My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 695

You Shiwen put the map of what he had in front of Chuck. Chuck looked at it and was relieved that he was a man. Fortunately, it was not a black rose! !
But what is this man? Is it from You Tianle?
You can’t kill You Shiwen. ?
Yes, it must have been done by You Tianle.
“I think it’s time for me to leave here,” You Shiwen said indifferently.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, “Do you want to take the position of homeowner with You Tianle?”
This plan doesn’t work!
If she is allowed to take the position of homeowner, on the basis of her ability, strength, and the horror strength of Youjia now, it must be improved! !
Then the situation is not good.
“Scramble? You still don’t understand, from the moment I was raised by the Youjia, if I live to the present, I am the owner of the Youjia!!!” You Shiwen changed the same person.
Chuck is silent! ?
Also, the people of the house, who fancy her, will cultivate her in a stocking way!
She knew this very early and inspired her to live to the present.
“Just now I saw another person, she also saw me, so who’s who?” You Shiwen looked at Chuck.
“Mine,” she said of black roses!
“You’re honest!” You Shiwen packed up and snorted.
Sure enough, the phone rang, it was Black Rose’s phone, “Sorry, I was discovered by her.”
Chuck was stunned. Black Rose actually apologized to herself? ?
“It’s okay.”
The phone hung up.
“Also, tell me honestly, who the hell are you?” You Shiwen said.
“You really don’t know?” Chuck was stunned, didn’t she check?
“I don’t know. I didn’t check your information, because it’s not easy for someone who knows me.
I don’t want to find it. It makes me very unhappy. I hope you don’t,” You Shiwen said slowly. , Word by word! !
“Yes.” What does Chuck have to hide?
Anyway, after she left here, she would definitely find it.
“Yes?” You Shiwen approached Chuck.
Close at hand!
“You are the first to go wrong,” Chuck said calmly.
“No, there is no right or wrong between the families, only… win, and lose! Now, I start playing with you, I don’t know how long you can carry?” You Shiwen turned around and left.
“So easy to go?” Chuck was plain.
The meaning of the mother is to let the man You Tianle sit in the house of the house, he can be the decline of the house, but You Shiwen is different. Her ability can improve the house. .
This difference is huge!
“It’s not easy to leave me!”
“I can stab you just now.”
“Before you stab me, I can strangle you,”
“I let you go!”
You Shiwen turned around, “Then I let you go, how can I count?”
Chuck walked up and was silent for three seconds, “First cook the bowl of noodles and eat, hungry,”
You Shiwen hummed, “When I am your nanny?”
Chuck followed her home, and she began to simply clean up. In fact, she wrote letters to explain to her students.
She cooked two bowls of noodles, one for each bowl.
After eating, she lay down to bed.
Chuck came out and called his mother to ask about this matter.
After listening to it, my mother was shocked, “So, what is the situation with Ceer? It’s too late to meet each other?”
“Well, it feels like this,”
“You” Mom couldn’t laugh or cry, “It’s okay, if you can’t kill, you can’t kill, just come back.”
“Will that affect our plan?” Chuck was mainly worried about this.
“Yes, but there are other solutions, for example, I come over night, do you want it?” Mom asked seriously.
The mother meant to let her come over and kill You Shiwen.
My mother has also suffered a lot, so You Shiwen cannot be your opponent.
As long as she comes, You Shiwen must be mortal! !
“She seems to be sleeping,” Chuck glanced into the room.
“Then you come here,” Chuck thought extremely.
“Really? Then I came over and waited, when I arrived, you would go back with me,”
“Um, mom, have you come all night?”
“Yes, all night, hung up,”
When asked by phone, Chuckgang looked back and was startled. He instinctively kicked out with a bang. Just now, he woke up and rubbed his eyes. You Shiwen was kicked off.
She crashed on the bed, embarrassed! !
“Are you sick?” You Shiwen climbed up.
“I know who your mother is, no wonder, your foundation is so thin, you can teach you like this now.” You Shiwen patted the footprints on his body.
Chuck did not answer.
Because she started to pack things up, “Your mother is here, then I have to hide. I have to go home, and I wanted to sleep, but you called the parents to come, you are enough.”
You Shiwen went out with a backpack.
Of course Chuck stopped her, and You Shiwen glanced at Chuck, “Stop me?”
“My mother is going to kill you, you are useless wherever you go,” Chuck shook his head.
“Maybe, maybe not.” You Shiwen calmly.
“Are you confident?” Chuck believes that people like her have absolutely no confidence.
“Don’t say it, you betray me, and I’ll ask you to eat noodles in vain,” You Shiwen shook his head.
“The next time you meet, you will die. You haven’t changed it. You did something wrong and shouldn’t betray me!” You Shiwen said and went out.
Chuck did not stop!
When it was dawn, he sat at the door, and his mother and black rose came over. The mother looked at the house, and the expression was very weird, “This girl is a little special, decisive, and able to live to the present. Strength……”
“Mom, let’s go back,” Chuck didn’t sleep all night. She left You Shiwen last night. It should be okay. After all, she has a bomb in her hand, but she can live to the present. It must not be so simple to die.
“Well, I missed one thing. This girl’s abilities are different. You’re lucky that you didn’t use a bomb last night, otherwise the problem is great!” Who is Karen li?
She can see the character of You Shiwen from the situation of this house! cautious!
It is unknown who really wants the deer to die. Karen li feels that Chuck may die first.
“Well,” Chuck was absent. There was no life or death this time. He was originally here to kill, but unexpectedly, he met a person who met and hated each other late.
Chuck, Karen li, and Black Rose left here and returned to the United States. Chuck called You Tianle.
“Chuck, did you kill You Shiwen? My people can’t get in touch,” he ordered.
Just in case!
You Shiwen want to go, you must die!
“Huh, no, you know what it means to be alive?” You Tianle was furious.
“I will immediately help you take the position of the head of the house, you are ready.” Chuck hung up the phone, where did You Shiwen go? Already at home? !

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