My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 702

After Chuck finished speaking, the black rose was covered with a quilt again. Black Rose relaxed. Chuck didn’t do anything to her. If there was a little irregularity, Black Rose decided that she would take a gun and kill Chuck!
But suddenly, Chuck grabbed Black Rose’s hand, and she felt, what did this bastard really do to herself?
To die! !
Black Rose can’t stand such a thing!
You know, before, Black Rose had never been in a room with a man. She felt that she was capable, so what do you want a man to do?
When cumbersome? !
But now Chuck actually grabbed his hand so insignificantly? ?
This is unacceptable for Black Rose!
She is ready to shoot!
“What is this? Tattoo?”
Of course Chuck didn’t want to do anything. He found a weird tattoo on the thumb of the palm of the black rose.
It seems to have been tattooed from small to large, and it has faded, but it can still be seen clearly.
Chuck looked curious.
The black rose who was about to turn her head was stunned. This tattoo, when she was abandoned by her parents, she followed her after she was impressed.
She doesn’t know what tattoo, she can check, after all, she is the first killer, but she doesn’t want to check, because this strange tattoo is definitely related to her parents, she has been ruthlessly abandoned, and also check what this tattoo does ? !
Let yourself find your parents?
Black roses will never do this.
Abandon it and abandon it, never see you forever!
“It’s a strange tattoo. It turned out that Black Rose was a rebellious girl when she was a child. It’s not good.” Chuck said conclusively.
The black rose pretending to be sleeping was angry, and this was an hour pattern, not a pattern after growing up. Where did you rebel? !
“I don’t know if I woke up, look again,” Chuck said to himself for a while, before putting down Black Rose’s hand.
In fact, Chuck also thought, is this a tattoo of any identity? ?
“Black Rose, did you wake up?” Chuck pushed her a few times.
The black rose angrily “woke up”, “what?”
“Is it better?” Chuck reached out and pressed her head. The head temperature was normal and there was no fever.
“Don’t touch me!” Black Rose opened Chuck’s hand, his face cold.
“Yes, don’t touch, don’t touch, what’s wrong with your tattoo?” Chuck asked.
“What’s your business?” Black Rose scolded!
Others asked her, she had turned her face long ago, and Chuck asked, she could barely say.
“Is your family tattooing you?” Chuck asked seriously.
“Don’t ask.” The black rose got up from the bed.
“Okay, I won’t ask, but I think it looks pretty,” Chuck smiled.
The perfect woman like Black Rose has a tattoo on her hand, and it really feels different.
“Good-looking? Good-looking? What’s so good about this?” The black rose burst into flames.
Chuck was stunned, “What’s wrong with you?”
Black Rose seems to be very sick. Chuck doesn’t know the past of Black Rose. How could he think of the reason why Black Rose suddenly became angry?
“Nothing, you go out!” Black Rose was indifferent.
“Don’t you say, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck took her hand, the tattooed hand.
Black Rose struggled painfully, “Let go!”
“What’s the matter? Tell me.” Chuck’s rare tenderness rose, sadness and tiredness, the black rose who was reluctant to mention this matter was silent, “Nothing, don’t ask.”
“This is your family’s tattoo for you?” Chuck asked in the end.
“Don’t ask me!”
“I will not tell others, tell me, you may feel better in your heart.” Chuck said.
This is rare, and the black rose is sad.
“You want to know? Well, I tell you, I have no parents, I was abandoned since I was a kid, this is the mark they left me, okay? Clear?”
For the first time, Black Rose is out of control. If it is not abandoned, then he will not be a killer.
He may study hard and become a plain woman.
“It’s clear.” Chuck was shocked. The black rose is so beautiful and her eyes are so big. I can imagine how cute she was when she was a child, but she didn’t expect such a cute girl to be abandoned? why? Can’t afford it?
“Black Rose, don’t be sad, it’s okay, I won’t ask,” Chuck shook his head, mainly seeing Black Rose like this for the first time, no, I should have seen it twice, the first time was when she found herself last time When I asked for a photo, I was out of state. At other times, I never saw it.
“Go out!”
“Okay, I’m going out.” Chuck went out.
Black Rose looked at her hand. She took out the knife and wanted to cut off the skin directly.
All of her knives were inserted into her skin, and blood was flowing out.
She did not continue, not afraid of pain, but unable to start.
Chuck came out to order something to eat. He didn’t arrive. Black Rose had such a past.
Suddenly, Chuck had a little pity for her.
With a sigh, beautiful women are fateful! !
He ordered a few dishes. He went to the hotel and ate with Black Rose, comforting her, and he was almost going back.
Because the man you are about to kill is dead.
But suddenly, Chuck frowned, and dodged away from the spot, a fist emerged from the dark corner.
It’s over! !
Chuck’s eyes were cold, and he turned around and punched out! boom!
Chuck saw the master of the fist, he was relieved, immediately hugged the past, hooked shoulder to shoulder!
But as soon as he touched his shoulder, one foot flew over. what! !
Chuck did not prepare, was kicked for five meters, and got up coughing, “You Shiwen, are you sick?”
“Yesterday, a place exploded, and a wandering man died, as well as three bodyguards. Did you do it?” You Shiwen said coldly.
She received this news and immediately found a way to find it here. She concluded that Chuck must have done it. This is Yu Tianle’s opponent!
“No, I’m a good person,” Chuck touched the place where he was kicked, and he was speechless.
Is this woman too smart? ?
“You and I are not good people, I ask you, did you do it!?” You Shiwen asked coldly!
“I am me,”
Chuck shrugged, “He is your opponent, I will solve it for you,”
“Are you helping me?” You Shiwen strode closer.
Chuck smiled, and the two were close at hand.
Chuck didn’t do anything, just stared at her, “So, how are you going to treat me?”
“I said, if you kill a wandering man, I will stop with you, you are going to die!” You Shiwen glared!
“If I don’t kill, You Tianle will also do it yourself, and you will do the same.”
“I won’t! I won’t kill the people in my house, but you killed?! This is something I can’t tolerate!”
Chuck shrugged, but there was a voice behind him, “You can’t tolerate your business letting go of him!?”
Black Rose came over, his face cold! !

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