My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 78

All of a sudden, the car became dead quiet. Chuck was a bit clueless. Why was Zelda looking at him like that?
Chuck wanted Zelda’s help so that she could speak to Yvette to get her to open up. He wanted Zelda to, from time to time, give Yvette some advice. And in the meantime, help him to ask Yvette what she thought of him.
The two of them had met over a meal and seemed to have had a good chat after all. Moreover, since they were both women and Zelda was a smart lady, it wouldn’t be too hard for her to ask thosuestions. Then it should be rather easy for Zelda to get the answer Chuck wants. Chuck wanted Zelda to help him out about Yvette, but Zelda seemed a bit confused.
She remained silent for a few seconds as if she was battling with herself internally. Eventually, she sighed and parked the car on the quiet roadside, and unfastened her seat belt.
Then she reached out her hand….
Chuck was absolutely stunned. What was she going to do? He was dumbfounded. Two minutes later.
Zelda pulled out a few tissue papers and did not say a word. Within twenty seconds, she wrapped the tissues in a plastic bag, stepped out of the car and threw the bag away. When she returned, she buckled up her seat belt and drove away slowly without saying a word.
Zelda didn’t say a word throughout the whole process, as if it didn’t happen. But what Chuck experienced earlier…was indescribable. Chuck lowered his head to look at his pants. He was stunned and suddenly felt embarrassed. He didn’t expect that Zelda would misunderstand what he meant and actually help him out with this ‘issue’. Besides, it all happened too fast. Would Zelda look down on him from now on?
Chuck was very confused and nervous. This was a man’s dignity after all. What sort of feelings did he really have for Zelda? Chuck couldn’t quite figure it out himself. In fact, the two times Chuck had kissed Zelda, he could still remember how it felt very clearly. And Chuck did dream of her later on. It was a vivid dream. When Chuck first saw Zelda, her ladylike charm attracted him completely. Chuck might have had some feelings for Zelda since. Besides, he had kissed her and touched her. Chuck had memorized those feelings. But did he really fancy her?
He was still confused. Anyway, the first thing that came to Chuck’s mind every night was Yvette. Chuck felt a little guilty with that thought. “Is this considered cheating?”
“Yep, absolutely.”
But for what just happened, it was impossible for Yvette to find out. Chuck would definitely not tell anyone, and Zelda, who was still remaining quiet, would definitely not tell either. Those two minutes from earlier had now become a secret between Chuck and Zelda only. And it was a secret that could never be shared.
However, when Chuck stole a glance at Zelda, he found that she was as calm as a millpond, as if nothing had happened at all. She was still driving, with a safe and stable speed. Chuck heaved a sigh of relief. Zelda must have just taken him as a younger brother, and she was just helping to solve the issue without much thought of it. After all, she was one who believed in remaining single.
When the car arrived at the residential neighbourhood, they got out of the car, entered the elevator, and came out together. No word was spoken throughout that whole process, it was extremely quiet. It was rather…..
Chuck couldn’t hold it any longer, “Sister Zelda, tomorrow….”
“Yea, I’ll call you tomorrow morning. I might have to bother you for another day, so please get some rest.” Zelda entered her home as she spoke.
Soon, Chuck heard the sound of the door opening and closing. Zelda has returned to her own home. Chuck was silent for a moment. He entered his own house and went in to take a good bath. He recalled that experience that Zelda gave him earlier. It was so incredible. He thought, “So am I considered as her ‘friend with benefits’ now?”
Chuck was a little anxious and nervous. After a long time of hesitation, he lays on his bed and went straight to sleep.
The night passed by in a blink. When Chuck got up in the morning, he still had to pretend to be Zelda’s boyfriend, at least until her mother had gone back. Since he didn’t have Yvette’s class today, and because of the fact that exams were approaching, there weren’t as many classes anymore. So he could still be hanging around for Zelda for another two days or so.
As he opened the door, Zelda was already waiting at the door. Why didn’t she jusnock? Zelda seemed to be on a holiday today, so she was dressed quite casually. A T-shirt plus some tight yoga pants showed off her perfect body. She had her hair tied up, and some light make it upon. Somehow she lost her mature ladylike look and transformed into a hip and fresh young graduate overnight!
Chuck was quite impressed, but he couldn’t help looking at the hand that Zelda used to “help” him in the car yesterday. Her gorgeous hand felt incredible!
“Sister Zelda,” Chuck called out.
“Yes.” Zelda pressed a button for the elevator. The two of them waited for the elevator. There was no change in her expression. She seemed to be acting like nothing had happened yesterday.
Chuck thought to himself, “If I tell her again tonight, Sister Zelda, can you help me out? What kind of reaction would she have? Would she help him without saying a word, just like last night?”
To be honest, Chuck was a little excited. They took the elevator and went to the parking lot. Then Chuck’s phone started ringing. He had a look at it. It was Yolanda calling and said that something was going on at the square. She wanted Chuck to go over and check it out.
Chuck hesitated for a moment since he was supposed to accompany Zelda. “Do you have something to do? Then just go ahead. I will bring my mother and aunties around today. You did a great job yesterday.” Zelda said as she saw Chuck’s hesitation.
Chuck thought for a moment. “Why don’t we have dinner together tonight?”
“Yea, anything would do.” Zelda agreed and asked Chuck where he was going. She could drive him there.
Chuck refused with a head shake since her mother was staying somewhere quite far away. There was no need for her to do that.
“Well, I’ll call you tonight then,” Zelda said.
“Sure.” Chuck went out straight away and halted a taxi to go to the plaza.
Zelda stood there silently and watched for a while and eventually drove away tetch her mother.
At Hill Hotel.
Manny and the ladies had already gotten up and left their room.
“Did you sleep well last night?”
“So-so. It’s a bit quiet to be so far away from the city. The air is better. Nothing too impressive. It’s not even convenient for some simple shopping.”
“Yeah, I think it’s not convenient to stay here too. It’s too remote, but the bed is quite soft. There is wi-fi here too, surprisingly. But there’s nothing else worth mentioning since it’s probably some of those rooms that cost less than a few hundred bucks per night. Cheap stuff!”
The two young ladies shook their heads as they spoke about their opinions towards the hotel. Neither of them approved of it. Manny felt it was quite acceptable on the contrary. It felt like returning to nature and she had gotten some proper sleep last night.
“We’ll go to the city later and have a good look around.”
“Yea, it’s too boring to be staying in places like this. I’ve been longing to go out.”
“Why don’t we have breakfast here? My daughter just called and said she’s almost here,” Manny suggested. She saw that there was a restaurant downstairs. It wasn’t too luxurious, but quite minimalist in fact. It was just breakfast so there was no need to be so picky.
“Forget it. I’m not going to have breakfast in a place like this. It’s so far away from everything else and I don’t think they would even have clean water. It’s all muddy water from the mountains. How do we eat food cooked like that? Our tummies will get upset.”
“I think it’s better to eat elsewhere. The food here would be terrible.”
The two women shook their heads, so Manny had no choice but to agree. The three of them went out to wait. Zelda arrived after a while. When Zelda was about to get out of the car, the two women shook their heads immediately and said, “No need to get off your car. Let’s go now.”
“There seems to be free breakfast provided here, why don’t…” Zelda said.
“How can we eat in such a place? Let’s go to the city and have a proper meal.” The two women said as they entered the car. Zelda was quite clueless about what to do. And then they finally realized something.
“Hey, Zelda, where’s your boyfriend?” Asked the woman with tight jeans.
Manny was wondering too, how come he was not here?
“He has something to do today, so he will join us at night,” Zelda said while reversing her car.
Those three women had a look at each other. Manny sat in the car. The two women were annoyed and muttered with disdain.
“Not coming? I was right yesterday, wasn’t I? He must be afraid that we would go to the hotel last night again, and since he couldn’t get another free meal from the hotel, he came out with some reasons not to come.”
“I think so too. We’ve already spent so much money yesterday. It’s impossible to get another free meal today. Being all so pretentious, did he think we really couldn’t tell?”

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