My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 798

What happened? “Chuck was shocked!!
Yolanda’s ability is strong, there is absolutely no problem in handling things, and she will not call to say that something has happened until she can’t solve it.
Hit, then it means this matter is very serious! !
“Come here and say it again, the site, the phone, can’t tell clearly!” Yolanda said, she was panic!
Yolanda has always been calm! !
It must be something unexpected, and it is a big problem!
“Okay, I’ll come over immediately!” Chuck hangs up the phone and leaves the room, driving to the construction site.
This site, or the last time Chuck bought the land, visited it once.
In addition, there is no more!
Knowing that something went wrong in his place, Chuck drove at a fast speed. !
Driving to the construction site, Chuck found that many workers were surrounded by a place.
The construction period was half a year. This construction site already had a scale. It was not originally a high-rise building that was too high, so the construction period was not too long.
But something happened suddenly. Isn’t this a delay? ?
Chuck is speechless!
At the critical moment, what happened? ?
Chuck’s car stopped at the door and ran inside! !
But at this moment, there was a very harsh car chirping behind Chuck, and the same noise suddenly sounded!
Chuck, a master of fighting, feels that his ears are uncomfortable.
“Does her mother walk without looking at the road? Her eyes are on her buttocks?” A young man in a suit scolded Chuck on a BMW x6 car.
Chuck frowned, and it was indeed that he was blocking others’ way. This was his mistake. Chuck didn’t say anything and silently gave way.
“Go away! Then block Laozi again, and I will die!!”
The young man in a suit spit out of the car window and spit on Chuck’s shoes.
Chuck eyes cold! !
“It’s Chuck?” At this time, a surprised voice came from the co-pilot.
This voice Chuck felt so familiar.
He deliberately looked inside the car, it was a superb beauty.
Long hair, suspenders, charming collarbone!
Chuck remembers, this is Ma Fang, the class leader of his first day!
At this glance, Ma Fang was recognized, and Chuck also knew the suit young man.
At that time, Ma Fang was early and was chased by Song Tianhao, the rich second generation of the school, and he kissed Ma Fang in public. The school was well known at that time.
Unexpectedly, the two are still together, this is really true love!
Since then, Ma Fang’s strong squad leader has become the current top-notch beauty.
Maybe the relationship of love is too early, she is the same age as Chuck, but there is actually the charm of a young woman.
“Ma Fang.” Chuck looked at Ma Fang’s face and ignored the saliva on his shoes.
“Really, how has the change changed?? Why, not studying anymore? Dropped out of school and came out to work on site?” Ma Fang said with a smirk, with a mocking expression!
“I…” Chuck explained at random.
“Yes, right? At this time, the most famous hanging wire school in our school?”
Song Tianhao was surprised. He had seen Chuck before, just a quirky hanging wire, long and ugly, and dark skin.
I c, why is this kid handsome?
The aura is also different.
But what about being handsome? It must have been junior high school. I dropped out of school and broke into the society. I worked on the job site, made some money, and was willing to dress myself up, so it looked different.
But it is also a dry site!
“Yeah, really, why did he suddenly become so handsome?”
Ma Fang’s eyes were all bright.
She just thought she was wrong. Chuck at this time was different from studying.
At that time, Chuck was studying, and the cheap clothes on her body were too poor to die. Why would she not remember a class?
But Chuck is so handsome today?
Could it be that he has never seen him before?
Maybe, people in society will dress up a bit, but unfortunately it is just a dry site, moving bricks.
There’s nothing good about it, just a bit of money for exhaustion and hard work.
“Where is he handsome? Just like that.” Song Tianhao was upset. His girlfriend like a nympho is boasting that other men are handsome. He must be jealous.
“It’s true, Bai blinded him with this face, and the work site went to waste.”
Ma Fang shook his head, a little sorry.
“What does he do without work?” Song Tianhao laughed.
“I told you, this guy was terribly poor when he was studying. It seemed to be only 500 yuan per month for living expenses. Also, this guy had darkened me before.”
“Dark?” Song Tianhao was even more upset. “What are you staring at this kid?”
Ma Fang blushed into an apple. She didn’t think she was talking. She couldn’t help but look at Chuck. How could this guy change so much?
Ma Fang was unexpected.
Alas, secretly looking at Chuck’s somewhat handsome face, Ma Fang was thinking about a question. At first, he had to take the initiative, and I might agree to look at the handsome handsome man, but it’s a pity…
Sure enough, it was right to ignore it at that time, did you suffer with it?
Construction site!
“Nothing, Chuck, diligent or not, if the construction site is doing well, come to my husband’s construction company! Give a job opportunity!” Ma Fang said.
“No need! What are we doing here?” Chuck asked.
Lu Yuwen has always dealt with his construction site. Just now Ma Fang mentioned the construction company. Chuck suddenly realized that his construction site was contracted by Song Tianhao’s construction company? ?
Yes, otherwise what would he do to drive into the construction site?
That’s a coincidence.
“What’s the matter?” Song Tianhao was upset! !
His construction company contracted here, in order to meet the deadline and meet the needs of the boss. At that time, there were three workers on the top who did not wear a harness and fell down and died.
The dead on the construction site, serious, but to stop work.
This kind of thing, don’t let too many people know as well.
“Chuck, isn’t it on the job site? Don’t just go shopping!” Ma Fang also said coldly.
“Husband, let’s get off the bus and deal with it. If the boss of this project comes over, then there will be a problem,” Lu Yuwen has been in contact with them.
She also knows that Yolanda is a steward, but the real boss has never appeared here.
This construction site is very large, with billions of investment. That’s the big boss. Song Tianhao, the second generation of the rich, can’t compare.
The boss of this project should be angry, and it is possible to cancel Song Tianhao’s company.
That must have been a huge loss!
After all, it is their employees’ own problems.
They squeezed into the crowd. Chuck saw blood on the ground from the cracks of the crowd.
Chuck stunned and sighed, it turned out to be dead on the job site…

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