My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 824

Chuck personally admitted that it was Karen li’s son, which shocked Coach Qiushui, which was undoubtedly huge.
You know, Karen li, as a student, is the first legend in Wumen!
Twenty years ago, only fifteen days ago, I successfully passed the barrier, which really shocked the whole Wumen at that time! !
She left, this record, no one has broken today!
Few people know where she is!
Appeared again, it was her son? ?
Coach Qiushui shook his head. Chuck looked a bit different!
She hasn’t seen Karen li, but I heard that Karen li, who was born 20 years ago, is the son of Ying Zishuang. . The one in front of you? ?
Coach Qiushui was stunned.
Chuck, let’s not talk about talents. It can be Karen li’s son, so he must have inherited Karen li’s perverted fighting talent, but he looks just right. .
Not so handsome, but also pretty.
This is inherited from Karen li’s talent, but not her appearance gene? ?
“Is that what you said true?” Coach Qiushui asked cautiously.
“Of course it is true,” Chuck shrugged. “Why don’t you believe me?”
Coach Qiushui shook his head and said, “It’s not unbelief. Since you are Karen li’s son, you can learn from her, much better than from me.”
This is not the humility of Coach Qiu Shui, but she knows this gap.
She knows that the record created by Karen li can’t be broken. Is this gap not obvious? ?
“My mother has something to do in other countries. I came to China and she asked me to learn from you. She said you have been studying fighting and can learn new things from you.” Chuck said.
Mom wants to build her business empire and exercise her every day, but fighting is still under her career. There is no more energy to study fighting.
Qiu Shui coach is different.
She has no delay in her career, so to speak, teaching others to fight is her career.
After teaching for so long, there must be new fighting skills that my mother didn’t expect.
Coach Qiushui was still stunned, “Your mother said so to me!?”
Is this a compliment? ?
Praised by such a powerful predecessor, Coach Qiushui was a little surprised, well, it was a surprise.
In a sense, coach Qiu Shui still admires this, and Karen li, who has maintained a record until now.
“Yes, if you still don’t believe it, then you give me a call, I call my mom, you can tell her, video calls,” Chuck said.
The phone was put away when he came in.
“Okay, here you are,” Coach Qiushui also wanted to see what this legend of Wumen looks like.
Chuck took the phone and called his mother. After explaining the situation, she handed the phone to Coach Qiushui.
Coach Qiushui was stunned and reached for his phone.
On the screen is a smiling woman with domineering temperament.
After seeing this woman, Coach Qiushui was convinced!
This should be what the Wumen Legend should look like! !
Coach Qiushui is like a junior and has a sense of tension in vain, as if he has seen an idol.
“Hello, my son Chuck has told me the situation, I hope you teach him as soon as possible.”
“No problem, you can believe me, I will teach you!”
She has accepted Chuck as a student and will teach, not to mention Karen li’s son.
“Thank you!”
“No, I actually adore you!”
Karen li on the screen was stunned, “Ah…”
“Really, your record in Wumen, but no one has broken it now.”
“See if my son can break it!” Karen li has expectations for Chuck!
Twenty years ago, I was the same age as Chuck now. As his son, Chuck would be better at blue than blue! !
“Relax, I will do my best!”
“My son played late, and training, the most intensive training!”
“Okay, listen to what you mean.”
Coach Qiushui gave Chuck the phone, but she also asked a question, “I want to ask you a question,”
“Well, just ask,”
“Your son Chuck, the talent has inherited you, but the appearance is… it seems that there is not much inheritance.” Coach Qiushui said what.
It’s true, Chuck and Karen li are similar. They haven’t inherited too much. Otherwise, Chuck is a beautiful man.
“Ah…” Karen li couldn’t help crying or crying there. She was a mother and already had a headache for Chuck’s peach luck.
If you are more handsome, how much is the peach blossom?
Karen li will die anxiously.
Because Karen li once tried to instill traditional ideas into Chuck, but what? ?
More and more, Karen li wants to stern education, but it is useless.
This may be that Chuck hasn’t fully grown yet!
“hope you do not mind.”
“will not.”
Coach Qiushui gave Chuck the phone.
“Mom…” Chuck shrugged.
“Cer, you have to work hard when you arrive in Wumen. I’m out in fifteen days, and you have to do it. You have only ten days now,”
“I know my mother.” Chuck’s eyes flickered, and he built confidence in himself.
“Okay, hang up, just say something, don’t hold back in your heart.” Karen li feared that Chuck’s pressure was too great.
Because the pressure of the four words of the secret family is already large enough, let alone face the two secret families at the same time!
Ten thousand more? ?
Neither of these is irritating!
“Mom, I know,”
“Don’t bother me, I…”
“No, mom, I hung up,” Chuck gave the phone to Coach Qiushui.
Coach Qiushui saved Karen li’s number, what if it is useful? ?
“Chuck, you have such a good mother, you should say a few more words, what are you doing so anxiously to hang up her phone?” Coach Qiushui was speechless. As an orphan, she really envied such a mother.
Fighting strength, the world’s top, and there is still a lot of money.
She can see from the background of the video that Karen li is standing very well.
“Well, it wasn’t the last phone call, saying so much.” Chuck shrugged.
My mother won’t mind these things. Besides, my mother’s strength and ability to live don’t need Chuck to ask more.
Chuck feels that there is nothing to say about people who can live a lifetime in the primitive forest.
“Don’t say that, when the accident comes, it will always be the next second, and cherish what is right.” Coach Qiushui was deeply touched.

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