My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 72

When Chuck Cannon coined the term “wifey”, he felt terrible. Since Yvette Jordan was still not open to these things, she would probably feel upset.
As expected, Yvette gave Chuck a sharp stare and said, “No, you send Queenie Carson back home.”
Chuck looked pleasantly surprised. He called her as his wife, yet she was not even mad at him?
Chuck was so excited that he felt encouraged. “Yvette, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see the text message you sent me just now. I wanted to come and sit in your car.”
“You didn’t even take some time to check, did you?” Yvette said coldly and presse button for the parking lot on the elevator’s control panel. Lara Jean and other students had gone ahead, including Queenie Carson.
Chuck wouldn’t have said such things to Yvette in front of his classmates.
“It’s not like that.” The elevator door opened, and Chuck casually walked in. Yvette had a few drinks. Although she was not drunk, it was still risky for her to sit behind the steering wheel. Chuck wasn’t at ease and seemed helpless. At least, he had to make sure that Yvette would reach home safely.
Yvette had the faint smell of alcohol on her body, and her face was all flushed. She gave off the impression of being slightly intoxicated and stimulated. Her sexually attractive aura could evoke the attention of other men. Even Chuck himself could not control the irresistible urge to stare at Yvette’s round, shapely backside. Her skinny jeans go perfectly with her toned figure.
Chuck caught himself in a dilemma. They had been sleeping together for almost ten years, but Chuck never realized how physically fit Yvette’s body had been. He contemplated on doing somethinensual to her inside the elevator now, such as caressing her soft skin. Would she resist and urge him to stop?
Yvette didn’t know how to express her emotions. Chuck handed Yvette some hangover pills and brought extra food for late-night snacks. The next morning, he had some breakfast delivered. To some extent, his actions moved her. Chuck still showed concern for her since they had once lived together for so long.
Today, Yvette wanted to relax and take her classmates out for another sing-along session. When she sent Chuck a message, she hesitated for a moment and even felt nervous. However, over ten minutes went by since she sent the text, and Yvette had not yet gone inside the car. Was taking the bus more convenient than sitting in her private vehicle? Yvette was getting a little irritated.
Later on, Yvette saw Chuck and Queenie sharing a duet song. Why were they singing together? Their faces showed much happiness that they even embraced each other while giggling, putting Yvette in an awkward spot.
It was like someone else took away her things. Yvette wanted to drink some wine, but she forgot that she drove here. She would call someone to pick her up. Anyway, nobody asked her to drive.
The door of the elevator ladder opened and seven people swarmed in. Yvetttepped back to make way for them. Chuck accidentally bumped into her. This time, he was very excited. He had beehinking about Yvette for the entire night. When his hand touched hers, he instantly felt a connection.
Fortunately, Yvette didn’t know, otherwise, it would be awkward. However, Chuck could feel the weird mentality people had on the bus. Every minute and second was painful.
The elevator door opened, and people went out. Yvette walked out first, and Chuck followed closely behind. When Yvette turned around and saw Chuck checking her butt, she grew irritated. “Has my behind changed and appear attractive to you? In the past, you had the righo touch it but chose not to.”
Seeing Yvette’s annoyed expression, Chuck quickly shifted his gaze away from her. He couldn’t go too far. After all, they had separated ways already, and their relationship had just become comfortable recently.
If it were because of this that made Yvette finally change her growing impression of him, Chuck would lose more than he gained.
“You may go back now. I’ll call the driver myself.” Yvette turned around and went to her car.
How could a guy like Chuck let go of this opportunity? He caught up to her and said sincerely, “Yvette, let me send you back. At least you’re familiar with me. Do you feel comfortable with a stranger driving you back?”
Yvette gave Chuck a sharp look. After hesitating for a few seconds, she laid the car key in Chuck’s open palm, opened the car door, and sat on the passenger seat. Feeling pleased, Chuck quickly got inside the car.
“It’s been some time since you got your license, but you haven’t been practicing, so it’ll be hard for you to get used to driving this car in the beginning. Start the engine first, and I’ll tell you how to proceed. Drive slowly, I’m not in a hurry,” Yvette said unemotionally.
Chuck smiled and started the engine skillfully. He had been driving for a few days now, and he was already familiar with it.
Chuck’s control of the vehicle surprised Yvette. “Do you normally drive?”
Chuck was no stranger to the engines, and he could start it properly. He did not look like someone new to driving.
“Yes, I usually drive a BMW,” Chuck said.
After sensing suspicion in Yvette’s gaze, Chuck coughed before saying, “It’s Zelda’s. I have driven her car a few times, so I’m quite accustomed to it.”
“Well, why do you have to drive her car?” The doubt on Yvette’s face disappeared.
“Urn, it’s fun. Practice makes perfect, right?” Chuck could only come up with eason.
“Okay, but I also have a car,” Yvette said frigidly.
Her abrupt change of tone confused Chuck. What did she mean? Did Yvette just implore that he could drive her car? Chuck was at a loss for words. After all, he hasn’t done it before, mainly because it embarrassed him. Suddenly she showed a willingness to lend him her car?
“Is her car better than mine?” Yvette asked, studying Chuck’s reaction.
“No, hers is a Land Rover,” Chuck said. Suddenly, he could see little daggers shooting right out of Yvette’s eyes.
“Then you drive her car. Get out of mine.” Chuck’s reply made Yvette fuming mad.
“No, you don’t get it. Zelda’s car is too bulky, though spacious and fuel-efficient. But it’s not as easy to drive as yours. This vehicle is compact, flexible, and boasts of a great top speed.”
“Her car is enormous, while mine is small. Just tell me that my car is not good enough!”
“Her car is so expensive, so it’s more luxurious. No, it’s much more striking, it has more driving pleasure.”
Chuck tried his best to explain to Yvette, but the more she listened, the more irritated she became. In the end, Yvette stopped talking and kept a sharp face. A silent and bitter war descended between them.
After reaching the place where Yvette lived, she stormed out of the car anlammed the door. Chuck pursued her and tried to calm her nerves. “Yvette, please don’t be mad.”
“Why would I? She has a solid car, and I’m not diligent enough to afford one.” Yvette said without even looking back.
Chuck got in front of her and said, “That’s not what I meant.”
Yvette gave Chuck a hard stare and marched away without saying a word.
“Hey, here’s your car key.”
“You use it to drive yourself home.”
Yvette stopped on her tracks, turned around, and walked towards him. There was a raging fire burning in her eyes, and Chuck felt bad looking at her in that state. Yvette snatched away the key from Chuck and hissed, “Go drive a fancy car. You can even drive behind Zelda’s wheels!”
After Yvette ended her ranting, she pressed a button going to her floor. When the doors opened, she stepped in silently.
Chuck felt helpless. Glancing at Yvette’s car, it was also a BMW. It was beautiful. Chuck sighed. Noticing that it was getting late already, he did not want to go back to school to drive his car again. He hailed a cab.
Watching through the window, Yvette saw Chuck leaving. She sighed softly. Did he take the taxi than drive my car back? Is my vehicle that awful? Is it so inconvenient compared to Zelda’s? The more Yvetthought about it, the more annoyed she grew. Sitting on the bed, Yvette suddenly realized why her heart was full of anger. Why should she be angry?
Chuck arrived home by commuting. When he got into the elevator, he turned on his mobile phone and found that Lara sent him a photo. Chuck clicked on it, and he nearly fainted!
Lara’s figure is smoking-hot.
She also wrote the caption, “Thank you, baller, for helping me out today.”
Lara did not reveal her face in the photo. However, even if the picture only showed part of her chin, Chuck could still determine that it was Lara. This picture made Chuck very aroused even though Yvette occupied his thoughts the whole night.
Looking at the image again made him feel very uneasy. Since Lara did not show her face, Chuck hesitated for a moment before replying, “You’re pretty, but why won’t you include your pretty face?”
Lara responded immediately with a few shy texts. Another reply came, “Baller, don’t tempt me. This is the most that I can show you. Am I attractive?”
“It’s okay, but it would be more appealing if you show your face.”
Chuck immediately transferred 10,000 dollars to Lara according to their agreement.
After collecting the money, Lara quickly returned, “Thank you, baller. I will return the funds to you a month later.”
“Don’t worry, there’s no need to hurry. Please show me your face. I want to see it.” Chuck replied.
Lara stopped sending any messages afterward which puzzled Chuck. Could it be that Lara snubbed him after receiving the payment? No, it shouldn’t be. Lara indeed loves money, but Chuck was still counting on her honesty.
Sure enough, a minute later, after a fierce conflict in her heart, Lara sent him icture. After Chuck opened it, he couldn’t stop grinning.

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