My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 761

“Her husband, you scared me to death,” Yvette hugged Chuck. [Read Novels at]
Chuck also hugged her and asked what happened to Youjia? !
Yvette said all, Chuck was stunned.
Unexpectedly, my mother can be profited by the fisherman, this tour ten articles, because that shot, the change is too big.
“But, I didn’t shoot that shot,” Chuck sighed. what is this? ?
Jumping into the Yellow River is unclear.
“No? That gun?”
Yvette didn’t think so, but how could he lose his sniper’s gun? !
Chuck said all the things, Yvette must believe Chuck, then what is this!
Was it intentionally framed, or was it unintentional? !
At this time, You Shiwen hated herself so much. Now that she has taken the position of the head of the Youjia family, she will be busy from today! !
At this moment, perhaps You Tianle has arrived at Youjia, so how should You Shiwen face You Tianle? ?
Worry, Chuck is still worried about You Shiwen!
Alas, I don’t know if the misunderstanding between you and You Shiwen can be solved.
If they can, the two are reconciled.
But if not? ?
Then there is only one result, endlessly! !
After a while, the mother took Emily out and everyone boarded the plane together.
In this case, medical facilities on the plane must be used.
The surgery to give Emily a tongue as soon as possible, this kind of precision surgery, is a careful Karen li’s thing.
Everyone got on the plane together!
Karen li seems to have discovered something.
He glanced at a place and asked Logan to fly off the plane.
Karen li withdrew his gaze and operated on Emily.
“Mom, what did you just watch?” Chuck asked.
Karen li sighed, “You!”
She didn’t say much, give Emily an operation! ! This operation is very difficult.
Chuck was watching, Alice and Yvette were watching.
Yvette took it seriously, she wanted to learn it.
Seeing Chuck and Yvette’s Lang Cai female appearance, Alice was sad, she sighed in her heart…

“Why does this make sense, Karen li is one step ahead of it, how does it make sense!!”
Here, Wan Ziwen was annoyed on a large stealth plane.
The flight speed was very fast just now, but Karen li finally came over first in the end!
“Miss is angry, isn’t Chuck alive?” The man was careful.
“It’s good to be alive, but?” Wan Ziwen calmed down.
She was also at ease, came to save Chuck not to hope that he was safe?
Chuck is now safe, should he?
Wan Ziwen is uncomfortable and should save Chuck himself.
Just take Chuck away! !
After being angry for a long time, Wan Ziwen snorted calmly and resumed his laziness.
“Chuck, Chuck, don’t die, I won’t allow you to die…”
The man was careful not to speak.
At this time, is it not touching the mold?
He did not dare!
“Karen li can come over so quickly, so it should be almost what I expected…”
“Miss, do you mean?” the man asked cautiously.
He couldn’t understand Wan Ziwen’s thoughts more and more.
“You Shiwen is quite smart. In this case, it’s me. I will be the first to think of using it and taking advantage of Karen li’s ability…Now, You Shiwen makes good use of it, and Karen li has become one of her chess pieces. “Wan Ziwen was interested.
You Shiwen can go with her thoughts, which means that she really has the strength to play with herself.
The man was shocked, he understood Wan Ziwen’s meaning, You Shiwen could actually do this? !
“At this time, You Tianle should have arrived at You’s house. It depends on how You Shiwen handled this matter. It should be…” Wan Ziwen smiled.
Obviously, You Tian Le Club is the loser!
She didn’t like You Tianle from beginning to end.
“It’s a bit interesting,” Wan Ziwen lazy, “Go back!”
The man instructed the man in the plane to turn around.
The stealth plane began to fly back.
“Chuck must have been seriously injured this time. He delivered the medicine and the best medicine.” Wan Ziwen ordered.
“You Shiwen became the head of the family, and then the good drama started. You Shiwen misunderstood Chuck. She will definitely deal with Chuck. She will deal with it. I came out at the most critical time, Chuck. Will definitely be moved…”
She said, she smiled, but after a while, she was worried and sighed absently, “Chuck, I miss you a little…”

Youjia! !
The children and grandchildren of Youjia are waiting for the arrival of a person!
This Yu Tianle that killed Grandpa!
You Shiwen was majestic, and suddenly, her brow furrowed, and she walked in front of You Tianle’s dad, kicking with one foot, click! !
Three ribs are broken!
You Tianle screamed his dad!
You Shiwen took out her cell phone and dialed You Tianle for ten seconds and answered.
“According to your distance, you should be here, haven’t you come yet, are you afraid?”
The ironic voice of You Shiwen resounded in this Youjia hall! !
This is the majesty of the head of the household!
The children and grandchildren of the Youjia family heard clearly.
“Dare not come?”
“I guess he didn’t dare to kill his grandfather in order to be the head of the house. It’s almost heartbroken!”
“I definitely want to watch him die! Revenge for Grandpa!”
The children of Youjia said cruelly.
Ten kilometers outside the home! !
You Tianle sat on the plane, yes, when he was angry, he vowed to kill You Shiwen!
Dare to take your place?
Damn it!
However, his anger was awake by reality, so he could live alive when he returned so hurriedly?
Where there is life, there is hope!
He chose to retreat, regroup his strength, and find a chance to kill Shiwen by surprise!
Everybody in the bodyguard on the plane looks the same.
They are in a mixed mood!
Who did you follow? ?
“By the way, I will not come, not today!” You Tianle was extremely angry!
He can’t wait to kill You Shiwen!
“I will find you!”
“You come, I will go to a place you can’t think of, don’t you want to find me!” You Tianle laughed!
“From today, you are no longer a descendant of the Youjia family. I will take back everything you have, because I am the owner of the Youjia family!” You Shiwen said one by one!
Your children and grandchildren are shocked!
There is so much gas, that You Tianle didn’t come, she was absolutely guilty!
You Tianle’s dad paled, “Son, do you care about your dad?”
“I’ll take it back,” You Tianle was horrid!
“Ok, I will wait for you!”
You Shiwen hung up the phone, “Go! Ten kilometers to the east, tell someone to fly out and chase!”
“Is the owner!!!”
Someone ran out.
You Shiwen stepped forward and was striking. “From today, I am the owner of the Youjia family!”

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