My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 732

“Master, here!” Betty said, pointing down. [Read Novels at]
It didn’t take long for the plane to fly, so Chuck was taken here for two or three hours.
“Where is this?” Chuck was not very clear. He was already out of Rice anyway.
“This is a small country, and it’s your young master…” Betty introduced.
Below this, Karen li has already spent money to buy everything. Although there is no such name as a king, Chuck is here and the prince here.
“My mother, bought this place?”
Chuck had heard that his mother had bought several small countries before.
“Yes, President Li bought it here ten years ago, and the ones below are yours, Master Bai,” Betty said.
Chuck couldn’t help but take a few more glances. My mother really had a vision. I bought it ten years ago.
“That was to stop at the airport. After that, young master, you need to find the doctor by yourself! Three days later, I came to pick you up.” Betty actually wanted to accompany Chuck.
However, everything below is by Chuck, so don’t worry about too much.
“This thing can prove your identity to the young master. When necessary, the president here will help the young master to solve all problems. There is a car outside the airport. This is the car key.” Bettyding urged.
“Well,” Chuck received the thing.
When excited, the plane has fallen.
Chuck carried his backpack down.
“Young Master.” Betty was worried.
“It’s okay, you can come and pick me up in three days…” Chuck had already ran out.
Bettymei looked worried and sighed, “Master…you must be careful…”
Betty stayed for a while, then flew back to the plane reluctantly.
Chuck got out of the airport and found the car that Betty said with the car key, which is an ordinary island car. Chuck came here and certainly didn’t want to be too flamboyant!
This car is just right!
Chuck drove to the place where the doctor lived.
Seeing the houses, roads, and even all lands on the street are their own, Chuckxin felt an indescribable feeling.
But now, this is not a time of crankiness. In fact, it is the same as visiting your own square.
When he arrived, Chuck took the time to find clues. The information given by Betty said that the doctor was too focused on research and development of medicine, so he was either at the company or at home.
I don’t have it at home, and I certainly don’t have it at the company. Otherwise, my mother wouldn’t say she was missing, so where would this doctor go?
Chuck searched for a long time in his house, and finally Huang Tian lived up to his heart, and found a clue.
The doctor hinted that he had developed a new medicine, but when he was discovered, he found a place to hide himself.
Otherwise, other people would arrest him, specializing in the production of this new medicine, he also had to hide for his own life.
However, instead of hiding, Chuck saw the doctor’s determination from this clue, and wanted to show off his determination with the person who took his new medicine!
Because this doctor knows that he has been hiding and has been escaping, this is endless, people will collapse sooner or later!
He chose a showdown!
Chuck also found out who the doctor was looking for. Chuck’s eyes flickered. After so long, did the doctor go to this person for a showdown?
Chuck came out of the doctor’s house when he thought about the problem.
Go directly to that person’s place and say hello, anyway, this place is all own, what are you afraid of? ?
Chuck drove past!

At the airport, a beautiful woman dragged her luggage and got out of the plane, and out of the plane. This beautiful woman has a beautiful temperament and a very good figure. When she came out of the airport, it attracted the attention of many men!
If Chuck is here, he will be surprised, because this beauty is Qian Yueying, the four big family in China, the Qian family.
Yes, she chose this place in order to expand her family business and grow her own family!
Rich product!
Suitable for opening a food company and then shipping to Huaxia for sale!
Qian Yueying got off the plane, she saw this place is good, and she was satisfied!
“Hi, beauty, do you want a car?” a man asked.
Qian Yueying came here for the first time because she took the initiative to propose it to the people in her family, so there was no one to meet her at all.
In fact, the reason why she came to this strange, unprecedented place, in addition to expanding the family business, there is another reason, that is to relax!
Why relax?
Because Chuck!
Qian Yueying herself admitted that she liked Chuck, but because of her status, she has been depressed for a while.
She went to Chuck’s hotel, Chuck’s square went to find Chuck, but she did not see Chuck, she also knew that Chuck went to the United States.
She actually wants to go, but she has no confidence.
Her choice of this place will make her forget Chuck and hope to be able to.
Because, she knew, it was impossible for herself and Chuck!
“Yes, take me here…” Qian Yueying dragged her luggage past.
This man stared at Qian Yueying’s perfect figure. He smiled in his heart. It was really superb. He had bad ideas in his heart.
“Okay, no problem, get in the car.” The man smiled and helped Qian Yueying carry the luggage.
Qian Yueying got on the bus.
The man drove Qian Yueying out of the airport. She didn’t know the road. She looked absently at the strange scenery outside the window.
It’s beautiful, I hope it can be useful.
Qian Yueying has been silent, she fell into memories, and when she woke up, it was because of a man’s laughter.
“Beauty, it’s here! Come to my house, look, I’m okay with you? Take you directly to my garage!”
The man’s saliva is coming out.
He has never been here, seeing such a beautiful Chinese woman, he must get Qian Yueying today! !
“Ah, let me go, let me go!” Qian Yueying was shocked. She didn’t expect the driver to do so.
The daylight days, she actually took herself home, mainly because Qian Yueying was stunned just now, she was completely not alert!
Qian Yueying’s face was scared, she opened the door frantically, but the door was locked, and the man crawled from the front, his face full of men’s smiles, “beauty, don’t struggle, this is my home, you call all No one knows,…”
Yes, no one really knows, his home is very remote, so he dare to do so!
In addition to Qian Yueying, there are a few people, he also succeeded before.
Bolder, not to mention that Qian Yueying’s figure is so good, so beautiful, he will not let go!
“Let me go, how much do you want, I will give you…” Qian Yueying fell into fear, how could this be? ?
“I don’t want your money, as long as you!!!” The man grinned and the devil’s claws stretched out…

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