My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 733

Qian Yueying was terrified, she kicked with her feet crazy! She is wearing high heels close to ten centimeters! !
Where the man was covering, his face was twisted to the extreme, “Ah!!!”
He is screaming!
She was about to faint. Qian Yueying was so scared. She was so scared that she didn’t have any weight at all. With all her strength, how could this poor man stand up? ?
“Ah, ah!”
The man screamed, and suddenly he was dying. His face and forehead were sweaty. The pain made him weak and almost died. [Read Novels at]
Qian Yueying was scared to the front, opened the door and ran out. She ran like crazy and was exhausted. She found a place to hide and the man did not chase him.
Qian Yueying sat on the ground breathlessly and rested. She suddenly found out that she didn’t take anything. She didn’t take her mobile phone, money or even luggage!
Nothing, no money!
What should I do? ?
She doesn’t know anyone at this place! !
Qian Yueying panicked, she wanted to go back and get something.
But afraid, afraid that the man would catch her, then she would not be able to escape again.
Others are kicked, how can they be kicked again?
Qian Yueying was afraid, she continued to run, and she was more and more confused, what should she do?
No money, no cell phone, nothing, I can’t go back, and I can’t contact my family.
Even if Qian Yueying was strong, she was almost insulted after the horror just now. She squatted down and shed tears…
A person was dazed in this strange place, Qian Yueying was at a loss, what should I do?
She thought of Chuck, but Chuck is now in the United States, and she can’t reach him.
Very disappointed and desperate! !
Qian Yueying packed her mood, many men were watching her, she was looking for a place to hide in fear, she had to find a way to save herself, but she was unfamiliar with her life, how to save herself?
She speaks fluent English, or else she would not come to such a place by herself, and she began to seek help from women and borrow women’s mobile phones.
But these people are unwilling, even if they are also women, they are unwilling.
Qian Yueying was standing in the corner of the street.
I don’t know how to continue. When she ran just now, she was exhausted, and now she was tired and hungry. She saw someone eating, she swallowed, and she didn’t have a penny in her hand.
“What’s wrong?” Suddenly, a voice sounded.
Qian Yueying looked up and saw a woman, this is a foreign woman.
Qian Yueying was surprised, “Can you help me? I just met a bad guy, he robbed me of everything…”
“No problem,” the woman smiled. “Hungry? Go to my house and help.”
Qian Yueying was hesitant, but the woman had a good face and a kind smile, so Qian Yueying believed, “Thank you, help me, I will thank you.”
“No, everyone is a woman, help should be,” the woman smiled kindly, “Here, oh, if you don’t mind, you can drink my bottle of water, I just drank…”
She handed over a bottle of water.
Qian Yueying was thirsty, she was busy opening the bottle to drink, the woman saw it, there was a casual smile on the corner of her mouth, “Hungry? My home is in front, you can come to my home…”
“Ok, thank you,” Qian Yueying was grateful, she was really thirsty and hungry.
She ran out of the remaining water in the bottle.
She followed the woman, crossed several streets, and came to the door of a big house. Qian Yueying was surprised, “Is this home?”
“Yes, it’s my home.”
“That house is very rich,” Qian Yueying said, this house is definitely not for ordinary people to live, indicating that this woman is a Baller.
Of course, Qian Yueying is not short of money. Her money family can be ranked among the top
100 in the world.
“No money at home?”
“A little.”
The woman laughed, “Then come in, my house is ready to cook,”
“Okay,” Qian Yueying followed.
Go in and the door will close.
Qian Yueying was shocked, “Can you turn on the light? It’s so dark.”
“No problem!” The woman turned on the light.
The room lit up suddenly, and Qian Yueying looked at it, “Is this home?”
“Also home, Huaxia women, I don’t know, are Huaxia women very popular in our place?” The woman sneered.
Qian Yueying was shocked! !
“What are you doing?” Qian Yueying feared, how could this be?
“What are you doing? Who is so beautiful, and has such a good figure? I sold it for at least a few million dollars. In my eyes, it’s dollars!” The woman laughed.
Qian Yueying ran in fear, but felt dizzy and had no energy at all. She fell to the ground and thought of the water just now. For a moment, there was no trace of blood on her face, and she begged, “No, let me go, I will give the money, I will give tens of millions of dollars!!”
“There is so much money? I didn’t see it. I stayed here obediently. I found a buyer…” The woman sneered.
Qian Yueying screamed in fear, and the women all came to the door, and then turned back, slapped on Qian Yueying’s face, “Shut up and hear??”
Qian Yueying was in fear and her tears came out. What was despair again? !
“I’m looking for a buyer, I should thank me for it!” The woman smiled and opened the door.
Qian Yueying couldn’t move, and her body became weaker and weaker. She closed her eyes with fear…

Chuck drove to that person’s place. How to say, this person, looking at it is not doing serious business, is a particularly luxurious hotel.
“Hey, this garbage truck, can’t go in?!” The security guard at the door scolded!
There are all kinds of luxury cars parked inside. How can these tens of thousands of cars go inside? ?
Simply downgraded the hotel!
Chuck looked at him. There were US dollars in the car. He lost a stack of US dollars and went out. The security guard immediately changed his face. “Boss, boss, please!”
The security guard Zizi picked up the US dollar and returned it to Chuck, who drove in.
It’s true that there are all kinds of luxury cars inside. It’s too out of place to drive in this car, but there is no way to do it. You have to come in. I don’t know if the doctor is showing off with that person in the hotel.
“Boss, if it’s not a woman? Let me introduce a few.” The security guard lowered his voice. This is not a serious matter.
“No,” Chuck shook his head.
“Hey, boss, don’t go, the Americans, the Chinese ones,” the security guard pulled Chuck, showing an understanding expression.
Chuck was stunned, “Have you all in China?”

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