My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 804

“What is the entrance exam? First! Physical strength! Second, endurance, third, reaction!”
Liu Ge’s voice is loud!
He deserves to be a master of fighting, and his voice came out, and there was no sound at the scene! !
“It’s so loud and full of energy!”
“It really deserves to be a master of Wumen!!”
Someone at the scene was amazed!
The aura is very important. In a word, the scene is silent, and no one can do it. Product=Book/Web Many rich second generations on the scene, they are quiet.
How to say, they came here to improve themselves and learn to fight. Now they must not offend the examiner!
Chuck shrugged.
physical strength!
These are really one of the most basic criteria for learning to fight. Chuck knows it all!
At that time, long-distance running, I suggested three hours a day, and now the special metal ring on Chuck’s finger still weighs 20 kilograms! !
In other words, Chuck is training anytime, anywhere, he didn’t take it to sleep, and has been wearing it until now!
Chuck’s stamina, physical strength is nothing to say!
I’m used to carrying tens of kilograms on my body!
Chuck also thought about when to add another 20 kilograms to his body! !
This is the basic quality of human beings. Chuck’s fighting talent is very different, not to mention the responsiveness.
However, my mother said, do things in a low-key manner, Chuckhui will remember!
It is enough to be able to enter this Wumen, so Chuck intends to suppress his strength! !
“So, there is no need to talk nonsense, and I am too lazy to score three assessments, one time is enough. If anyone can stand under my students for a minute, they can enter Wumen! White Wolf, it’s up to you!” Liu Ge While talking, a burly man came up!
A fierce face!
People who came here looked at each other.
Liu Ge, Liu Li had already sat down with little interest and talked to each other. How many of them could be qualified through consultation?
Look at Liu Ge, up to five people!
It’s too bad!
“No way, the physical quality of the young people is so bad now, how was it like when we were?” Liu Li was speechless and she was also a master of fighting.
With her eyes, she swept away, and no one could let her see in her eyes.
There is no way.
“Are she all stunned? What did you do?” Liu Ge was angry!
“What, one minute? It’s too small to look at us, I’ll come first!” A young man with red hair came on the shoulder with disdain!
But he didn’t finish a word, and the white wolf looked indifferently, his fists burst out! !
The red-haired young man screamed, fell five meters, and passed out on the ground.
This time, everyone was shocked!
One person flies with one punch!
“Don’t come in this kind of garbage, waste my time, well, next!” White wolf clasped his hands with both hands.
No one dared to do it.
Some of them have learned fighting, but they are not as powerful as this white wolf!
I can’t even carry a fist, I can imagine how heavy this fist is! !
Chuck thoughtfully!
In his view, this Wumen’s attack is so different from his mother, Logan’s teaching!
It seems that my mother introduced it well, this place can learn something!
Then Chuck must go in!
“Is it all rubbish? No one dared to go?” said the white wolf.
Chuck looked at the left and looked again. When he wanted to play, someone went up and was a young man with muscles.
“I’m coming!” Young man he solemnly attacked first!
The white wolf is indifferent, “Trash!”
The young man was overwhelmed and was already hit with a punch! Like the red-haired young man just now, he fell to the ground and vomited blood and died.
“Ah, it’s terrifying. Why is Wumen’s assessment so strict? Who can enter! We can’t enter!”
“Yeah, no one of us can take this punch!”
the assessment for so many years, and has never seen such a young man on the scene who is not bloody? ?
Still nobody moved.
Chuck shrugged, forget it, he got better.
“I’m coming!!” Chuck strode forward!
“This kid is not afraid of death? Slap his face to be fat?”
“Sure, look at him like this, don’t say a punch, even half a punch can’t stand it! People, the most terrible thing is that there is no self-knowledge! Give up this kind of strength and forget it, what else?”
“He wants to die, what’s the matter with us? There are more such pens, can’t it consume White Wolf’s physical strength? When we get on, hehe…”
“High! I hope this pen will not let us down!”
They argued that Chuck felt bad.
“It’s him?” Liu Li was stunned.
The man who saved his grandfather yesterday, did he actually want to enter Wumen?
“This rubbish!” Liu Ge laughed and laughed, Chuck was rubbish in his eyes, “With the strength of the white wolf, it is enough to use 30% of the force!”
“Almost!” Liu Li is not optimistic about Chuck, even she hates Chuck.
Yesterday, Chuck was so rude to her, just give it away and you can just pretend, what pretend? ?
Chuck stepped forward step by step, and the white wolf shook his head indifferently, “One punch!”
He fists out!
Punch Chuck with one punch!
“I guess he will fly out ten meters!”
“I feel more than that, there is no self-aware person, I think he will be beaten to death!”
Everyone else is watching a good show and thinks it is impossible for Chuck to take the punch.

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