My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 698

“Are you going to eat bullets? Give it to you for free?!” Do you really want to do fake play with him? !
There are no other men in the world?
Even if not, I will never!
“Okay, as long as you are willing.” Chuck smiled and pulled the black rose into the hotel.
“Let go!” Black Rose scolded.
“Relax, what I said to you before has always been useful. I said, I won’t think of you, don’t you believe me?” Chuck was sincere.
“Huh, then you let me go, who let you grab my hand? It’s not necessary to pretend to be a couple!!” Black Rose was indifferent.
“That arms around?”
“Dare to hug me, I must kill you with a gun!” Black Rose glared!
Chuck was speechless and didn’t bother her anymore. This time, she didn’t come here to play, but came to assassinate.
“Well, just a little closer to me, is this always okay?” Chuck shrugged.
Black Rose is still far from Chuck.
Chuck can only force her to pull her closer to her, and Black Rose breaks free, but she also knows that this time is not the time to resist, so she moved closer.
The two opened the room smoothly and took the elevator upstairs.
When Chuck came, he had already figured out how to do it. When he arrived at the room, when there were no innocent people, he threw a bomb into it.
Anyone will die.
When this idea came out, Black Rose immediately denied, “You are an assassination? Why don’t you call your mother and throw a missile over? Isn’t it better to blow up the hotel?”
“So?” Chuck felt a bit reasonable.
“Absolutely can’t do the kind of thing that hurts a lot. It can be a killer or an assassination.
Innocent people still don’t touch it. There is no bottom line.” Black Rose was serious and serious.
“Well,” Chuck accepted the lesson and was right.
No wonder Black Rose can be the first female killer.
In addition to her strong strength and rich experience, her ability to hold on to the bottom line is also an important reason.
Go upstairs, top floor!
Chuck found the cordon. Many men in black clothes were holding their hands. Looking at their cold eyes, they knew that they were all masters of fighting.
It is still a kind of powerful master of Youjia, ensuring that your children and grandchildren have fun and will not suffer accidents.
The man who is barely an opponent of You Tianle should play in it.
Looking now, it is actually a similar scene of a feast.
There is definitely a Jiu Chi Lin.
Needless to say, Chuck also understands that all people who can play are like this. He is now rich and can think of this kind of life.
In fact, Chuck’s current financial resources are too simple to hold such a banquet. It is enough to call a house of beauties, but the mother knows that she is going to be killed and scolded.
Chuck can’t dare! I didn’t have that thought either. After all, Chuck was satisfied, and she also had several women, Queenie, Murong Qing, Zelda, and Alice…
It’s not necessary anymore.
“How to get in? Should there be an invitation letter?” Chuck asked.
“There must be. You are waiting here. I went downstairs to steal a few people’s invitations.”
Black Rose went downstairs.
In this regard, she is a master, so Chuck just waited.
Sure enough, after a while, the black rose took two invitations, which definitely knocked them out.
“Everything was put in the car just now? It’s a whole body scan to get in,” Black Rose said coldly.
Chuck knew that he put down the dagger given by Alice. There were only a few bombs in his hand, but this bomb could avoid scanning, so it was fine.
“Take it away,”
They arrived at the door, and the bodyguard at the door raised his hand indifferently, “Men’s casual, women’s Bijini.”
Chuck was shocked, then not all of them are beautiful women?
He looked at the black rose.
Black Rose’s expression was very cold, “I don’t wear it, I can’t even go in with invitations? You let him out!?”
I have to say that the black rose got angry, and there is the kind of aura of the best and rich women! !
These bodyguards looked at each other, a little ignorant!
“I show it to you? Don’t you let me in?” Black Rose scolded!
The aura is full!
If you are a girl, you must be obedient, but how can black roses be obedient? ! impossible!
Several bodyguards were speechless. They discussed a few words. Only the black rose was scanned, no problem, and Chuck was also scanned, no problem.
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, the bomb could not be scanned.
“Go in!” The bodyguard was indifferent.
The two went in.
Sure enough, Chuck was dazzled by the bright, beautiful paradise, but she didn’t feel much, because these women, compared with Logan and Yvette, were vulgar.
The gap is huge.
Black Rose looked at Chuck’s pure eyes, she was stunned, this guy didn’t look at it? !
This was her accident. She thought Chuck came in and would not be able to walk, but no.
“Where is that person?” Chucklai was stunned.
“Look for.”
“Find them separately.” Chuck felt that there were too many people. When will this be found? ? Hurry up.
“No, you have to be with me.” Black Rose refused directly.
Regardless of whether he can kill that person this time, her first priority is to protect Chuck’s safety!
Others, compared to Chuck’s safety, are worth nothing.
“Okay, I’m not separated from you,” Chuck moved to tears.
“Are you dying? Start looking!” Black Rose was angry.
But at this time, a handsome guy came to talk to Black Rose, “Hi, beauty…”
The black rose was icy. Chuck didn’t want to grow a branch outside the festival, immediately pulled black roses, “You are late, she is my woman!”
Several people passed the black rose ears, she was very angry, she is Chuck woman? He is just his bodyguard!
Black Rose struggled, the tighter Chuck’s grasp, she gave up, well, Chuck’s grasp was too tight, so she could not break free.
Think of it this way, the black rose is not so angry.
“Beauty, are you blind?” The handsome guy frowned, looked at Chuck, and hummed to find other women.
“Not loose yet?” Black Rose scolded.
Chuck shrugged. At this time, Chuck and Black Rose were looking for it quickly, but Chuck found out that there were a lot of women standing at the door of the room, all of them beautiful and blonde.
The door kept opening, and some beauties happily ran out with money, as if they encountered a big money.
Chuck, black roses looked at each other!
“I think it’s that room.” Chuck commented.
“I also think,” Black Rose considered how to get in, because there must be many beautiful women in it.
Assassination is also inconvenient.
Still have to think about it, after all, it is also a descendant of Youjia.
Black Rose has her own way of assassination. In this case, if there is no Chuck around, she will feel a little bit, so she can easily go in. After all, she is a great beauty!
But there is Chuck beside him. She didn’t want Chuck to see anything. What Chucksi wanted to do was to get closer and talk.
“Black Rose, let me go and see. Don’t go by. I worry that if you go in, you will be taken advantage of,” Chuck said seriously.
“You don’t take advantage of me, I’m thankful,” Black Rose glared!
Chuck was speechless, but it was at this time that someone said, “Hi, it’s hilarious tonight, Jin is mainly looking for the most beautiful woman in the audience. Who is it?”
Chuck looks at Black Rose, she is the most beautiful woman in the audience!

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