My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 73

The photo that Lara Jean sent to Chuck Cannon this time had her face on it, including just her upper body. This sexy snapshot should be the most that Lara could show him. After viewing this image, Chuck felt that he would sleep well and be happy tonight.
If Lara knew that the baller she had been talking to and sending nude photos alhe time was Chuck, how would she react? If Chuck took the nude pictures to Lara, what would she think?
The thought of this happening amused Chuck. Lara, you are so doomed.
Chuck texted back, playfully, “You look so damn fine.”
Lara sent back a few sweet and short replies.
Chuck reluctantly took another look at the photo of Lara again before inserting his mobile phone back in his pocket and took the elevator going up.
Back in the dormitory, Lara glimpsed at her phone, pleasantly surprised and nervous at the same time due to the events that night. She initially sent the photo with no other meaning. She just wanted to thank baller, but she did not expect him to transfer 10,000 dollars straight away because of their deal. Now that she had already received the money for the shop’s renovation, her happiness has exceeded all bounds.
And all the tension in her body was because of the last photo she sent baller that she considered her most daring move ever. Lara dreaded that there would be others who would use her nudes for the wrong intentions. However, he must have a lot of other girlfriends. He could not possibly do such an abominable thing.
Lara tried to calm herself from all the cynical what-ifs that crossed her mind. After a while, she felt comforted and held the mobile phone close to her chest. As she lay down in her warm and cozy bed, her mind won’t stop speculating.
“Baller, what do you look like? My cousin said you’re still a student. Do you think we know each other? I bet it would be nice if we know each other in real life.”
“Lara, your boyfriend is so filthy rich. When will you move out of the dormitory?” A fellow dormmate asked.
“Yeah, your boyfriend is so incredible. I bet he lives in a villa.”
“Hopefully, soon!” Lara chimed in happily. She closed her eyes and went to sleep. When Chuck got up in the morning, a man from the Porsche car store called him again and asked when he would take his vehicle. The car he reserved had been in their showroom for a while now. Chuck thought of going there today. Since he left his BMW 7 Series parked near the school the night before, he didn’t have any service today, so he decided to take his new car.
At the thought of this, Chuck replied to the manager that he would come today. The manager didn’t expect him to drop by right away. He immediately said that he would wait for him.
After taking a quick shower, Chuck went out. However, he saw Zelda Maine coming out of her room. She was all dressed up and headed to the elevator. It seemed like she was going to her restaurant.
“Good morning, Zelda.” Chuck greeted her with a faint smile. Today, Zelda dressep casually, but her excellent figure still showed perfectly despite her casual clothes.
“Hello there, good morning to you.” Zelda came over.
The two of them entered the elevator together. Zelda did not speak any word, and neither did Chuck.
Zelda had always wanted to ask Chuck a question. Did he offer the business to
Yvette instead of giving it to her? However, Zelda could not bring herself to ask no matter how much she wanted to. How could she?
After a few seconds of silence, the elevator door opened.
Zelda watched Chuck go outside first. Was he not using the car today? Shesitated for a moment and asked, “Chuck, aren’t you driving today?”
“I parked my car at school,” Chuck said.
“Let me send you to school then,” Zelda said. Chuck didn’t know how to explain it to Zelda. Should he tell her he would take his brand new car today?
“What’s wrong? Is someone else coming to pick you up?” Zelda asked doubtfully.
Chuck shook his head. “I’m going to the Porsche store. The car I booked arrived already. I will pick it up today.”
“Okay, I’ll drop you off there.” Zelda walked over to him. It turned out that Chuck had bought another car. She offered since it was also along the way to her destination.
“Thank you, Zelda.”
“No problem. Come on.”
Chuck got inside and settled comfortably. The last time Chuck was in Zelda’s car, he remembered smelling a unique fragrance. The scent was still there today. The smell of that perfume stirred him up that he ogled straight at Zelda’s legs.
Chuck could not prevent himself from recalling the scene in his dream the night before. He had dreamt of Zelda. Chuck found it amusing, but he couldn’t ignorhat he’s feeling at the moment. Zelda was such an easy-going girl. How should Chuck put it into words? Zelda had always been single, but it did not seem like she was available all the time. Did she have a sexual partner when she needed it? Zelda had always looked so gorgeous. Even without trying, countless men would have competed against each other to keep her company.
Zelda had no shortage of men. If she wanted a boyfriend, she could quickly get one. Thinking about it, Chuck realized how a little perverted he was. Zelda would do nothing ridiculous. It was him who had been holding it in for too long, so his imagination ran wild.
However, thinking about it, Chuck had some confidence in himself and lookeorward to the challenge. Heeding to Zelda’s emphasis on being single, shentioned she would only sleep with someone if that guy is him. They wouldn’t have any restrictions, nor would they be tied to any emotions.
Whenever they spent time together, such a set-up would cross their mind. Onchey have satisfied each other’s sexual desires, they would part ways withoueddling too much in their private lives. It was the best arrangement.
But Chuck could only think about it. After all, he hasn’t reached that intimacy leveith Zelda yet. If he told her his plans, Zelda might slap him hard in the face, which would be embarrassing.
Zelda certainly didn’t know what Chuck had in mind. In her thoughts, she had lost to Yvette. If Yvette renewed the contract to operate the business, it would be impossible for her to take over the business. However, it was also impossible for her to just give up that fast. That was a place of great potential for Zelda.
“I want to open a restaurant within the City Square.” Zelda declared. She couldn’t hold it in herself anymore.
“Huh?” Chuck couldn’t get himself to react.
“I said, I want to open another restaurant,” Zelda said seriously.
“Will you help me?” Zelda asked.
Chuck found himself defenceless. Even if Zelda did not know that his mother, Karen Lee, was the boss of Hotel Luna, she should have guessed by his position as the boss of the City Square. Zelda was a clever girl. She could figure out entirely that he was the boss after a simple analysis.
The situation had put Chuck in a tight spot now. Zelda should have already known that Yvette was the supervisor of the training company. So when he refused Zelda the position but asked Yvette instead to take over, he wondered what her reaction could have been. Was she offended? Did it upset her? Did she feel disappointed? What could she be thinking?
“Oh.” Chuck did not know how to reply. He could only answer with another question, “Why don’t I ask for you?”
“Just say yes or no.”
“Well, I don’t have the right to do that. I can’t decide now.”
“Of course, you can. I know you’re capable.”
“Well, I’ll ask around first,” Chuck could only answer.
There were no vacant slots available upstairs. Chuck couldn’t ask those tenants to move just like that. The spaces for shops on the first floor were too small. Zelda’s restaurant was at least 200 square meters. The only last resort would be to check if tenants werilling to transfer their store locations. Zelda’s restaurant could help increase the number of people coming to City Square once she opened it. Since it would beneficial to his business, Chuck thought he should find a way to make it happen.
“I’ll be waiting for your update.” The corners of Zelda’s mouth curled up. Could he still be pretending?
“Okay, sure.” Chuck nodded. Later, he would send a message to Yolanda Lane, telling her to monitor and concentrate on the leasing spaces. Yolanda has a proven track record of being efficient in her work, and she should get things done soon.
Soon, they arrived at the Porsche store. Chuck got out of the car, but Zelda also got off. He asked in confusion, “Zelda, weren’t you headed the restaurant?”
“Can I have a look at it first? I want to see if your car is worth all that cash. Can I?”
Zelda said.
Chuck did not know how to answer her. How could Zelda not afford a car worth over four million dollars? It’s not that she doesn’t like it, she just preferred bigger cars.
When Chuck and Zelda walked in, the manager had been waiting for them inside. He immediately took Chuck to his car and spent half a day telling him the basic knowledge of driving a sports car. After days of driving around with his BMW, Chuck got the hang of it. In half a day, Chuck had mastered driving his new car. He felt so handsome and cool beinehind the wheel. When he stepped on the accelerator, the roar of the engine was enough to drive him crazy.
Chuck laughed and felt that buying this car was an excellent decision. Chuck had already learned to appreciate his sports car. Now he has the reason to drive it more often. Chuck thought, “If I drive this car to Yvette’s, what would she feel?”
After finishing the last procedures, Chuck parked his car next to Zelda’s. She had been with Chuck the entire morning. Looking at Chuck’s car also prompted her to own one of these cars. It was attractive and flashy.
Suddenly, Zelda received a call. After a few seconds, she panicked. “Mom, don’ome over.”
“Are you still hiding? Quincy told me you already found a new boyfriend and that you’re sleeping together. Why don’t you bring him home so I could meet him in person? Well, I don’t expect you to make a move. I’ve just passed by your place with a few of my friends. Bring your boyfriend over to have dinner with us,” Zelda’s mother said.
“But, Mom….”
“I’m almost there. Tell your boyfriend about it.”
After hanging up the phone, Zelda stood frozen for a moment. What should I do? Zelda thought about it and walked to the side of Chuck’s car, biting her lips. “Are you free later? I want to invite you to dinner.”

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