? Being stared at by a pervert…
“Mom, he’s not that kind of person, didn’t he touch you last time?” Emily whispered.
“You, are you going to mad at me?” Feng Yun young woman is angry!
At this time, Chuck came in amazement, “Alice, what are you doing?”
Last time I knew the name of Fengyun young woman.
“Chuck, don’t call me my name!” Feng Yun young woman sneered.
Does it fit?
Twenty years older than you, twenty years old, actually named directly? ?
“En.” Chuck shrugged.
“Chuck, what are you doing?” Emily came over in surprise, her beautiful eyes showing light.
“You will stop walking so fast, teach me to fight, I want to learn,” Emily whispered.
“No time.” Chuck shook his head, he came to have something right, not to mention Chuck did not want to see her at all.
Emily was disappointed.
“I want to talk to you about the business!” Chuck said solemnly to the young woman.
The charming young woman frowned, and Chuck didn’t have a hippie smile, which was really right.
Besides, she can’t believe what Chuck dare to do to her. If she does, she will definitely go directly to Karen li! !
The charming young woman looked at her daughter and said, “Emily, you go out first,”
“Mom, I want to stay here, and I won’t go out and talk nonsense,” Emily said aggrievedly.
“It’s not you who said nothing, I let you go out,” Chuck said.
“Chuck… you die!” Emily ran out angry.
“Alice, your daughter actually let me die.” Chuck said seriously to the young Fengyun woman.
The charming young woman glanced at Chuck, “Don’t tell me such things, what’s the matter, just say it!!!”
Chuck shrugged. “My cooperation with you…”
“You don’t have to say it, it’s already started. You will let your mother call 50 billion to come over tomorrow, and then you won’t have to come over. The money you make, I will enter your account every time.” Feng Yun young woman said indifferently.
“Well,” Chuck’s unexpectedly charming young woman’s work efficiency is so fast, it seems that he will soon have a high income in this regard.
“Can’t you do without money?” Chuck smiled slightly.
“What do you do without money? Isn’t Karen li not giving you money?” Feng Yun young woman was angry.
“Just kidding,” Chuck was speechless. The money was really a phone call.
“If you are talking about the right thing, you are joking with me, then please go out!” Feng Yun young woman sneered.
“Of course not, I will show you something first,” Chuck took out the bomb given by the boss behind the scenes.
The charming young woman was cold-faced. When she wanted to scold, she saw the difference and immediately looked at it in surprise.
Sure enough, it was made of arms, and I saw at a glance that this was no ordinary glass ball.
“This is a bomb?” Young Fengyun asked seriously.
This is a new type of bomb, and her family is also secretly studying this, but it was unexpected that someone has successfully developed it.
“Who gave it to you?”
“You should know.” Chuck said.
“Who are you talking about directly!” The young Fengyun woman was annoyed and felt that Chuck was teasing her.
“The killer group…”
“is her?”
The charming young woman frowned and muttered to herself, “I heard that she has a studio and is also researching the latest weapons. Didn’t expect that the research has been successful?…”
“Do you really know?” Chuck smiled.
“Of course I know. What do you want to do to show me this?” Feng Yun’s young woman is a little excited. After all, this bomb represents the latest technology! !
“Can you produce a little according to this size? I want to use it!” Chuck asked seriously.
“This one……”
Feng Yun’s young woman took a closer look. In fact, her secret research only had a few difficult problems, or she could make such a small bomb.
“Yes, but it will take time.” The young Fengyun woman did not fill her words.
“Well, the sooner the better.” Chuck breathed a sigh of relief.
“You? What’s the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?” Feng Yun’s young woman was stunned.
She actually saw the seriousness in Chuck’s eyes and there was a murderous opportunity! !
“Are you concerned about me?” Chuck smiled slightly.
The charming young woman frowned, “Go!”
Care about him?
Chuck was serious. “Then this bomb was given to you. Can you give me ten in a week?”
“No, three or four at most!” Fengyun young woman shook her head. Where is that simple?
I thought it was a glass ball!
There are a lot of techniques that are difficult to overcome!
“Well, as soon as possible, and as much as possible.” Chuck was relieved.
“The business is over, are you still leaving?”
“Don’t worry, give me your company’s best dagger,” Chuck still lacked self-defense.
“Your mom’s technology company, don’t you study special metals? Let your mom build one for you? What do you want me to do?” Feng Yun young woman groaned.
“I want to ask you for it. One is enough. I will buy it.” When Chuck came, he asked Black Rose.
Black Rose said that the dagger of the young woman’s house is very good!
It has come to the point of cutting iron and mud.
The charming young woman sneered. She entered the room and took out a dagger. The material of this dagger is also a special metal similar to Karen li Technology Co., but it is not so pure.
“Here, let’s go.” Fengyun young woman said.
“How much? I’ll pass it on to you.” Chuck looked serious, opened the dagger, and it was sharp!
“I lack your money?” The young Fengyun woman was angry and just wanted Chuck to leave quickly.
“Thank you very much. I will definitely protect and cherish what you gave me,” Chuck smiled slightly.
The charming young woman’s expression is cold, “Chuck, are you wrong? You are as old as my daughter. Do you think it would be appropriate for me to speak like this?”
She was really angry.
She was angry when she thought of the last compromise she had made with Chuck in her own heart, thinking that Chuck’s request was to play with herself.
Chuck shrugged, “Alice, are you angry?”
“I want to slap you!!!” Fengyun young woman said coldly.
More than angry?
If it wasn’t for Chuckhui to fight, she had already slapped it out!
“Haha.” Chuck smiled. He just spoke verbally. Where dare to do anything to her? ?
What’s more, this charming young woman is her partner, and Chuck will never cross the line.
“Don’t say it next time, OK, I’m gone, Alice.” Chuck gathered his dagger and put it close!
Chuck waved goodbye with Fengyun young woman. Fengyun young woman turned away and left, but her knee hit the chair and tingled. She subconsciously wanted to hold on, but there was nothing to support.
When she was about to fall, a strong arm held her in time.

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