My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 657

“Cer, nothing.”
Logan couldn’t tell at all, she was the kind that used to bury everything in her heart.
She just likes it silently, just seeing Chuck happiness, other things are not important.
This kind of character, Logan couldn’t say a word at all.
“Aunt Logan…” Chuck was speechless.
“It’s nothing,” Logan smiled softly and is now alive, so it’s best to maintain this relationship.
Because I promised Yvette! Nothing can happen to Chuck.
What’s more, Chuck doesn’t like himself and doesn’t have that kind of thinking about himself, so saying it yourself is useless and will only make the relationship suddenly embarrassing.
Why? ?
“Well, Aunt Logan, take a good rest.” Chuck helped her go to bed.
Chuck went out with peace of mind. Loganmei lying in bed was sad and sighed softly.
“Cer, it’s not that I don’t want to say, I especially want to tell you, I don’t know when, I miss you, I think, I like you, I like it, but… I can’t say anything, it will only change the relationship between the two of us Well, if that’s the case, I’d rather be like this…”

After finishing his meal with Yvette, Chuck took a good day’s rest and began to work hard to learn fighting again, and fell into training fighting.
Chuck’s talent is good, and Chuck is willing to study fighting several times hard. His strength is improving every day! !
The richest man in the world, the strongest fighting, these are Chuck’s two ultimate goals!
On the second day, he asked his mother to give Alice of the Luofu family $50 billion in the past.
The young and charming woman has a high efficiency and can quickly divide the money!
Du Peixin’s side, she has been studying in the mother’s casino for a long time, Chuck Miguo’s first career can start “starting work”!
Chuck had let her choose a good place, Betty also went to see it, and Chuckjiang and Yi Nan all went to see it.
A somewhat abandoned building, but it is enough to directly decorate it, which saves a lot of time. Du Pei wholeheartedly started to do this thing, decoration, and some other designs. Chuck also assured her!
At the same time, he has high hopes for this first career! !
The road to your own business empire has begun completely!
When the casino opens, Chuck will let everyone in the whole country know this!
When Chuck was full of confidence, he worked harder to train himself…

Li family!
The main face of the Li family is expressionless and even appears annoyed!
Overlord Li, as well as other core members of the Li family, all showed anger! !
“Dad, the Ok family is too much over there, and actually shot our Li family, this is to take our Li family to die together!” Li overlord is sad!
In the past few days, Karen li has seriously dealt with the Ok family. This speed is amazing!
Even the Ouke family did not expect that Karen li, who had not resisted before, this time it turned out to be like a beast, so terrifying!
In just two days, the counterattack is amazing!
The Li family was shocked. The original strength of Karen li was so strong! !
Just when the Li family was surprised, the Ok family was angry and wanted to bring the Li family in and deal with Karen li together!
But the Li family was broken by Karen li last time, where is that thought!
Of course, other people don’t have it, but Li Overlord does! !
Overlord Li had already met the people of the Ouke family alone, and reached a preliminary cooperation, but something went wrong in the middle, which made him unexpected and completely affected.
Snapped! !
The head of the Li family slapped Li overlord’s face.
Overlord Li was stunned and felt annoyed while touching his cheek, “Dad, what are you doing with me?”
The other members of the Li family were stunned. What happened? ?
“What do you pretend to do? Others don’t know what you did secretly, I don’t know yet?” The head of the Li family scolded and grieve!
Others stared at them in amazement. Lord Li hurriedly said, “Dad, what are you talking about?
Where did I secretly do it, don’t be wronged…”
A slap hit him in the face again!
Overlord Li’s face was swollen.
“Fuck things, are you still quibbling?” The head of the Li family was angry.
Overlord Li was so glared by his father, he lowered his head and dared not look directly, “Dad…”
“Say, what have you done? Did you secretly see the people of the Ok family? Promise to deal with Karen together?”
“Not yet?”
“I said, don’t be mad, dad. I met the Ok family, but I didn’t expect them to be mad at me and pulled me into the water. I…” Li overlord looked angry.
“Fuck! Karen has released us last time, did you actually return?” The head of the Li family shuddered with death.
“Brother, what are you doing?”
“That is, the power of Karen, even if we deal with her with the Ok family, we can’t ask for anything!”
The core members of the Li family sighed! You said one thing, I said one sentence.
Since the last time Karen li broke into the Li family, coupled with this two-day counterattack by Karen li, let them know that Karen li’s strength is too strong!
Has surpassed the Li family!
In this case, what is the use of joining forces with the Oak family? Isn’t it used by the Ok family as a gun? ?
Overlord Li was irritated, but there was no rebuttal!
He didn’t even think that Karen li’s strength was so strong that even the Ouke family of four major families could not bear it.
But he was strange. Why did Karen li, who always chose to be silent, suddenly and violently fight back against the Oak family in these few days?
What is Karen li worried about? Otherwise why did you rebel so suddenly? !
He couldn’t understand this.
“So what should I do now? Do you want Karen to come over and beat us again?” said a middleaged man with a lingering fear.
Last time Karen li frightened him.
“Dad, if we take the initiative to let Qing You come and say that this matter is good, Qing You will forgive us,” someone suggested.
“Excuse me?” The head of the Li family was bitter. He regretted it already. He shouldn’t have rid him of it.
“Yes, Karen will forgive us,” said another.
“When you are dealing with others, someone will stab you in the back. Will you forgive this person?” Li Jiazhu sighed.
“I…” The person proposed just now was speechless.
How can you forgive me? ?
“Then what to do now? Will Karen kill us regardless of family!” Someone was worried.
“Ah, I’m going to beg her.” Li family sighed.
He knew that hegemony was still a great deal of resentment because of his son’s death, so let him tell him that it would be a mistake!
For the Li family, in order to quell Karen li’s stabbed anger, only he came forward.
He is so confident. After all, Karen li is also her biological daughter. What do you do as a father?
As long as you bow your head, Karen li, your daughter, should give yourself this face.
“Dad, you…”
“Dad, please be quiet, how do you do that?”
Some people object.
“Then do you have any way?” Li family head coldly reprimanded!
He doesn’t want to, a father who asks for his own daughter is less than a last resort. How could he take this step?
They are speechless!
Overlord Li thought coldly, he said, “Dad, I think it’s better to see Chuck first,”
“Are you talking about seeing the quiet son?” The head of the Li family was stunned.
This is also a good way. In fact, he regretted driving Karen li out and wanted to see what his daughter’s son looked like.
After all, it is my own loved one! !
Everyone else was stunned at Li Overlord.
“Yes, Chuck, let Chuck and Karen li go and say, it should be tenure and nine stable.” Li overlord sneered.
But also angry, Karen li, my Li Overlord bowed his head with you this time, but only once! !
Afterwards, I will take revenge! How can my Li overlord’s son die in vain? !
Certainly not, Karen li and Chuck, the two of you will eventually die in the hands of my Li overlord! !
The owner of the Li family was silent for three or four seconds, and thought it was okay. First he said to Chuck, then it was better to say a little bit. Second, he still wanted to see Chuck.
Let Chuck talk to Karen li, then you don’t have to lose your face to ask Karen li, this is better.
“Okay, you go to arrange. I will meet Chuck… and my grandson.” Li Family said.

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