My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 728

“Did I hear what I said? The snipers are not kidding!!” Black Rose was serious and indifferent.
“But if you block me, people can kill us both with bullets!” Chuck also wore the same clothes that his mother gave him.
Mom said, it can be bulletproof.
As a killer, Black Rose should wear that type of thin body armor?
“I have body armor.” Black Rose said.
“You protect me like this, I am moved, really.” Chuck said his heart.
The black rose is too responsible.
“What moved? Your mother Karen li asked me to come over, just to protect you.” Black Rose hummed, unconsciously, the tone was not so cold.
But in this way, Black Rose felt comfortable listening, not as uncomfortable as before.
“Well, can you find out where this person is?” Chuck glanced around.
Youjia is in the mountains, surrounded by trees, which greatly affects your sight.
“Wait, let me see.”
Black Rose began to scan with the sight on the sniper rifle, Chuck was lying beside Black Rose.
“All said, behind me, do you want to die?” Black Rose was annoyed.
I don’t usually see you so disobedient!
“I don’t want to,” Chuck obediently lay behind Black Rose.
Eyes are watching.
Black Rose’s sniper method is comparable in the world. There should be few people. Black Rose is so dignified, indicating that the person who shot just now does not lose Black Rose.
“How is it?” Chuck asked for a minute.
“Not found.” Black Rose shook his head.
“Then let’s just move forward a little bit better,” Chuck didn’t want to wait any longer. It was too long, and I didn’t know if the gun just shot Shiwen.
Anyway, Chuckxin was uncomfortable.
“Are you dying?? The snipers are so accurate. You rush out and can’t hide it! Don’t move, can you hear it?” Black Rose scolded.
“Well, I listen to you, Sister Rose,” Chuck nodded.
“Go to hell, who made you call me that?”
Black Rose is angry! at the same time!
Chuck, the situation on the side of Black Rose was seen by a sight.
He remained silent for three seconds and took out his phone to call someone.
In a luxurious room.
The man received a call from the sniper, and after stupefying, he did not hang up the phone, but asked, “Miss, Black Tiger said, I saw Chuck and Black Rose!”
Wan Ziwen, who was drinking tea, frowned, “Why is Chuck on the Youjia side?”
“This? Chuck went to kill You Shiwen before, but failed!”
“Why don’t you tell me about this?” Wan Ziwen cracked the antique cup in his hand.
The man trembles, “Miss, don’t be angry, there is absolutely nothing between Chuck and You Shiwen.”
“Nothing? Chuckhui will go home at this time?” Wan Ziwen stood up indifferently, how charming the pair of long legs were.
“Yu Shiwen’s female, even if she is going to be Chuck, she should be a friend. After all, how can it be a matter of feelings? How can it come out in a few days?” The man analyzed.
In his view, You Shiwen’s character is the same as that of a man. He doesn’t like it anyway.
“That being said, but I was just about to let You Shiwen oppress Chuck, did you tell me here?”
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed coldly.
“I just knew that,” the man was trembling with fear.
“But it’s fine!” Wan Ziwen sat down again, his long legs beating on the sofa.
She spotted You Shiwen, there was no love in her eyes, that kind of indifference, but not someone who has feelings for men, can look out.
Therefore, You Shiwen should be Chuck’s friend. !
“Black Tiger, what’s the mission?” Wan Ziwen asked.
“Black Tiger succeeded.”
The man breathed a sigh of relief, “Miss, why did you suddenly let the Black Tiger shoot this time? Obviously you want You Shiwen to sit on the housekeeper, why do you have to shoot her when she is about to succeed?”
“My mind, how can you understand? But you have followed me for so long, so that it is fine to make you clear!”
Wan Ziwen said lazily, “You Tianle killed You Batian. He is going to be the home owner of the tour house, and he is almost going to sit. Then why don’t I let him sit first?”
“You, what does this mean?” The man was stunned.
“Last time I thought that You Shiwen could solve You Tianle directly, so I was going to let You Shiwen sit directly with her housekeeper, but You Tianle surprised me this time. I actually shot in advance. I am more likely to be a housekeeper, then I Of course, my thoughts changed accordingly! Suddenly, I didn’t want to give up the chess piece You Tianle, and I wanted to use him even more!!!”
“Then do you want You Tianle to be the owner?”
“Good! You Tianle’s character will deal more directly with Chuck, more directly than that of You Shiwen! I can’t wait too long, You Tianle and my appetite…” Wan Ziwen said.
The man was so shocked that he couldn’t keep up with Wan Ziwen’s thoughts.
Change at any time.
Mainly because You Tianle suddenly killed You Batian, Wan Ziwen’s idea changed accordingly.
“Actually, You Shiwen just killed You Tianle just now,” the man said carefully.
“I know, but my thoughts have changed, You Tianle can’t die yet, so You Shiwen has to follow my thoughts! This time I stopped her, what mentality will she become? You can think about it.”
Wan Ziwen Weiwei A smile, cold smile.
“She will become more indifferent and more powerful! I am nurturing her. After all, the fun I have afterwards is all with this opponent. It is too bad to be fun, and it is boring,” Wan Ziwen shrugged.
The man got it.
Yes, Wan Ziwen’s IQ is so high that she will soon be the head of the Wan Family. She can’t find her opponent and will be bored.
You Shiwen is Wan Ziwen’s opponent.
“What’s more, You Shiwen actually has a good relationship with Chuck. I want to do this even more. I really want You Shiwen to be the head of the house now. I certainly won’t deal with Chuck honestly. I won’t achieve the effect I want. I’m sure To let others do it, You Tianle is barely good.”
Wan Ziwen said.
“Then Chuck and Black Rose are on the tour’s side. How do you tell me? I said to Black Tiger immediately,” the man asked carefully.
“How to do it? You Shiwen has already got a shot. Isn’t she dead? Dead is boring,”
“No, Black Tiger fired according to the secret command and hit You Shiwen on the shoulder, but Black Tiger said that You Tianle still has four bodyguards alive, maybe You Shiwen can’t escape…”
“None can’t escape, then what do I want from that kind of trash opponent?” Wan Ziwen shook his head. “She will escape, but I don’t want to see her and Chuck continue to have such a good relationship. What can you do? ??”

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