My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 821

Chuck won everyone’s surprise!
This is the beginning, no one knows!
You know, Ma Hao is so strong, he was actually defeated by an unknown Chuck!
The audience was silent for a minute! !
“I didn’t expect this freshman to be the first in the competition. It would be him! How could he?
He didn’t have this look? How could it be?” Coach Qiushui murmured to her, and she didn’t expect it.
However, she suddenly thought of one thing, that was when Chuck was looking for her last time, she seemed to mention whose son? ?
In an instant, Qiu Shui coach shone beautifully.
“Chuck? He actually won!”
Liu Li was dumbfounded!
Chuck, who was the least promising, actually won this competition! !
What does she feel like, dreaming anyway!
Liu Ge’s eyes were venomous, “He actually hides so deep? Then it was him who knocked me out last time?”
He thinks it is Ma Hao!
But is Chuck defeating Ma Hao, is it more likely to be the one who killed himself with a punch that night?
“Brother, did you see it? Chuck won, she is our student, we have a long face this time!” Liu Li smiled slightly!
At this moment, see how Chuck looks and looks good.
“Tiantian, did you see it? Chuck defeated Ma Hao!!”
Several girls fell into shock!
Sweet eyes are dull, “He, will he be the one who saved me?”
Several girls looked at each other! !
“He has this kind of strength, of course you can save you, but why did he run into danger in Coach Liu Li, why did he choose to escape?”
“I see, is there a holiday between Chuck and Coach Liu Li, so I don’t save?”
“Oh, this is possible! Sweet, Chuck is so powerful, it may be the one who attracted the grizzly bear!”
Sweet and shining, is that the one who saved me?
Chuck? ?
“Is anyone else challenging me? Just come up!!!” Chuck’s voice was like Hong Zhong.
Sounded in the ears of every new student.
There is no one for every new student here, even if the breathing sound is still.
Because of this battle, they deeply shocked them! !
“No one?” Chuck shrugged.
No one answered! !
No one dares to answer!
This kind of overwhelming strength defeats Ma Hao, they have self-knowledge!
“Coach Qiushui! You seem to be able to announce it.” Chuck said.
“Huh? Huh!”
Coach Qiushui was stunned and recovered. He said in public, “Ma Hao was defeated! The first freshman competition this time was from the student Liu Ce under the name of Liu Liu!!”
This is truly deserved! !
Chuck shrugged, “So can I make a request?”
“You are number one, of course!”
“This is my student!” Liu Li was named by Coach Qiushui.
She is excited, this is to give her a long face!
“Coach Liu Li is so powerful, he has taught such powerful students!” There are envy compliments from other coaches!
“Ah, why didn’t I receive such a powerful student! Alas, envy and jealousy!”
Liu Li is in a good mood!
It’s been a long time since this happened!
Her fighting talent is very general, and she was able to coach in Wumen because Wumen took a fancy to her.
She was always obscured in the huge martial arts. Today, Chuck made her have a long face! !
For the first time, she was envied by other coaches.
For the first time, I was looked at by so many eyes, as if in focus.
These are all honours given by Chuck!
If nothing else, Liu Li looked at Chuck anyway, and it became more pleasing to the eye.
“By the way, Coach Liu Li, you are Chuck’s coach, then you can also come up! You can also make a request!” Coach Qiushui said.
Liu Li can’t wait to run into the ring!
“Chuck, congratulations on winning the first place! You deserve it!” Liu Li smiled slightly.
Chuck shrugged.
“The coach sincerely hopes you are getting better! Rest assured, I will continue to teach you in a more rigorous way!”
Chuck still shrugged.
“Of course, I’m not so impersonal. This time you won the first place, and I will give you three days off. These three days will do whatever you want.” Liu Li smiled slightly.
Chuck shrugged and smiled.
Liu Li is at ease, this Chuck is still quite easy to get along with.
Then you must be strict with him in the future, not too strict, one loose and one tight.
In Liu Li’s heart, she already thought about the next course to train Chuck.
“Coach Liu Li, as a coach, you can make this request first!” Coach Qiushui reminded.
“I…” Liu Li hasn’t thought about this problem yet!
Because where did she think that she didn’t like Chuck, she would win?
“Can you make me think about it? Chuck, let’s talk first!” Liu Li smiled slightly.
“Are you sure?” Chuck smiled.
“Okay, I haven’t figured out the coach yet.”
Chuck was disrespectful, “Well, Coach Qiushui, can I do a lot of things with this request?”
“Yes, you can mention what Wumen can do!” Coach Qiushui said.
This has been the rule of Wumen for so many years.
“For example, Wumen’s strongest freshman, you should not have heard of someone, Karen li, she made a request that Wumen could do!” Coach Qiushui recalled.
“I… what requirements did she make?” Chuck wanted to know, what kind of requirements would my mother make as a freshman?
“It seems that Karen li is useless now.”
“Not useful yet?” Chuck was stunned. Twenty years ago, the request made by my mother was still useless?
“Yes, this Karen li’s requirement is that when she needs it, all the people in Wumen and above must shoot for her once!” Coach Qiushui was also puzzled.
This request has been in the past two decades, but Karen li’s need has not been raised until now! ?
Wumen seniors thought Karen li didn’t want this request!
Chuck froze, my mother made such a request? ?
At this moment, Chuckpei convinced his mother. Twenty years ago, his mother was so visionary!
Chuck understood that his mother’s 20-year development can be like this now. This vision is too powerful!
Only a long-term vision has a mother today! !
“You can also make such a similar request, of course, I just propose.”
“No, I’m old…” Chuck shrugged and his mother asked, so what else did she do? ?
“Well, what are you asking for?”
Liu Li’s eyes are also flashing. What requirements will Chuck make?
Will he always let himself be his coach!
Liu Li was too excited today and began to think wildly.
“I…” Chuck shrugged, “I want you to be my coach!!”

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