My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 738

“What is he holding in his pocket?”
“What kind of weapon might it be, surrounded by so many mercenaries, it must be desperate!”
“It’s useless to get anything out of this situation.”
The guests of the hotel are talking!
What do they think Zhang Ze can take in his pocket? Isn’t it a gun? bomb?
But this is surrounded by hundreds of powerful mercenaries. These things are useless. Just kill a few people. Can a hundred people kill them?
It is simply impossible to change the result!
It can be said that it is useless to take anything, the result is a death! !
The mercenaries on the scene approached step by step. The death of the wild wolf and the death of the boss’s scarred face made them extremely angry! !
Now, they only want one thing, which is to kill Chuck!
Revenge for your boss!
Pressing step by step, this is a terrifying momentum!
Chuck’s face did not change color, and took out a brand from his pocket.
“Which one of you is the biggest besides this scar face? Come here!” Chuck said coldly.
He clearly did not have a loud voice, but there was an inexplicable majesty!
These hundreds of mercenaries looked at each other!
He is just a Chinese, why is this so? Majestic?
Where does the majesty come from?
They thought they felt wrong, but they did.
“Huh, what did you bring out?” There was a bald mercenary who sneered.
Scarface is dead, he is the biggest!
What is this? He has not seen it!
“This is the same thing that makes you obedient!” Chuck stepped forward.
“What did he say? This brand made these mercenaries obedient?”
“Is he scared?”
“It must be that it is not ancient now, what token do you still play? Posing, alas, I just regretted him just now, and felt that he was a pity to die, thinking that he would die generously, even if he was a man, he didn’t expect the courage to be So small, in order to live, actually said such a thing, alas, disappointed!…”
The onlookers denied shaking their heads, thinking that Chuck was scared and stupid, and acted as a fool, a liar, and wanted to get through? ?
But it is impossible!
No one on the scene is a fool!
“Haha! What are you talking about?” The bald man laughed more than once!
“I said, this thing can make you obedient!” Chuck repeated.
Faced with the gaze of hundreds of people, he was indifferent to the extreme!
“Ridiculous! What you do now is useless, nothing is useless, you are going to die!”
The bald head is close, all the other mercenaries are close, and the momentum is amazing!
“Really? My thing is my mother’s. You should not know that this place was bought by my mother. It was bought very early!” Chuck’s eyes flickered!
“Haha, this man is crazy, crazy, this hotel is owned by the owner of William! Is the man male, or your mother? Before bragging, would you ask your sex first? Haha, I’m going to laugh to death!!”
A laugh came out immediately, all the onlookers were laughing, coaxing and laughing!
They already fully believed that Chuck could speak everything under this siege, nonsense, and nonsense! !
The bald man smiled and ridiculed, “Oh, your mother is so powerful? Why haven’t I heard of it?”
“Because your level is too low, you can’t touch some things. I told him the scar face just now, and he understands it,” Chuck said coldly.
“Really? You’re teasing me! It’s useless, I’m counting you giving up, you must die today!”
Bald men approached, hundreds of mercenaries approached with ridicule! ?
Chuck shook his head. These people are really too low-level. I don’t know that all of them were bought by my mom. It’s also normal.
Chuck saw a phone number on the sign. He took out his phone and dialed, “I’m in a hotel in your place, come and find me!!!”
After talking, Chuck hung up!
“Are you calling someone?” The bald sneer sneered, “Who is it?”
“Call you the biggest person here, understand? He is qualified to know who I am!” Chuck is extremely ordinary!
“What are you talking nonsense about? I can’t stand it anymore, give it to me, I’m going to watch him die!!!” Bald man exasperated!
Hundreds of mercenaries all gathered around!
“I think who dares!!”
This is a low growl!
Deafening, with indescribable majesty!
As soon as the sound came out, the hotel lobby was dead and silent!
This voice sounded in everyone’s ears at the scene, shocking them subconsciously trembling!
“What’s going on? Why is his voice so loud?”
“After I heard it, I was a little scared…”
The mercenaries looked at each other again, and Chuck’s roar scared them.
“What are you still doing for a while? Go on, give it to me!” The bald man shouted!
“Something I don’t know!” Chuck approached step by step!
In the face of hundreds of mercenaries, there is no fear at all. One person’s aura actually overwhelms hundreds of mercenaries!
Everyone is incredible! I felt a little breathless. At this moment, I dare not look at Chuck! !
Chuck is the king at this moment!
One sentence can determine the king of life and death here!
The bald man was also shocked. Chuck’s majesty was much larger than his boss’s scarred face.
Would he really buy this here, son of the big boss?
“I will give you a chance to retreat! Or then you will be conceited!?” Chuck said coldly.
Even if he didn’t take out the brand, he didn’t have to worry about anything, because there were still several powerful small bombs in Chuck’s hands that threw the bomb into the crowd. No matter how powerful these mercenaries were, only one died!
But Chuck felt that it was not good to kill too many people. After all, this is also the place where my mom bought it. Don’t cause too much confusion!
Take out the token and let the biggest person here come, this is the best solution!
“You!” The bald man actually had fear, what’s going on? This is just a Chinese!
Was he scared twice when he was actually scared? ?
The bald man is annoyed, “You don’t have to delay time, it’s useless to call anyone, because you are going to die!”
The bald man rushed over, he wanted to establish majesty! why?
Scarface is dead, he is the boss!
But suddenly, with a bang, a car hit from the outside, everyone was shocked, and saw it!
A car hit the door of the hotel and hurried down a gray-haired old foreign man.
“this is??”
Some people recognized that this old foreign man is the real biggest person in this small place!
He manages here!
Everyone was shocked and surprised. Why would he come here?
However, he rushed in and hurried over the crowd, before reaching a man, bowing his head politely, “Master!”

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