My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 822

“Chuck, what are you talking about?? I’m your coach, why do you say that to Qiushui?”
In an instant, Liu Li was angry and ashamed! !
Shame to the extreme!
She thought that Chuck would let her continue to be a coach, but let Qiushui coach be his coach? ?
Coach Qiu Shui is stunned!
She did not expect that Chuckti’s request was actually this? !
Why do you want to be a coach yourself? ?
“I think you made a mistake. The purpose of my coming in Wumen is what my mother said. Let me find Qiushui coach to learn fighting. My mother didn’t mention you!!” Chuck said bluntly.
Liu Li was exasperated, “Chuck, you are a bastard, you cross the river to demolish the bridge, you!”
“What river have I crossed? What bridge has been dismantled? Did you teach my fighting?”
Chuck asked coldly.
“Me, me.?” Liu Li’s throat was stuck, she stomped hard, “Chuck, don’t regret what you said today!”
“No! I will never regret it!”
Liu Li blushed and her face was lost.
The following coaches are laughing at themselves, and a group of new students are laughing at themselves.
Liu Li is extremely angry, so you are Chuck, you have a premeditated plan!
Shame yourself in public! !
Liu Li remembers the time of being humiliated!
“Okay, this is what you said!” Liu Li said indifferently!
“I said it!” Chuck did not look at her. “Coach Qiushui, this is what I asked!”
“You mentioned your mother just now? Who is your mother?” Coach Qiushui wanted to know about it.
So young, you can defeat Mahao!
This talent, not much inherited, is definitely impossible!
“I will tell you this, my request has already been made,”
Coach Qiushui considered for three seconds, “I generally do not accept students, but since you mentioned it, then you can!”
“Well, thanks,” Chuck shrugged.
Liu Li was so angry that she lost her face today!
Chuck, I Liu Li just saw that you were pleasing to the eye, and I wanted to teach you well. At this moment, you made me Liu Li hate you! !
“You get ready, go to my mountain and be my closed student!”
“it is good!”
Chuck got out of the ring.
The new students here are full of envy and jealousy.
A closed student who can be the first beauty coach of Wumen. This is the same as eating and living together!
What is the difference with cohabitation? ?
“Chuck, it was definitely you that night!” Liu Ge was exasperated.
Chuck’s request is not obvious? ?
It was Chuck who went up the mountain that day. He found him, so he shot him out!
Coach Qiushui asked Liu Li, “Coach Liu Li, what are your requirements?”
“I!” Liu Li resented Coach Qiushui, “I want you to leave Wumen, can you do it?”
Coach Qiushui frowned, “You can only do this to you, not to others!”
“Humph! I will remember my request!”
Liu Li left the court in anger!
Leaving envy of students!
In the ruins, Ma Hao crawled out with serious injuries, he stared at Chuck with resentment, “I Ma Hao and you are endless!!”

“Chuck! Do you want to go? Ask me not!” Liu Li chased to the dormitory!
Chuck has already started to pack things up. It has been five days since he entered Wumen. We must seize the time!
He didn’t have a cell phone and didn’t know what was going on outside.
I also want to know, what happened to Yolanda?
So Chuck does not want to delay a little time.
“Why am I asking you?” Chuck said coldly.
“Chuck! You are a bastard! You made me ugly in public, do you know that?” Liu Li’s eyes resented, and the freshman’s ridicule was still vivid in Liu Li’s heart!
“So? Are you going to hit me?” Chuck was indifferent, approaching step by step!
Liu Li was shocked!
Chuck is that kind of strength, she is not sure to promise Chuck!
“I tell you, people must be self-aware, you can’t teach me at all!”
“Who said, I let you into Wumen! Without me, you can come in?” Liu Li was annoyed, she was ashamed of Chuck’s behavior of crossing bridges and demolishing bridges! !
“Can come in!”
“Are you dreaming? Without me, you wouldn’t be able to enter at all! You’re fine, actually treat me like this!” Liu Li was angry when she remembered!
“I think I’m good enough for you. Last time I was in the hospital, I can abolish you and your brother, I let you two!” Chuck was really hot that day.
Indescribable anger! !
“You!!!” Liu Li was furious!
“Huh, Chuck, you are too full, you two of us are abolished, do you have this strength?” Liu Ge took a step forward!
He closed the dormitory door with his backhand and locked it.
“Brother!” Liu Li was emboldened.
“Tell me, did you stun me that day?” Liu Ge step by step.
“Yes! What do you want to try?” Chuck smiled slightly.
Liu Ge was exasperated, “You are looking for death!!!”
boom! !
This is Liu Ge’s furious punch!
I am prepared this time and will not be killed in the same way as that night!
“Are you poor, don’t you know?”
Chuck shook his head in disappointment and smashed with a punch!
Still in the same position, hit Liu Ge’s cheek!
Liu Ge screamed and fell to the ground like the rubbish thrown out. He passed out in the same way. When he closed his eyes, he realized that he was vulnerable to Chuck!
In any case, it was the result of Chuck spike!
Liu Li was in shock! !
Actually was killed again by spike!
“Chuck, you beat my brother again?” Liu Li rushed forward in exasperation.
She asked and waved her fist!
Chuck was unmoved!
Grab her fist and push hard!
It’s so easy!
Liu Li was stunned, he was also killed in seconds! ?
There is a painful color!
“You are very poor, you don’t know yet? This kind of strength, you still have a face to teach me?
You have a thick skin!” Chuck shrugged.
“Chuck, do you scold me?”
Liu Li was angry and a gust of wind blew over!
This is a slap!
To your pretty face! !
“Ah, no!”
Liu Li screamed!
She closed her eyes. The next second, she didn’t feel pain. She opened her eyes tremblingly and Chuck’s hand stopped on her cheek.
“What are you doing?” Liu Li’s lips trembled.
How did she see someone after this slap!
“Look at how thick your cheeks are!” Chuck pinched her cheeks.
Liu Li went crazy, “You bastard!!!”
“Skin is very thick, but still a little tender! Forget it!” Chuck throws her away?
Liu Li fell to the ground.
Liu Li was so angry that she was a coach who was squeezed by a student of Chuck?
She is really angry, but is it Zhang Ze’s opponent!
“Can I still be my coach?”
Liu Li was ashamed, “You go!!”
“You said it yourself.” Chuck went out carrying his luggage.
“Brother, brother, wake up!” Liu Li shook the unconscious Liu Ge.
Where did Liu Ge wake up so quickly? Liu Li was annoyed, “Chuck, I’m never ending with you!!”

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