My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 700

“I have another choice!” Black Rose stared at the man indifferently!
At this moment, the coldness of Black Rose came out. This is the coldness of her first killer! !
“No, there are two choices, and the consequences are with me! There is no third choice!” The man shook his head, and the smile on his face was abnormal.
He has seen too many beautiful beauties, but he is so perfect as a black rose, he sees him for the first time!
He must not let go!
After eating too much seafood and seafood, and eating superb dishes, every man can’t refuse!
At this time, Black Rose is a superb dish! !
“You two, don’t hurt her, I want her intact!!” The man laughed.
Two of his bodyguards are dispatched!
These are all top-notch masters of Youjia. The masters of “Retreat Mountain” are different.
Black Rose was indifferent and did not retreat. When she was a killer on the first day, she was already mentally prepared! !
Die at any time, but I don’t know why, what does she have?
I don’t want to die, no, not the kind of fear of death, I just feel that there is something to worry about, and I am not willing to die.
What is it about? ?
She used to be alone, she was an orphan, she didn’t go to her family, because when she was abandoned, it meant that her family didn’t need her, and she certainly didn’t need her!
So what is it?
What is it?
Black Rose didn’t understand it by herself. Why did you suddenly have this idea? !
Did you think too much? ?
“I forgot to tell you that the man who came in with you, I recognized, was the one who must be killed by my wanderer, so I have already sent someone. At this time, he should be taken elsewhere!” The man laughed.
Chuck, when Black Rose came in, he was discovered by him!
He is happy, why?
Seize Chuck, then you have made a contribution. At this juncture, you can make a contribution.
Isn’t it more likely that he will sit in the position of the master of the house? !
Black Rose turns around and rushes out. To deal with Chuck’s people, it must be a powerful bodyguard of the home. Chuck can’t deal with it, and Black Rose’s task is to protect Chuck’s safety. Everything else, she doesn’t care about anything! !
“All come in, and want to go out? Hey, grab her, don’t hurt her, I want to see her perfect!” The man laughed grimly!
For him, seeing this first killer, Black Rose, and slowly getting scared can make him happy, which must be very interesting.
Wow! !
The two bodyguards shot, they were too fast, and they were really top fighting experts, but Black Rose as the first killer, even if the weapon is not brought, you can become a weapon by grabbing anything at hand! !
The black rose grabbed a wine bottle and shattered it with a pointed head!
She stabbed it!
At this time, two people besieged her alone, and Black Rose retreated. She was not shrinking, nor was she afraid, and she wanted to save Chuck!
“Ah!! Fight, kill!”
Suddenly came outside and exclaimed.
It’s messy outside, many women are screaming in horror, they must have seen something terrible!
“Ah, why kill that Chinese man?”
“Blood, bleeding, oh my god!!! What’s going on? Ah!”
The horrible sounds outside continued, screaming, it was terrible!
Many people ran out, for fear of being injured by mistake!
Black Rose was shocked, “Chuck!!”
She is going to rush out, she has missed so many times, absolutely not this time, Chuck must not die! !
“Haha, it seems that Chuck wasn’t as good as that day, right, did he use that bomb? Haha, use it well, and it won’t blow me anyway!” The man laughed haha!
Suddenly, he pressed a button and a bulletproof glass fell down to protect him!
He had expected it for a long time, so now it can be bulletproof at any time. The bomb can’t hurt his own. This bulletproof glass is made of diamond! !
There is only one indestructible, just look at Chuckyong!
You don’t have to hide yourself, what is a bomb afraid of? ?
It’s time to admire the fireworks up close.
The black rose has beautiful eyes and blood red, and this time, the fist hits the black rose with one fist! boom!
The black rose was hit on the wall, she coughed up and vomited blood!
“Fuck, I said don’t hurt her, are you deaf?” The man was annoyed at once!
If you hit it like this, there will be bruises on the black rose, which will affect your beauty!
He pursues perfection!
“I’m sorry, Master, she’s fighting well, so…” The two bodyguards are in trouble. Black Rose is the kind of master who has no rhythm of fighting, that is, unexpected.
If you don’t hurt the black rose, you can’t catch her!
The man frowned, “Well, don’t hurt her too much, grab her as soon as possible!”
The two bodyguards joined forces and the Black Rose retreated. Suddenly, she seized the opportunity and pressed her hand to the door lock. She was going to save Chuck! !
She didn’t want to see Chuck dead!
A bodyguard kicked on the black rose’s arm, as if it was broken and misplaced!
Black Rose didn’t hum, opened the door and went out!
“Chuck, Chuck!!” the black rose yelled.
No one answered, it was quiet outside. Her heart was suddenly cold, did Chuck have been killed? !
The sight of the black rose is blurred!
Sad, how could you be so sad? !
Black Rose couldn’t understand herself. She stared at the man and got it back with a click. “You killed Chuck, I won’t let you go. You are going to die here!”
She was so angry!
Suddenly there was a feeling that I was not concerned, I was not afraid of death!
“Ok, I appreciate you. The two of you haven’t caught her yet?” The man smiled.
Very good!
The unyielding woman of Black Rose is appetizing with him! !
Siege with two bodyguards, punches and kicks!
Black Rose is like a robot, without pain. Her only thought is to kill him! boom!
The two bodyguards shot, and the black rose was beaten back, but she instantly used a wine bottle and inserted it in the throat of a bodyguard!
Blood spray!
The bodyguard was shocked, “You?”
He was so heavy, his breath was suffocating, he actually died in a woman’s hand? !
He couldn’t believe it, but he fell to the ground.
Another bodyguard was shocked, “You are looking for death!”
The bodyguard was angry and kicked on the black rose, shout!
The black rose flew out and was almost fainted with serious injuries, but at this time, a strong arm caught her. The black rose looked blank, and water droplets appeared on her big blue eyes.
“Chuck, are you dead?!

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