My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 814

Chuck didn’t mean to argue, and later he would tell them with his fists that he didn’t talk big!
I definitely want to be the first in the freshman competition!
Use that request to ask Coach Qiu Shui to teach yourself!
“You see Chuck didn’t say anything, I knew he was bragging just now, and he said he won the first place? Alas! I’ve seen it today, where can a person be shameless!” Sweet smile said with a narrow smile.
“That’s it!”
Several girls especially despise Chuck.
Chuck looked back, her eyes narrowed sweetly, and she was stunned. The mockery on her pretty face stopped.
“What’s wrong? Sweet?”
“No, it’s nothing. Why did I suddenly feel that Chuck’s back is very familiar? It seems that I have seen it somewhere, which makes me feel particularly impressed…” Sweetly intermittently.
“What impression?”
“I don’t know, when he turned his head just now, I felt a little familiar. It made me kind of safe…Yes, yes, a sense of security!” Tiantian knew how to describe it.
“Isn’t it? Sweet, Chuck has a sense of security in him? Where does it come from?”
“I never felt that he had any sense of security. In the forest yesterday, coach Liu Li encountered danger. He was not a man who ran away directly. This kind of person who chooses to escape when he is in danger. Do you still expect him to feel safe?”
Sweet thoughts come and go, “Maybe, I feel wrong! Also, he is not as good as us. I only know that he can brag. I really feel wrong. There can be no sense of security in him, alas, It’s just, the moment he turned around just now, let me, alas! It felt like yesterday that he saved me and led the big black bear away…”
She thought about what she wanted to do. She said that she didn’t believe it. She laughed at herself and thought about it!
“Haha, it’s too sweet to think of you, but you shouldn’t dream of Chuck!”
“If Chuck really saved you, then how do you explain the situation of coach Liu Li yesterday, also besieged by the big black bear, he chose to run away!”
“I don’t know, I should have thought about it more.”
“It must be!”
“You must be wrong, don’t think about it.”
Sweet you, you said I followed Liu Li with a smile, Liu Ge’s footsteps went to the test site!
Tian Tian didn’t look at Chuck anymore, kidding, how did he think of a person who was impossible?
I’m blind! ?
Chuck came to the scene. In fact, it was the same as the freshman meeting when I was studying.
There were many people on the scene.
Probably more than two hundred!
Most men and few women.
According to this situation, the one-on-one comparison may not have results until the afternoon!
I just don’t know if it’s the way of comparison that Chuck thought so.
At that time, Chuck was a little excited. He was observing so many freshmen, who might become his opponent!
“Ah! Mahao!”
“I heard that he is the strongest among freshmen!!”
“I heard that when he was eighteen, he hit a cow with three punches, and the power was terrible!”
“Is it? It’s amazing, then this time the first one, I think it must be Ma Hao!”
“I think so!”
Among the freshmen, discussion has already begun.
Chuck found a muscular man with sunglasses in the crowd!
Chuck condenses, he is OK!
It can be seen from his hands full of calluses that this may be his strongest opponent this time! !
“Alas, people have collected students like Ma Hao, and we have collected so many garbage, alas!!!” Liu Li had no energy.
In her view, this Ma Hao is absolutely powerful!
Liu Ge’s eyes were cold, “Liu Liu, do you think this Ma Hao stunned me?”
Among the freshmen, only he is a bit likely to have this strength.
“Impossible!” Liu Li denied, is this possible?
“I also hope it is impossible, and I can say. Among the freshmen this time, the one who won the first place may be the one who knocked me out!” Liu Ge was exasperated.
Last time I was unprepared, and I was knocked out with a punch. To a large extent, there were sneak attacks.
When you are ready, do you want to punch yourself? ?
“Sweet, I see, it may be that Ma Hao saved you! Look at his muscles, does it look more secure than that Chuck?”
Sweet gaze, too!
This block is bigger than Chuck, but, but. . Why is there no familiar feeling of the back? ?
Sweet is puzzled.
The freshmen talked about Ma Hao, and Chuck didn’t pay attention.
Chuck doesn’t matter, he will be a blockbuster later!
“be quiet!!”
At this moment, among the crowd, a suffocating beauty appeared. Liu Ge was fiery! !
“Wow, among the Wumen, the most beautiful coach Qiu Shui coach!”
Her appearance attracted the attention of too many people.
She is the focus! !
“Today’s freshman competition, I preside over! There are not many rules, but must be observed!
The absolute point is over! Who dares to hurt people’s lives, then don’t blame me!” Coach Qiushui said coldly!

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