My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 699

Black Rose didn’t wear a surname, but she was born with a cold-faced temperament, simple and slim clothes, really the most beautiful one in the audience.
Completely compare all those beauties, she is the real focus! !
All the beauties are very confident, and they all said that I, I…
“I am the best!”
“I am, I am, King chose me, I am the most beautiful and perfect figure in the audience!!” A tall beautiful woman screamed!
They frowned, thinking that they were the most beautiful women in the audience, but they didn’t know that the random black roses had already compared them all.
Chuck looked at it. Under the red and green lights, the black rose is perfect!
It can be said without hesitation that Black Rose is the most beautiful American woman that Chuck has seen at this stage.
Blonde hair, big blue eyes, perfect body, this is the most beautiful one!
She is different from Alice and the boss behind the scenes. Alice is the kind of charm, the best age for women, and the perfect maintenance.
The boss behind the scene is different, what is she? Perfect figure, with a pair of charming eyes.
This is fascinating.
It can also be said that black roses are cold faces, Alice is charming, the boss behind the scenes is charming, each has its own merits!
The women on the scene are crazy. Lord Gold, they don’t know who the Gold Lord is, but knowing that the Gold Lord has money, it’s enough.
How much does it cost to enter the room? ?
“me me!!”
All girls are recommending themselves!
“Black Rose, the most beautiful in the audience, seems to be you!” Chuck lowered his voice.
Black Rose frowned, “Shut up, do you want me to go in?”
She felt inexplicably, especially annoyed, this is to send herself into the fire pit?
It’s not a fire pit. After entering, you can take the opportunity to kill him, but Chuck actually wants to push himself out. Isn’t he afraid of being taken advantage of inside?
Wait, why do you think that?
Protect him by yourself and listen to what he says. This is what the employer told me to do.
Shouldn’t we go in? should! !
But why is it so uncomfortable to listen to him?
Black Rose didn’t understand himself.
“No, I mean you are the most beautiful,” Chuck shook his head. He certainly didn’t mean to let her go alone?
How to say, Black Rose has protected herself for so long, and Chuck is accustomed to her being around, and doesn’t hate her, so how could Chuck push her into the fire pit? !
“Then you didn’t mean to let me in?” Black Rose hummed, his voice lighter.
“No, absolutely not, the conscience of heaven and earth!” Chuck was so serious.
Chuck’s sincere eyes make Black Rose stunned, really?
Trust him once.
“Well.” Black Rose nodded, ignoring Chuck.
At this time, many beautiful women recommended themselves, but the speaker shook his head,
“Neither of you are, neither are, the most beautiful one in the whole audience is her!!!”
The spotlight on the top moved. Suddenly, the light hit a woman. Casual clothes, compared with bikinis, are so ordinary! black Rose! !
But when the lights were turned off, many women were subconsciously annoyed, why did they say that they were not themselves, but others? ?
It was so noisy in an instant! It’s all complaining! but!
When they saw the perfect black rose, they closed their mouths subconsciously, silently!
What can they complain about?
“Wow, who is this woman? It’s so beautiful, look at her eyes, so big!”
“Yeah, she’s really good, how could it be so good!”
“Too beautiful, I feel ashamed!”
These women have self-knowledge, stunning black roses, silently, let them shut up willingly!
No way, just so beautiful!
“It’s her, and the most beautiful person in the audience is her!” The lights gathered, she was perfect, and no one objected!
Chuck was stunned. It was originally a black rose. It must be, but? ?
Chuck felt strange!
“Master Jin invites you in, are you willing?” the microphone man shouted!
“Be careful!” Chuck approached with caution, “Hold this.”
Chuck patted her with a bomb, and Black Rose nodded, “Got it.”
“I actually want to go in with you, or should we rush in together,” Chuckxin said oathly.
“The truth?” Black Rose asked.
“Of course it’s true,” Chuck originally wanted to go directly together, but didn’t expect that the gold master would do so.
So this is even an accident.
“No, I’ll go in,”
The black rose with big blue eyes looked at Chuck again, shook his head, and smiled particularly rarely, “I will!”
“Hoo! The most beautiful woman in the audience is willing! Everyone cheers!” The man screamed!
The audience cheered, and many people were particularly envious and envious. But no one objected!
The black rose deserves its name! !
Watching the audience, the black rose was brought into the gold master’s private room.
“Wow, how envious!”
“She went into the private room once, definitely a lot of money!”
“It would be nice if I were, but I am not as pretty as her.”
The beautiful woman sighed with regret, Chuck was alert, the situation was not too second! !
The black rose entered the private room.
She saw a handsome man with similarities to You Tianle. This must be the one from Youjia!
That is, You Tianle named someone to kill!
“You really are the most beautiful in the audience, you all go out!” The man smiled slightly and was particularly satisfied with the black rose.
The other women in the private room hated watching the black roses and went out unhappy.
There are only two bodyguards.
The man poured a glass of wine and pushed it in front of the black rose, “Beauty with beautiful wine…”
Black Rose looked back at the door and locked it, her expression was blank, “Do you know who I am?”
“Oh!” The man smiled. “How come I don’t know, the first killer, Black Rose?”
Yes, the secret family controls a lot of information, especially the top talents in various industries. They also collect killers. Not to mention, is it such a perfect beauty killer? ?
“Then you are confident!”
“My place, of course, I am confident, let’s say, who brought you over?” The man and a sip of wine.
Hei Mei shook her head indifferently.
“Sure enough, there is a killer’s bottom line, don’t betray the employer, but you don’t say, I also guessed, You Tianle let you come over, right?” Man smart!
Not afraid of how it might become You Tianle’s rival for homeowner? ?
“Still don’t say, I heard that Black Rose is extremely strong, but I just don’t know how to carry a few tricks under my hands and give you two choices. First, stay with me, let me go, second…
Hey, you were caught by two men, you accompany me, how about, you choose the same one?”
The man smiled slightly, human and animal harmless!
The audience is the most beautiful, it really attracted him! !

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