My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 666

That black rose is still protecting him recently, maybe, there is a situation,” Karen li worries that the people of the Ok family will jump off the wall.
Also, Zhang Qingyang!
She was really helpless. Her son had an accident. She didn’t show up until now. She was disappointed with Zhang Qingyang for the first time.
“Well, I see,” Black Rose said indifferently.
“Oh, is Ceer still obedient?”
“Listen.” Black Rose thought to himself, what did you listen to? ?
“Well, let’s go to rest, I’m going out,” Karen li’s side, Betty is ready.
Black Rose did not answer, but nodded slightly.
Black Rose went to the room next to Chuck.
Karen li Baili went out!
The Ok family is now in chaos, so she must make a quick decision. Deterring other families, then she Karen li will start to deal with the wandering family of the hidden family, and Wan Ziwen! !
There are some things that Karen li cannot tolerate!
They go out, this morning, a news that will marvel the world…

“Husband, why don’t you speak today?” Yvette felt that Chuck’s mood was very low, and he didn’t look at himself anymore.
What’s wrong? ?
In fact, Chuck did not look at her, Yvette’s appearance, Chuck was willing to watch all her life, it was the matter of Alice during the day, Chuck felt sorry for Yvette.
Last time with Murong Qing, this time, too.
Chuck also has nothing to say, after all, he has no control!
If you went out directly at that time, how could it cause this embarrassing situation?
With Alice, a good relationship has reached this embarrassing point! ! dilemma!
“Wife, go to sleep, hug your arms,” Chuck guilt.
Yvette sighed in relief, she thought what happened to Chuck.
Yvette didn’t sleep until Chuck came back, because she was worried about Chuck and what happened to Chuck.
But Chuck should be fine now.
Yvette fell asleep soon, but Chuck couldn’t sleep at night because of guilt! !
He sighed, sorry Yvette, and Alice…

The people of the Ok family are crazy.
“Damn, I found out that it was the Luofu family, the bomb of Alice’s bitch. She was really crazy.
How dare she do this?”
The people of the Ok family fell into anger!
This thing is so sudden, they originally thought that Alice would deal with Karen li with the Ok family because of the threat, but they didn’t expect that not only the two people who went there died, but also to make Alice suddenly, and let Alice suddenly In the dark, a bomb was delivered.
Where do they think about this kind of thing?
It’s all messed up!
“Alice, look for death! Dad, let me go and kill her now. The thing just now, blow up a son and a daughter!!!” An old man said angrily, his eyes flushed.
The head of the Ok family fell into anger!
He did not expect that Karen li’s strength was so strong!
“Don’t worry about that slut Alice, give me the best to deal with Karen li, kill Karen li, and the slut Alice can’t run away!” He said coldly!
“But Karen li is not so good to deal with,” someone shivered.
In just a few days, Karen li shocked them enough. They thought they were the Ok family and one of the four major families in the world.
But Karen li shattered their thoughts!
Let them know that there is another mountain high! There is a sky outside!
“Not easy to deal with? Put those things out of the laboratory! Kill Karen li for me!!”
Yes, things, those are things!
People don’t feel pain, they get medicine, isn’t it what is it? ?
These people shot, Karen li was useless to run to the end of the world!
Some people are excited, those things, but like the beasts, are almost silly and machines.
The owner of the Ok family smiled coldly, “Karen li, I think I can resist the past tonight!!”
Those things can definitely tear up Karen li!
“It must be impossible to resist, and her son must also die!!”

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