My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 797

Karen li is not sure about herself!
I will certainly die, because this is the process of birth and death.
But how to die, will it die under the wandering house, or under the ten thousand family!
For the first time, Karen li hesitated! !
You Shiwen’s growth is too big, and it is almost the same as that of Karen li. Karen li himself knows how terrifying this is!
In addition, the extremely clever Wan Ziwen’s eye-catching, moody, are a huge crisis.
Whether it can be solved, Karen li, who has always had a sixth sense, is also not sure this time.
She now only needs to make sure that Chuck is her only son. She wants to make sure that Chuck is old and not killed.
“Aunt Karen?”
Logan was shocked! !
But she knew that Karen li was always a person who was full of self-confidence, but not underestimated, so hesitant this time? !
Logan also understands that the power of the secret family is really unimaginable! !
Because of a secret family that has been developed for thousands of years, inherited for dozens of generations, and Karen li that has developed for more than 20 years, how big is the gap?
Everyone can see it!
If you let Karen li’s family pass on for thousands of years, and also pass on for dozens of generations, what else is there about the secret family? ?
It’s just that time doesn’t wait.
Where does Karen li have so much time to grow?
“Well, I know what I am doing, you go back to China first!” Karen li looked calm.
Logan was silent for three seconds, she was powerless and went to pack things away.
She knew that listening to Karen li’s words at the moment was the best.
Logan knew that Karen li was trying to gain more time for Chuck’s development. You Shiwen and Wan Ziwen were all aimed at Chuck!
After Logan left, Karen li calmed down. She called Betty, “Betty, go to my room at the Yeshi Hotel and take out the box under my bed! Give the contents to Ceer!”
“Mr. Li?” Betty did not know that Karen li still put something under the bed.
“I have a hunch that something is going to happen, so let Ceer go to the place where I learn to fight…” Karen li said.
“Can the young master bear it?”
“You can’t bear it either! From the beginning to the end, Wan Ziwen’s Wan Family hasn’t appeared any really powerful people! If the strongest of the Wan Family appears, this…”
Last time I fought against Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard. The man was not Karen li’s opponent, but Wanjia, as the world’s true first family, certainly had no hidden masters!
This kind of master, in the end what strength, Karen li has not met, she is not very clear!
It’s really time to turn your face!
If these people come to find Karen li, what fears does Karen li have?
At that time, Karen li may be excited to tell the truth, because she has not used her real strength for many years.
But if you go to Chuck?
How does Chuck resist now?
Don’t look at Wan Ziwen is very good to Chuck now, but Wan Ziwen’s kind of woman has too much control desire. Once Chuck touches her patience limit, then the next thing is that the world’s first family Wanjia’s Crazy revenge! !
How long does Wan Ziwen need to polish his patience, Karen li is also not sure!
But Karen li knows it soon!
“I get it, I will give it to the young master!” Betty will get it right away.
“Tell Ce’er that I went through fifteen days to pass the customs clearance. I hope that he, as my son, can have the same time as me. The specific time, Ce’er decides for himself, but the faster the better,” Karen li expects.
In addition to her own talents, Karen li’s strength today is also an important reason for her continuous learning.
Chuck went to school before, but that was just the foundation!
Now where Karen li lets Chuck go, that is the real devil training!
If you want to come out, it is difficult, not difficult! !
As long as it comes out, it is a super-class fighting master!
Real world fighting, Chuck can definitely rank high as soon as he comes out!
At that time, Karen li will be completely assured of Chuckche! !
“Cer, there are some things, I can’t help you, I still have to come by yourself, don’t let me down, Mom always believes you! If you can earn a few people inside, then…” Karen li’s eyes are full of arms Expectation and comfort…

“Master, this is what Mr. Li asked me to give you,” Betty found what Karen li said, it was a piece of jade.
There are two words “fighting” on it!
Chuck was stunned, “What is this?”
“This is similar to the school that the young master went to last time, but it is much better than the last school. President Li has also stayed there for a few days!” Betty didn’t know much.
Chuck suddenly realized that this is almost the same as the current college.
Chuck now has the basics of fighting, and then go to school for further study, it is indeed possible to make Chuck a new level of fighting strength in time!
“It turns out that my mother has also been there,” Chuck shrugged. “Where?”
“Master, you arrange the time, and when you are sure, I will take the master!” Betty said.
She knew that Chuck had his own plan recently.
This will have to wait until Chuckxin has no distractions to make progress even faster.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, “Well, I know.”
It’s only a few days to go, and I’ll come back to study. Then my strength should not be too much for my mother, right? ?
Chuck is also looking forward to it!
Among the people Chuck is now in contact with, his mother’s fighting strength is absolutely the first!
Youjia’s strongest bodyguard is not a mother’s opponent! !
However, as she saw Wan Ziwen for the first time, she said a sentence, if Wanjia’s bodyguards came out to rank, the mother could not even enter the top 100, how much water is there in this sentence?
Chuck is not clear at this stage.
But Chuck knows that since the Wan Family is the first family, among them, there must be too many Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and how many mothers can be ranked?
Can I go in?
Chuck didn’t know all this.
Only things you know, no matter how powerful others are, it is king to improve your strength! !
Therefore, where the mother suddenly let herself go, Chuck will definitely go!
“Then master, you set the time yourself. Just tell me when you go!” Betty left.
Chuck put away Yu Pei, this place, the average person certainly can not enter, this must be introduced by someone, this is the ravine?
After all, last time, but in the forest! !
When Chuck thought about this, Yolanda suddenly called and Chuck was taken aback.
“Chuck, where are you?”
“Murongqing is here,” Chuck and Murongqing were together last night, only Murongqing did his own thing in the morning.
“No, something happened!!!” Yolanda said.

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