My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 696

You Tianle was annoyed and nearly dropped her phone.
“Chuck, do you still help me? You can’t even get to Shiwen, can you still help me?”
You Tianle was so angry that she fell on an antique plate next to it, and the bodyguards in the room shivered because You Tianle got angry, so it’s no joke!
“Master, don’t worry, You Shiwen is not dead, then we will kill her! Call a few more people and always kill her!!” said a weak bodyguard.
“Yeah, Master, isn’t it just a woman? That Chuck couldn’t kill, because you don’t have your strength!” said another bodyguard.
Annoyed You Tianle snorted coldly, “You Shiwen is not that simple, but you are right, how can Chuck’s pen compare with me?”
“Yes, that’s a shame! It’s a far cry from the young master.”
“Yes, I gave him all the information, and he can’t kill it. Isn’t that what he meant?”
Several bodyguards immediately started flattering.
You Tianle raised her hand, “Enough is enough, you guys call more people, find out You Shiwen for me, and then kill her, and bring her head to me! Can you hear me clearly?”
“Yes, Master, you can rest assured!” Several bodyguards are confident!
No matter how powerful a woman is, how powerful can it be? What’s more, they are the bodyguards of wandering!
Going out is the top ten masters in the world, but they followed Youjia, “incognito”!
“Go! Don’t let me down!!” You Tianle savagely killed You Shiwen, then it is more likely that he would sit in the position of the master of the house!
Therefore, You Shiwen must die!
You Tianle sat down lazily.
You Shiwen is going to die, and you Chuck must also die!

Somewhere in the United States is an ordinary bar to the extreme!
There was an old man at the counter bartending, and there was no business in the shop, but the door opened and a woman with a backpack came in!
The drunk old man woke up immediately, came out of the counter, and knelt down, “Miss!!”
“No need to be so polite!” the woman said.
“Yes, Miss finally came over to find me, I thought Miss you…”
The old man dared not answer.
“When I came out of my house at the age of four, I held the mentality that I would die at any time, but the more I lived, the longer I would live until today!!” The woman is exactly You Shiwen!
“Yes, the young lady’s ability is the strongest among the descendants of the family, otherwise the master will not…”
“It wasn’t Grandpa who told me to go out, it was Grandpa who told me to come out,” You Shiwen shook his head. The gap was huge!
“Yes! Then you come here this time, are you?” The old man was particularly puzzled. In fact, as early as the day before yesterday, when You Shiwen reached her 20th birthday, you should be able to come over.
Because if you are still alive, the representative test is over and you can restore the identity card of the hidden family!
But Yu Shiwen didn’t come that day, and the old man regretted that Yu Shiwen was dead.
“I met an interesting person. Forget it, let’s not talk about him for the first time. You will tell me everything about your home now,” You Shiwen said.
When she came out of Youjia, she knew that before she turned twenty, everything about Youjia was not her business, and she was absolutely not able to get in touch with any industry of Youjia! !
It is even more impossible to use the identity of the homeless to find money from the homeless industry, so cut it off!
You Shiwen keep in mind that today is the first time you have visited the industry.
Therefore, she didn’t know anything about the situation of Youjia!
Even when You Tianle got married, she didn’t know, because at that time, she hadn’t finished her stocking, she wasn’t a homeless person, she didn’t have the qualification to know, and she was not even qualified to participate! !
“Yes, wait a minute.”
The old man went to close the door, but a business came to the door. The old man didn’t care and closed the door directly. The guests outside scolded and left before leaving.
“Miss, what are you going to have? Caviar, snowflake steak, and…” the old man asked.
“Just face it,”
The old man was stunned, “Is it OK?”
You know, every descendant of the family is extravagant to the extreme, and every day is a variety of tricks and treasures.
“Wait a moment!” the old man prepared.
The next bowl came over, he looked at You Shiwen to eat, he was shocked, he finished eating, and the soup was all finished, and he made it very difficult to eat!
Because he rarely makes noodles.
“It can be said.” You Shiwen was full.
“Well, your family’s situation is very bad now, the old man is seriously ill,…” The old man sighed and said all the conditions of the Youjia, including what happened when You Tianle got married and was snared by Chuck! !
“What are you saying? Chuck is making a big noise in my home?” You Shiwen frowned, and after thick glasses, her eyes were cold.
“Yes, the situation was thrilling. He had a bomb in his hand. He threatened the master, Master Tianle, and Miss Hua to go out together. That Chuck challenged the majesty of Youjia!! He damn it!” said the old man angrily. .
“and then!”
You Shiwen asked indifferently, Chuck, you actually did that kind of thing, making trouble with your home, well, you did really well! ! !
“Then Chuck’s mother, Karen li appeared, defeated the strongest one in the family, and took the old man and they left, but when the old man came back, he became seriously ill!” The old man was worried.
“I’ll be seriously ill when I come back?” You Shiwen was shocked.
You Shiwen stood up, her eyes flashing, “Not so simple! Not so simple!”
“The doctor has checked, that is, the old man’s physical disease broke out.”
“Where is such a coincidence?” You Shiwen shook his head, “I have been out for so long, and experience tells me, don’t underestimate anyone, what should Karen li do, she has a technology company, what did she research out? No one knows,”
“Isn’t this possible? Is there such a thing?” The old man immediately questioned, born and sick, and can there be such influence?
“I just said, don’t be anybody, Karen li is not as simple as you think, she hides a lot of things,”
You Shiwen was wary.
The old man was speechless, he still thought it was impossible.
“Then, Miss, you can go home now, the old man may not be able,” the old man sighed.
“No, the first thing I want to see is not Grandpa, but Karen li. I’m looking for her to save Grandpa!!” You Shiwen said coldly.
“However, that Karen li is very powerful, even the strongest one in the family can’t deal with it.
Miss you, it’s even more dangerous!”
“There must be danger! But there is no way, I must see! Because of Grandpa’s situation, she must have been a ghost!”
You Shiwen said in particular. The old man thought about going. “If you have to meet Karen li, then you better be a lady and be safe!”
“Who catches?”
“Her son Chuck!!” said the old man coldly. “Last time, if there was no Karen li, Chuck must have died. If Chuck was seized, then Karen li would definitely listen to the lady.”
“Scratch him?” You Shiwenmei eyes shot out! !

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