My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 762

None of the descendants of the Youjia objected, and all looked respectful to the extreme!
They are not fools, and it feels that this You Shi Wen Qi Field is different from the tyrannical You Tianle. !
Youjia will improve one step from today!
Facing the conviction of the descendants of Youjia, You Shiwen had no mood swings, and even no other expressions. [Read Novels at]
This was hers originally, and now she was just right, and got it back.
“Tianle, Tianle, what should I do with your father?” You Tianle’s father fell into despair.
You Shiwen stared at him coldly, “Bring him out!”
“kill him!”
“Yes, he is the accomplice to kill grandpa, must kill him!”
Children and grandchildren, they are very angry! !
The anger was too great.
Youjia’s bodyguard came and lifted You Tianle’s dad up.
“No, master, spare me!” he begged.
At this time, You Tianle gave up on him, and he really regretted giving birth to You Tianle at that time!
Sure enough, what is Dad who can kill even Grandpa? ?
“Bring it out! Solve!” You Shiwen is indifferent!
The majesty of the wandering house must be established!
You Tianle’s dad begs!
“Starting today, whoever dares to do something sorry for the homeless, like him, die!!”
You Shiwen said coldly.
Her majesty made your children and grandchildren feel that the winter was coming and the air was a bit cold.
No one dares to speak!
“Also, starting today, I will redesign the entire traveler’s structure! You must be prepared!”
You Shiwen continued.
Karen li can break in, indicating that the current pattern is full of loopholes! !
Children and grandchildren have no opinions.
All of them were really scared today.
Suddenly someone broke in and pointed a gun at them!
This is really scary!
It must be reinforced again, everyone can come in, what is this hidden family?
“You can go down and rest,” You Shiwen said.
Children and grandchildren spread out! !
An old man came in. This is the bar owner who helped Shiwen.
It is also the only person you Shiwen believes in now!
“Homeowner!” The old man bowed his head.
“No need,”
“Yes, the owner’s aura is much stronger than the previous owner.” The old man said with a bow.
You Tianle is the head of the house, which is frightening, and You Shiwen is different, and the children and grandchildren are convinced. This is the difference.
“Then, Master, what are your plans now!”
The old man asked.
He believes that You Shiwen can lead Youjia beyond 10,000!
Become the true first family in the world!
All this, rely on You Shiwen! !
“A lot of things to do, but you, I want you, pay close attention to the news of Chuck, Karen li, I want to know all their movements!” You Shiwen was indifferent to the extreme.
This shot, You Shiwen’s memory is still fresh! ?
“Yes? That owner is going to deal with Chuck, Karen li?” the old man asked.
“Yes! Now I will play with them both!” You Shiwen’s beauty is really beautiful, but at the moment, there is only the cold killing!
This cold, right is Chuck!
“Chuck, I want you to regret shooting me!!” You Shiwen said coldly.
The old man was trembling and too cold. You Shiwen was murderous at the moment!
The phone rang.
You Shiwen answered, this is from Wan Ziwen.
“It’s not bad, you are in the position of homeowner, I congratulate you!”
“Nothing to congratulate,”
“Oh? Forget it, what I let you do, don’t forget it. I hate people forgetting what I said, don’t let me hate it!”
The phone hangs up!
“You asked me to force Chuck to ask you for help? I will, I will force him to regret everything he did!”
You Shiwen said coldly that at this moment, she was a piece of ice.
Once upon a time, she always couldn’t get rid of this Chuck who understood herself, but now, there is no saying that she can’t.
Because, that shot broke the unbearable heart of You Shiwen…

Emily’s surgery was particularly well done, but she has not awakened and fell into a coma.
After the operation, Karen li left and went to check the situation of your home.
This time she missed.
For so many years, for the first time, Karen li was thinking, sometimes, is he too soft-hearted? ?
A wry smile.
“Chuck, I have called to ask my sister to come, and I will take Emily back.” Alice was reluctant.
Her family is still there.
Just go back.
“Yeah, I’ll send you.” Chuck sent a gift also feel at ease.
“No, you are too close to me, they will find my relationship with you, don’t be like this.” Alice must be unbearable.
Chuck was silent for three seconds and finally sighed.
At this stage, some things are only in the dark.
This is unfair to Alice, but Chuck can’t do anything now.
“My sister is here, and I will take Emily away.” Alice’s sister came over. There were already professional people who took Emily to the plane.
“Goodbye, I, don’t regret what happened to you,” Alice’s eyes shed tears silently.
“me too.”
Alice left, Chuck stayed at the door for a long time, until the mother came to find herself.
Yvette and Logan are all there.
“You Shiwen has become the head of the family,” Karen li dignified!
What this means, Karen li knows better than anyone else.
In addition to silence, what can Chuck say? !
All of this was caused by him. Wouldn’t it be nice to kill You Shiwen then?
Nothing will happen now.
This is establishing a strong enemy for yourself!
I don’t know how You Shiwen will deal with himself!
Anyway, Chuck knew that the two were already hostile strangers.
“Mom, what now?” Chuck knew his pressure.
My mother has only developed for more than 20 years, and the secret family that has developed for thousands of years is still a big gap.
There is no way to do it.
“You Shiwen’s idea is completely different from that of You Tianle. She doesn’t play shady, but she will crush you with strength! So now, Ceer, I want you to quickly build your own strength, your own circle, Your own business empire!!!” Karen li is thinking twice!
This is the best way.
Chuck has business talents, maybe a short time, can make a lot of money? ?
With strength, you can fight side by side with Karen li!
“Well,” Chuck had long been thinking of building his own business empire.
I just came to the United States and have been busy. How can I have time!
The only project I did was the casino that my mom helped me!
You have to work harder!
Mom is so powerful, how can he be a poor son? ?
Logan and Yvette agreed.
Yvette has her family and is also in business. Logan is the same. She can help Chuck.
“But, where do you start?” Chuck asked his mother’s opinion, is it still rice, or… Huaxia?

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