My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 679

“Well, you can tell me if you need it anyway,” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Yes.” Du Pei lowered his head.
How to say, she also needs, what is needed?
Chat in a foreign country.
She usually went home alone after working, and she seemed a bit lonely in the room.
She hadn’t felt this way before when she was in China. After all, everyone in the family is there.
You can talk to people in the family, but now the family is not around, so who should you tell?
Even, a few days ago, when Du Peixin went back, he also encountered a pervert, almost thin her, and after she went back, she cried in shock all night.
But because of her work the next day, she forced herself to forget about it.
If someone around you was comforting, you wouldn’t cry in bed alone and helpless.
Fortunately, Dupei of the strong woman resisted.
In fact, she wanted to call Chuck that night, but Chuck was just her boss. Why should she fight? ?
Thinking of these, Du Pei lost his heart.
“Du Pei Xin, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck was stunned.
It seems that she still has something to say!
“It’s okay,” Du Pei bowed his head to drink water.
“Du Pei Xin, if you encounter something, just tell me,” Chuck was serious and serious.
“Yes.” Du Pei nodded his heart, his heart was a little warm, and he could still hear such words in a foreign country, Du Pei’s heart was moved.
Unexpectedly, I was moved by Chuck.
“I’m serious!” Chuck sighed and pressed Du Pei’s heart, hoping she would be better.
No other meaning, it is the comfort of a friend!
Pass on the warmth! !
Du Pei, who lowered his head, blushed and drew back his hand carefully. “Well, thank you.”
Chuck was relieved that Du Peixin, a clever woman, would have a good solution if something happened.
At this time, suddenly a voice sounded, “Du Pei Xin? Really you, hello, it’s so nice to see you here!!”
This is a tall and handsome American man!
He has been fascinated by the appearance of Du Pei since he saw Du Pei Xin, a Chinese beauty.
Let him deliberately eat in the Huaxia restaurant, hoping to meet Du Pei Xin, but I did not expect Kung Fu to pay attention to people, this time finally he can meet Du Pei Xin.
Chuck was stunned, but it was normal. After all, Du Peixin was also a beauty.
Du Peixin actually wanted to refuse, but Chuck’s sincere concern just made Du Pei in a foreign country feel a bit strange.
It can’t be said specifically, anyway, when Chuck pressed her hand just now, she didn’t feel disgusted, but instead felt warm.
There is a cold winter for a long time, the feeling of a beam of sunlight coming in, there is a kind of taking advantage of it, but she does not resent it.
She doesn’t know what she should think, just want to behave the same in front of Chuck, or she might show her charm!
“Hello,” Du Peixin said.
“Wow, you finally talked to me, hello.” The handsome guy of the United States is ecstatic!
He just saw Du Peixin and a noisy dinner together, he thought it was Du Peixin boyfriend, did not expect that.
Yes, Du Pei’s heart is so beautiful, how can he find such an ordinary boyfriend? ?
“Well,” Du Peixin saw Chuck didn’t respond at all, and even showed a smile. This is a blessed smile.
Seeing this, Du Pei felt that she had more in her heart, and also a little unknown sigh.
“I invite you to dinner!” said the handsome man of the country.
“No, thank you,” Du Pei calmed down and didn’t know what he was doing.
“Why? Wasn’t you just happy?” The handsome American man was stunned.
“No,” Du Pei shook his head.
“Is it because he is right?” The handsome guy from the United States stared at Chuck.
Suddenly being stared at by such bad intentions, Chuck is really speechless, can he lie down while sitting?
What’s your concern? !
“No, I just greeted you just now,” Du Pei shook his head.
“No? Oh, I see, are you deliberately mad at him, right? Talk to me deliberately, to see his reaction? What do you think of me?” The handsome guy from America was furious! !
Du Pei’s heart was flustered and his expression was unnatural. Was he just like this?
Depends on Chuck’s response? !
“What are you talking nonsense about?” Du Pei yelled angrily.
The handsome man of the United States slaps Du Pei’s heart, “Bitch!!”
The tingling on one cheek made Du Pei’s heart flush immediately, and even tears were swirling in his eyes.
Reminiscent of what happened a few days ago, Du Pei endured not letting tears flow out, but grievances, still let the tears of inconsistency, from the eye socket pulley.
Chuck was shocked, is this man sick?
It was okay just now, and suddenly Du Pei slap in the face. Chuck didn’t even think of it, turning his face too fast!
Du Pei felt wronged and wept, and Chuckxin felt uncomfortable. He stood up with a cold face and scolded, “What are you doing? Stop!”
Chuck came forward to himself, and Du Pei’s indefatigable tears came out more, which could not be controlled at all.
“Damn, what do you want to do, you dwarf, and you want to fight me? Let you get ahead! Kill you!!!” The handsome guy from the United States slammed at Chuck with annoyance.
Chuck froze, Du Pei was frightened and hurried to pull Chuck, “Chuck.”
However, Chuck just raised his hand and easily grabbed his wrist and pressed hard!
Chuck’s wrist strength is great!
“Ouch!” The handsome American guy screamed, shocked? !
Why did he think Chuck could actually grab his hand! ?
Chuck was expressionless and slapped hard on the handsome face of Mi Guo! !
Make his handsome face red and swollen into a pig head at once! boom! ?
Chuck kicked out and kicked on his stomach, he bowed out like garbage!
It was awkward to hit the ground!
The handsome guy from the United States was terrified. Even if he couldn’t climb, he fled here in a panic.
The Chinese people who ate nearby were shocked!
“Huh, it really is our Huaxia Kung Fu!”
“Yes, give us Chinese people a long face!”
The people in the restaurant are full of discussion, they are all happy!
After all, the Huaxia men, compared to the American men, are still thinner. They still saw for the first time that the Huaxia people solved the problem of a tall American man like the previous three, five, and two.
“Du Pei Xin, are you okay?”
Chuck guilt, let Du Peixin eat together, actually let her be beaten, mainly because embarrassed Chuck was also a dumb, just did not expect that this handsome guy from the United States will suddenly hit Du Peixin? !
“It’s okay.” Du Peixin has wiped away his tears.
Chuck came to her, her heart was warm, and she felt like crying. Was she ugly at this time?
Some of them were beaten and wept.
“Why are you okay? Don’t go there today, and don’t go tomorrow, take a good rest,” Chuck said sincerely.
“No, I’m going. That’s my job. I can’t let you down, absolutely not!”
Chuck had no choice but to be a strong woman.
At this time, the dish came up, and Logan also came back. She was stunned, looking at Du Peixin, whose face was red and swollen, and her eyes were red. She asked in surprise, “What happened just now?”
Just a few minutes, why Du Pei’s heart became like this, was beaten? !
Chuck explained guiltily, and Logan was also angry. “Why is that man like this?”
“I hit him,” Chuck added.
“Come on, let’s eat first,” Chuck looked at Du Pei’s heart and was still crying, only to say so!
Du Peixin, Logan sat down.
The three of them finished the meal, and Du Peixin’s beautiful eyes were always red, and he was unhappy.
In fact, halfway through, Du Pei wanted to go back alone and cried for a while while holding the quilt, but Chuck finally came over once, she had to accompany!
“Otherwise, go and see where you live.” Chuck sighed.
Logan, of course, has no opinion. She is a clever woman. Knowing Du Pei in a foreign country is not easy, so she needs some comfort.
“Well,” Du Peixin couldn’t refuse, so he agreed.
Chuck also asked people to pack two dishes. When they went to checkout, they found that someone had already given it.
“Boy, someone has paid you just now, you are good, beat the Americans! Protected our Huaxia people, you really have a face for us Huaxia people!” The boss said with relief.
Chuck was really crying and laughing, “Thank you.”
“It’s okay, it should be. Everyone is in a foreign country and should be united! You have done a good job and hope you keep it! I!” said the boss seriously.
“Yes, unite! I will keep it!”
Chuck also took it seriously and said a few words to the boss. Chuck brought the packed Chinese food to Black Rose!
Black Rose is eating a burger, but it feels a bit ugly. When it was hard to swallow, she saw Chuck coming with something in her hand. She hurriedly put away the burger, and there was a little surprise in her heart, even if you haven’t forgotten it!
But the black rose looked indifferent, “What are you doing!”
“This is for you,” Chuck put the packed meals in her car.
“I said no,” Black Rose shook his head.
But the black rose secretly couldn’t help swallowing. Why is the Chinese food so fragrant? !
Really seduce appetite!
“Don’t give it to you too, it’s not spicy, you eat more,” Chuck turned around and left.
You have to comfort Du Pei’s heart too!
“I like spicy food,” Black Rose said subconsciously.
“Oh, it will be just this time, next time I will bring you extra spicy,” Chuck said as he had gone.
“Spicy, do you want to kill me? Huh!” Black Rose muttered and opened the package. She took a few bites and couldn’t help but continue to eat.

“This is where I live.” Du Pei sighed and lost.
Betty arranged a large house for Du Peixin, but there was only one person, not even one who talked about things.
Chuck understands, “Is there any wine? Drink some wine,”
“Yes!” Du Peixin will have a drink when he can’t sleep at night.
She went to get wine.
Three people drink.
Logan mainly wanted to comfort Du Pei’s heart and enlighten Du Pei’s heart. After all, Du Pei’s heart was helping Chuck.
But the three people were drinking and drinking, and Du Peixin, who was in a bad mood, was the first to get drunk.
He fell asleep on the couch. Chuck didn’t drink well, so he drank too much.
After Du Pei was drunk, Chuck was almost gone.
“Cer, don’t drink, you are drunk,”
Logan is taking care of Chuck tenderly. Her alcohol is not top, but because of her physique, she has only a little dizziness. Fortunately.
“I’m not drunk,” Chuck was confused.
“Wait a moment, I’ll take you back,” Logan hugged Du Pei’s heart in the room and covered her with a quilt. “Du Pei Xin, you have to work hard to overcome it. It’s hard for women to work hard to change the status quo, okay?”
Logan knows this bitterness.
Du Pei heart fell asleep, how can you hear it?
Logan smiled softly, after finishing Du Peixin. To take the drunk Chuck back.
At the lobby, Chuckzui became a mess, and Logan went to help him, Chuck was confused,
“wife, wife.”
Yes, Chuck thought of Yvette. Only at night, Yvette would help himself sleep.
Logan sighed, there was a loss in her beautiful eyes. Sure enough, you only have Yvette in your eyes, not at all, and you have no feeling of love for yourself.
Logan was sad again, but there was no blame!
Because she knew that it was her own time and did not seize the opportunity!
“Well, I will take you back,” Logan gently supported Chuck.
“What are you going to do? This is home,” Chuck hugged Logan.
Logan was stunned and put away the loss in his heart, “Cer, this is not home, I will take you back.”
“Here is,” Chuck shook his head, confused.
Logan smiled softly, “Not home, obedient, I will take you back,”
But Chuck struggled, Logan accidentally fell to the ground, Chuck is the same…

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