My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 742

Chuck didn’t need to stay here because Betty was almost there.
“Take good care of her, her body and psychology have been greatly hurt,” Chuck also wondered, why Qian Yueying is a good Huaxia, do you have to come here? ?
“Yes, Master!” The woman nodded. She took care of Qian Yueying so deliberately to Chuck.
She was strange, but she didn’t dare to ask.
“Okay, I’m gone. She has everything she needs to meet her. She may come here to have any projects, arrangements, what she does, all arrangements, but don’t let her know that it is me,”
Chuck dropped this sentence. Then, he has gone out.
Now drive to the airport. When you get to the airport, you should be able to meet Betty. Hurry back and let the black rose wake up!
“Yes! Master, go slowly!”
Chuck left, and the woman’s heart throbbed. Chuck’s everything in the hotel lobby just now, she as a hotel employee, but all in her eyes!
Domineering, she as a woman could not bear the heart, but Chuck did not pay too much attention to her throughout.
She felt sorry.
I also envy Qian Yueying inside, but he was so spoiled by the young master!
She went downstairs, but Qian Yueying ran out, “That man, that man? That man…”
“I said I left long ago.” The woman shook her head.
“No, the person who let me talk to me just now, I feel very familiar with his voice, it’s Zhang…”
Qian Yueying was very shy and lost.
She was unconscious just now, but when she eased her mind, she remembered it and recognized it. The voice just now looked like Chuck!
But why did Chuck leave? She understood that because of the confession in her heart, she thought she was going to die, and she said it.
Chuck was not interested in himself, and of course he would avoid it silently when he heard it.
This was a silent rejection!
“Chuck, was that person just a young boy in his 20s with a good figure?” Qian Yueying was extremely nervous, hoping to be Chuck, but not.
The woman was stunned, she knew?
So Master left on purpose? ?
Qian Yueying saw this expression, “Is he right?”
The woman wanted to nod and say yes, thinking of Chuck’s instructions when she left, she shook her head and denied, “Miss is not. It’s not what you describe, he is fatter and older…”
“Fool me, his voice is obviously very young! Absolutely what I said, lie to me!” Qian Yueying was miserable!
Chuck saved me and gave me a new life, but silently rejected me. .
“Really not!” The woman was speechless.
Qian Yueying was in tears, it was really pitiful!
All of her women wanted to say comfort, but they couldn’t say it, the young master had commanded it.
“Yes, that is!”
Qian Yueying ran back to the room, because her body’s medicinal properties had not been relieved, she fell, her leg broke, and the woman rushed to help.
Qian Yueying bit her lip and climbed up to return to the room.
Shiver took out the phone and found Chuck’s number.
She dialed it. beep……
These few seconds seem to have passed a century!
Finally connected, “Hey…”
Chuck arrived at the airport and had to answer it. Anyway, he didn’t admit it.
“Well, something?” Chuck asked briefly.
Qian Yueying’s tears came out with exactly the same voice. It was really Chuck who saved herself just now. The only thing she couldn’t understand now was, how did Chuck come here? ?
“I was saved by one person, and I want to thank him.”
“Well, thank you.”
“But he left,”
“Oh, maybe he doesn’t want to be thankful…”
Chuck paused for three seconds, and Qian Yueying was also a smart woman.
He knew that the person just now was him.
“I know that there is a big gap between me and this person. I am divorced and have children, and he is young… I know, but, I feel that I can’t control this kind of thing,” said Qian Yueying, crying More.
Chuck also heard the tears on the floor, he sighed, “Maybe he doesn’t mind these, but he didn’t think about it in this respect, so…”
“I know, but I waited for him, this time he saved me, and I fell down on him…”
Yes, Qian Yueying’s loss is very painful, but she decides that even if Chuck doesn’t like her, she won’t like other people.
“No need to do this.”
“Yes,” Qian Yueying cried, her voice firm! !
Chuck has nothing to say, remembering that she didn’t do anything to Qian Yueying, how could she? ?
Thinking about this now, it is obviously too late. Things have reached the point where they are now.
“You’re still young, don’t…”
“I’m twenty-nine, I’m not young anymore, and I’ll be like that in my whole life. It’s better to guard my body, I’m sorry, and say that, goodbye!”
The phone hung up here, Qian Yueying has already cried into tears…
Chuck was silent for three seconds and all he could do was sigh.
Qian Yueying is perfect, she is beautiful, and she has a good figure, but Chuck did not have any ideas for her. If there is, then she can get her when the Qian family is almost gone.
It won’t be there now, nor will it be in the future.
Chuck regrets Qian Yueying, she is still young, there is no need to be so extreme!
If I meet you next time, I’ll be open-minded and say that I’m only twenty-nine years old, and I still have a lot of youth. After all, a woman like Qian Yueying will benefit from maintenance, even if she is in her forties. Charm!
Ugh! !
Betty came by plane and Chuck put away his emotions.
Betty got off the plane, “Have you got the medicine?”
To be honest, Betty was surprised, how long has it been since? Less than a day later, Chuck got the medicine, which is not something that ordinary people can do! The speed is too fast! !
“Yes, let’s go back,” Chuck couldn’t wait to get on the plane.
Bettysong breath, I really got it, then the black rose may wake up!
Betty went to fly the plane.
At this time, Chuck’s cell phone rang. He saw that it was Qian Yueying who lived in the hotel.
“Master, she is crying all the time, what am I going to do?” The woman was helpless, and Qian Yueying was crying in the room with her heart broken.
“Let her cry well, she will be fine after crying.” Chuck didn’t say much.
You can accept it when you cry.
Betty was stunned. Who made this cry? ?
Not much to ask, the plane went to the country of the United States!
“Miss, don’t cry. Is there anything you can’t let go of?” The woman comforted Qian Yueying here.
As a woman, she can’t stand it anymore.
“He rejected me…” Qian Yueying was pitiful, and the woman sighed. It turned out that this was the case. She understood why Chuck left directly. It turned out to be this way!
This Chinese woman likes Young Master, but Young Master doesn’t like her.

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