My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 680

Chuck is confused, what does it feel like?
He felt that someone was snuggling himself, and Chuck thought of Yvette, because now only Yvette would be like this, so he hugged her…
… headache.
Chuck woke up confusedly, looking at the strange room, he was puzzled, thinking about last night’s dream, Chuck smiled bitterly, it turned out that he had a dream!
But I feel a little pain in my lower back, maybe I sleep too long!
Chuck didn’t think much, just got out of bed, opened the door and went out, and found that he was still at Du Pei’s house. He drank too much last night!
Maybe you are in a bad mood. You need to release it with wine.
Chuck looked at the room next to it, opened it, and found that Du Peixin was still sleeping and still talking.
This sleeping position is really hard to say!
Sure enough, even if they are beautiful women, they are all relaxed in their own home. Chuck didn’t look much.
Closed, let her continue to sleep.
After all, she puts a lot of pressure on herself and needs to take a good rest. Maybe she was drunk this time and only let her come to the United States for so long. This is the first time to sleep!
But there was a voice in the kitchen, Chuck walked past curiously, what about Logan? Didn’t you come with Logan last night?
Logan is making breakfast?
Chuck went in and really saw Logan. He was relieved and thought Logan went back to himself! !
“Aunt Logan,” Chuck feels hungry, as if he did something last night, very tired!
“Well, breakfast is almost ready. I will eat more beef and eggs later,” Logan’s voice was very gentle.
“Well, Aunt Logan, why didn’t you let go of your hair?” Chuck was strange. Logan usually wore his hair when he wasn’t fighting.
“Do not let go, starting today, I will not let go of my hair,” Logan said gently.
“Okay,” Chuck didn’t say much. Anyway, Logan was beautiful, and she could look good in any way of dressing. Her hair is the most beautiful beauty, and her hair is really a woman.
The unspeakable feeling is good-looking anyway.
“Last night, did you sleep well?” Logan asked, his voice intermittent for the first time, even a little nervous.
“Very good,” Chuck didn’t dare to say, had a dream last night, but then again, was yesterday’s dream very real? !
Chuck didn’t understand it by himself. Maybe he drank too much, did he sleepwalk? Yvette is not around, where does the realism come from? !
“That’s good,” Logan relaxed, last night… something happened.
She doesn’t understand herself, maybe she can’t help it!
Fortunately, Chuck thought it was a dream, maybe it was a difficult dream, so I was embarrassed to say it.
She didn’t want Chuck to know about this matter.
Because, Chuck just took her as Yvette last night. If he thinks it is a dream, then let him think so!
Anyway, Chuck had everything for himself.
“Aunt Logan, you’re in trouble.” Chuck reminded that Logan was distracted.
“Hmm,” Logan was busy turning over with a spatula, but it was already stale, Logan shook his head, “This is lost, I can’t eat it,”
“Why can’t I eat it? Aunt Logan can do everything,” Chuck directly picked up with chopsticks.
“Don’t be hot,” Logan was helpless.
Chuck has finished eating in a huff, and there is nothing left.
Seeing Chuck’s scalded appearance, Logan really appeared with a smile naturally, “There is smoke in here, you go out and wait, it will be fine soon.”
“I’m waiting here.”
Chuck feels that Logan is different today. How to describe the feeling is that it seems to be invisible, with an invisible thread connecting the two people together.
It’s very strange, but it makes people feel reluctant to break this line.
“Okay,” Logan continued.
Chuck had to replenish his body, and after a while, he made breakfast. Logan cooked all the beef in Du Peixin’s house and gave it to Chuck.
“Okay, you call Du Peixin for breakfast,” Logan said.
“Auntie Logan, you are really virtuous. Whoever marries you is a blessing in eight lifetimes!”
Chuck really lamented that breakfast can be so rich!
Generally women can’t do it.
Logan smiled gently, but her beautiful eyes were sad, but you can’t marry me…
But enough, I gave it to you last night.
Chuck went to ask Du Peixin for breakfast, remembering that he had not locked back, so Chuck directly pushed the door in.
Du Pei, who just got up inside and was about to change clothes, was shocked.
Chuck was also frightened, and her eyes quickly covered her mouth. “What’s your name?”
Du Pei was shocked, how could Chuck be in his home? Did what happened with Chuck last night? !
Du Pei had a headache, how could this happen? !
“What did you do to me?” Du Pei sighed heartily. If something happened, it was also a drink, and no one was responsible.
“No, you let us drink last night. You were drunk first, and I was also drunk later. Aunt Logan took care of us both. With Aunt Logan in, what can I do to you?! Zhang The policy is also speechless, what is Du Pei thinking?
Du Pei was puzzled. Yeah, Logan is here, what can Chuck do to himself? ?
This is not possible. If only Chuck and himself, then it is very likely, but there is Logan, so possible?
This is impossible!
“Huh, you can let me go.” Du Pei was relieved, but a little strange.
What should I say, if it happened in a foreign country, it might be tangled for Du Peixin, but it is also a comfort?
Du Pei thought, he will not be angry, and may only choose to forget.
Now it doesn’t happen, so, was your own plan just now not a white plan?
A little relieved, and a little lost!
Du Peixin didn’t understand it. What did he lose?
No need!
Chuck let her go, as long as she didn’t yell, she would definitely not cover her, just made Logan misunderstand.
“Going out for breakfast, Aunt Logan has already prepared breakfast.”
“Well, I will come out after changing clothes,”
Chuck didn’t stay much, just went out. After all, Du Peixin was wearing pajamas, and he was not convenient to stay here.
Du Peixin changed clothes and came out, seeing the rich breakfast on the table, she felt ashamed.
After all, she was also a woman, and she couldn’t do it.
Not to mention in the United States, when she was at home, she went out for breakfast herself and never made it herself.
However, Logan, who has so much success in her career, actually made a good dish. This is the woman! !
She also raised the question, who will marry a woman like Logan? !
Du Pei admired and sat down to eat.
After eating, I feel delicious!
The person is beautiful, the career is good, the temper is good, the cooking is delicious, this is really the perfect woman!
“Cer, you eat more,” Logan gave Chuck beef.
Chuck also felt that he had no energy, so he ate a lot, and when he had all finished eating, Chuck felt strong.
Well, yesterday, after drinking, Chuck felt that there was no need to stay any longer, so he went out with Logan.
Du Peixin said he would continue to supervise the work.
However, after seeing Chuck and Logan leaving, Du Pei was still a little strange. She said, “I was very relaxed last night. Last night’s wine was good. I have time to drink together.”
Because of his foreign country, Du Peixin only knows Chuck and trusts Chuck, so when he feels uncomfortable in his heart, he can only find Chuck to drink!
Otherwise, if it was like yesterday, he was drunk and replaced with another man, he must have been ruined.
“No problem, Aunt Logan, you will come together at that time.” Chuck laughed.
Logan was in a much better mood. It seemed that she took her out yesterday to relax. This decision was good. Especially after drinking last night. He slept well, but he was a little tired. It must have been a good night. Logan was drinking last night and should sleep well!
“Well.” Logan did not refuse, and could not refuse.
But if something happened last night, Logan is willing, but Chuck cannot let him know.
Chucksong said, “That line, Du Pei Xin, call me if you have anything, and I will bring Aunt Logan to drink together.”
“Okay,” Du Pei felt relieved, and at least one person was drinking, and he could let himself vent his emotions!
Du Peixin drove to the decorated casino, Zhang Tang Logan returned to his car, but Logan was stunned because she found the black rose’s gaze.
Last night, the black rose was always outside. What did you see last night?
Logan was a little flustered…

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