My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 658

After training for a few days, Chuck was in a state of tension, because there was no movement at all about the homeless things, which made Chuck feel that something was wrong! !
Why didn’t Youjia start to deal with his mother?
My own mother has been busy dealing with the Oak family for the past few days.
You’s “quiet”, the mother’s treatment, all this, the situation is really wrong!
Seeing the problem, Chuck couldn’t wait any longer and went directly to the Luofu family again, which annoyed the charming young woman.
Leng Zheng asked why Chuck came again?
Chuck didn’t dare to tease her, so she said anxiously.
The charming young woman originally wanted someone to send the bomb over, but she didn’t expect Chuck to come by herself. She made Chuck angry, and she took four bombs over. Chuck breathed a sigh of relief, although it was more than the original behind-the-scenes boss gave. If it’s a little bigger, it may be that some aspects of the technology are not in place.
However, it is actually enough, anyway, no one else knows.
But ah, Chuck regrets that at that time, half of the people at Youjia should be killed, and they turned their faces anyway. What are they afraid of?
Chuck put it away politely, “Alice, how much are these?”
The charming young woman sneered. The bomb brought by Chuck. She studied a few techniques that had not been overcome before, so the money did not need to be given.
These, she can still distinguish clearly.
Chuck smiled slightly, “Alice, how angry you are, really…”
“You say another word, see if I tell Karen li!” Feng Yun young woman is angry, Chuck actually dare to tease herself?
Chuck couldn’t help it anymore. He didn’t dare to say more in a hurry.
But, when I saw the young woman wearing a dress, where is this going to go, dressed up to attend?
“Alice, where are you going?” Chuck came over and asked.
However, the young woman of Fengyun is really perfect for her maintenance, and the bumps are beautiful. The dress really calls her beautiful and generous. After all, she has the money. What to maintain?
“Where am I going, what’s your business?” Feng Yun young woman said coldly.
“Well, then I went back,”
“Hurry up!” Fengyun young woman is about to go out.
As for her daughter Emily, she has already found a place to learn fighting. She said she had to come back to give Chuck a surprise and beat Chuck. She was even more ruthless. She also had no way to take this willful daughter. Just rest assured.
At the same time, he was even more annoyed to see Chuck because his daughter became like this, all because of Chuck!
She is not comfortable seeing Chuck now.
“I have no opinion about where you are going, but the Ok family, don’t go too close recently,”
Chuck reminded.
My own mother is dealing with the Oak family. If the Luofu family is close to the Oak family, it will be difficult.
After all, she and her are partners.
“Your mother Karen li does her business, I do my business, it’s irrelevant!” Feng Yun young woman shook her head coldly.
“Then what do you mean, what banquet are you going to attend to the Ok family?” Chuck was stunned.
“You’re right! A good friend of mine invited me, shouldn’t I go?” Feng Yun said angrily.
“That should go, but I remind you, don’t…”
“You’re so annoying! Go away!”
Chuck feels a little wrong. The Ok family is now being miserably beaten by their mother. Why did they suddenly invite the young and charming women to a banquet?
“Alice, don’t lose yourself,” Chuck reminded.
The charming young woman threw something over, “Go away, have you heard?”
Chuck ran away evasively.
“Little bastard! Also said that I lost her body? Haven’t she lost her body for more than ten years?” Young woman Fengyun was angry.
The fire is over!
Chuck came out and saw that the young woman Yun Feng had already taken a Rolls-Royce out, he still felt wrong, but forget it, this woman is the boss of the family, how could it happen?
However, at this point of view, does the Ok family want to win the Luofu family of charming young women? Deal with mommy together?
This possibility is very high, Chuck felt that he still wanted to follow it.
Although, Chuck believes that this charming young woman will not oppose her mother at this point, but she still feels wrong.
He called Black Rose and wanted to ask for advice, but Black Rose’s answer was indifferent,
“just whatever you want!”
The meaning is self-evident. I will go wherever you go.
Chuck is speechless. Does this black rose look particularly uncomfortable?
I have known each other for so long, but I still talk so coldly.
But Chuck was also used to it. He got in the car, but his phone rang, it was a strange number!
Chuck was puzzled in his eyes and answered, there was a special voice inside.
“Is it Chuck? I’m your mother’s brother, your uncle, are you free to sit down? Your grandfather wants to see you.”
“Grandpa?” Chuck frowned. He already knew that the Li family drove the mother out, how could he meet? ?
“Yes, Chuck, your grandpa wants to see you.”
“Forget it, I don’t have his grandfather, he drove my mother out of the Li family! I don’t have your uncle like that! That’s it!” Chuck hung up the phone.
Chuck also knew some things. Betty said that when the mother was dealing with the Oak family, the Li family blended in.
Of course, Chuck knows what the Li family means now, and finds that his mother is too powerful to fight, so he wants to show his favor to his mother by “holding back”?
Of course Chuck is not stupid, he can think of it all.
The phone rang again, and Chuck simply didn’t listen. It rang a few times in a row. Chuck was angry and scolded when he answered the phone. Now, say Uncle Grandpa, where did you go before? When you drove my mom out of the Li family, you forgot?”
The phone was quiet for a few seconds, and it was a few seconds. This call Karen li called, “Cer, you…”
“Mom.” Chuck was frightened and was busy explaining.
“Well, I know, I called and I want you to stay at home and don’t go out,” Karen li said seriously.
“Okay, I just went to Alice and asked for a few bombs, so…”
“You called her name directly?” Karen li was stunned.
“Uh, mom, I’m back now,”
“Cer, you have cooperated with her, and people are older than you. You should respect her and try not to call your name directly, you know?” Karen li urged.
“Uh, I see,” Chuck sweated on his scalp.
“Well, are you going to see your grandfather?” Karen li felt that she was forced to do this kind of thing. She only had to let Chuck choose.
After all, her father’s business with her is from the previous generation, and it has nothing to do with Chuck.
“No, why do you see him?” Chuck was annoyed. The last time he knew about it, he was really annoyed.
“Well? Ceer, you see you well, tell him, don’t force me anymore!” Karen li knew what his father meant!
Also knowing this matter, it should be that Li Overlord is not giving up! She all knows that Karen li is such a clever person that she knows everything when she thinks about it.
“I propose, do you see you?” Karen li said.
Chuck considered and wondered why the Li family had to kick out his mother!
“Well, I know, mom, I’ll see you later,” Chuck thought clearly.
“Okay, my words are simple, just don’t force me!”
“Well, I will say,” Chuck was about to hang up the phone, but thought of the young woman just now, “Mom, I have something to tell you,”
“Alice…love, she just went to meet the people of the Oak family, and I worry about her…”
“Don’t worry about this, she will think about it and fight against me. It won’t do her any good, otherwise she won’t agree to cooperate with you, but at this juncture, the Ok family might want to do something, you call to remind She.” Karen li analyzed.
“Well, that mother, I hung up,” Chuck hung up.
At this time, just after hanging up, the people from the Li family called again, “Chuck, your grandfather is already waiting for you. Come and see you!”
“Okay, somewhere, I’m passing now!” Chuck said coldly.

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