My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 737

There is no sound here! !
Everyone knows that this is a battle without suspense!
The scar face is strong and strong!
In terms of height, size, strength, and momentum, this Chinese person has been crushed!
Chuck cannot win!
At most, Chuck will become a toy for scar face, plaything!
“Three strokes, this Chinese must die!”
“I don’t see it. The boss’s strength is enough to kill him with one punch!”
The men with scarred faces are lazy, but they are excited to talk!
Chuck can’t resist a few moves, but his boss can shoot!
Seen this way, this Chuck is not useless! !
Seeing each other!
The two are close!
There is still blood in the dagger in Chuck’s hands!
After three seconds of silence like death!
The atmosphere was ignited by the scary smile on the scarred face!
“You are a trash in my eyes! Okay, I will clear your trash today!”
The fist on the scarred face was clenched, and he punched it out, coming with terror! !
You can bomb him with one punch!
Smash his head!
“Wow, what a terrible punch, I suspect this punch can kill a cow!” One of the guests marveled!
So horrible, they were completely scared.
Faced with this punch, Chuck was expressionless and never returned!
Indeed, Chuck does not deny that the power of this punch is great, but the fighting strength is important, as are the attack skills and speed! !
In the moment when the scar face is shot!
Chuck has actually shot!
He shoots a dagger!
The dagger that Alice gave was sharp, the scar face twitched, and the human body, no matter how hard it was, could not resist the sharp dagger!
The scarred face sneered and gave up the punch of the attack to escape! but! !
The moment he gave up, Chuck had jumped up and kicked out!
Peng, Peng, Peng! !
What is this sound?
The whole audience was in an uproar!
Step by step, the scaly scars of the cow’s face and feet are treading on the ground, staggering, living and then retreating, being retreated!
“What? The boss backed away? How is it possible!”
In an instant, the audience was incredible voice!
Some people wiped their tears and thought they were wrong! but none!
The scarred face stood steadily, and then retired?
Chuckfei kicked out. When he landed, he had already picked up the dagger and shot it again!
Hide the scar face again! boom!
Another kick!
Staggering, the scar face was kicked, hit with a bang, hit a table, the things on the table, spilled all over the floor!
“Boss, he was kicked again…what’s going on?”
At a loss, everyone’s face appeared under the scar face.
Can’t understand!
Shouldn’t he just kill Chuck with a punch?
Why is this still the case!
“Ah! You are dead!”
The voice of doubt angered the scar face!
He did not expect that Chuck would attack like this!
He only has defense!
I did not expect that Chuck’s foot would be so heavy!
He only has a backslide! boom!
With huge anger, the scar face truck rushed over like a truck!
However, it is an incredible scene!
“Are you a cow? Crashed?” Chuck was indifferent!
The mother said, fighting skills are too important.
Preemptive, this is Chuck’s way to deal with this strong man!
Chuck’s dagger is shaking, what if the fist with scar face is so powerful?
The sharp feeling, scared face scared!
This is a punch!
Chuck punched the scarred belly with a punch!
Scarface was shocked, his muscles had undergone countless training, and he could already bear a punch of great strength! but. Now Chuck’s punch made him feel pain! why? He doesn’t understand!
Karen li taught Chuck, where is the most painful part of hitting and hitting, killing as much as possible with killing!
Now, Chuck’s fist is hitting the most painful part of a man’s stomach!
The scarred face was shocked and the pain of tearing made him unbelievable! boom!
Another kick!
Scar face back, back, back…boom!
The scarred face hit a table and fell to the ground in distress!
The same silence as the whole audience! !
No one spoke, because everything was shocked!
This is the perfect anti-kill, and they have served as witnesses of this anti-kill!
“Ah!” Scar scared with rage!
Suddenly, when he got up, he saw Chuck waving at himself, and he was stunned!
A tingle appeared!
He was dumbfounded and looked down. There was something on his chest. It was a dagger, and blood was flowing…
A dagger actually stuck in his chest? ?
Scarface was shocked to fear, and death was drowning him!
Chuck came, “You look at me too small, fight me with bare hands!”
Chuck grabbed the dagger and pleaded with scars, his face pale, “No, please don’t pull the dagger out…”
If you pull it out, he will definitely die!
There is no sound here, everyone is shocked to the extreme!
Chuck’s scar face should be beaten with a punch, less than a minute later, retreating one after another, falling one after another, now. Actually begged, scarred face is dying…
No one expected that this would be the case!
“I said, I will let you know what you did wrong,” Chuck was indifferent.
“Don’t.” Scarface fell into fear!
How did he think he was so vulnerable, he regretted that he should take out his weapon, and even more unexpectedly, how could Chuck’s dagger be so sharp? Will be shot through wearing body armor? ?
“I tell you, this place is mine, you know?” Chuck said.
Scarface shocked, “What are you talking about?”
“Don’t understand yet? Since you are the boss here, you don’t know, this place has been bought?”
“Are you?” At this moment, the shock of the scar face was like a mountain! !
“My mom bought it, so you know what you did wrong now? Go for it!”
Chuck drew his dagger!
Scarface fell into fear and regret, what did he do?
But it’s useless, the heart is spurting blood, and he falls to the ground!
The pungent bloody smell made everyone feel refreshed, slowly…
All talents realize that this battle is over, and the result is beyond everyone’s expectations!
“The boss is dead? The boss is dead!”
“Impossible, how could the boss die?”
“Damn, he killed the boss. Let’s go together and kill him to avenge the boss!”
Hundreds of mercenaries wake up! They were extremely angry! Your boss actually died?
All the people gathered around, Chuck must die!
The hotel guests are at a loss, this Chinese person actually killed such a strong scar face? ?
This is a kind of siege, the anger of hundreds of mercenaries, the average person has been scared for a long time, but Chuck is unimpressed, not afraid, and does not change his face!
Because Chuck took something out of his pocket! !

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