My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 83

Manny was also shocked. Since the three of them came together, she was also responsible.
Her husband also runs a company, and his annual profit is about 3 million. In addition to the fact that his daughter runs a restaurant, it’s okay to spend a few million. But the point is that people say, starting from 7 million, how much does it cost? Ten million? 20 million?
Manny dare not think about it anymore.
The young woman in hot pants was dumbfounded. She looked down at the debris on the ground. Is this something so valuable?
“Thank you three for a while, I will contact our boss, he said how much money, you three will compensate again!” said the front desk.
“No, I don’t have that much money.”
The young woman in skinny jeans got up from the ground. If she called her husband, then her marriage would not last. She would be beaten and kicked by her husband. She didn’t dare to fight.
“Sorry, the blue and white porcelain was broken by the three of you, so you must compensate!” The front desk was serious.
She took out the walkie-talkie and prepared a contact.
The young woman in skinny jeans was frightened and silly, she cried harder, her makeup was all crying, she felt desperate.
“Beautiful, let Zelda come over for a while. She is so capable and must know this boss,” the hot pants young woman said hurriedly.
Manny recovered and hurriedly called Zelda, and soon her daughter answered, “Mom, there is something wrong with my restaurant, wait a minute, I’ll pass…”
“No.” Manny was almost crying.
“What’s wrong, Mom? What happened?” Zelda became nervous.
“Me, your two aunts and I broke a vase in the mountain house. They said it would cost seven million…” Manny said with tears coming out, and she really felt wronged.
If seven million is okay, then it is not a big problem to take it out, but what if it is 20 million?
“Mom, you and the two aunts will wait first, and I will come right away! Right away!!”
Hang up the phone!
The three women stood up from the ground supporting each other and wiped each other’s tears. Today they were scared and leaned on the corner and dared not speak.
The front desk has already started contacting the boss.
At this time, a Rolls-Royce outside stopped at the door, the door opened, and a middle-aged man wearing a Logan suit came out. He looked gentle, with a string of beads on his wrist that was particularly conspicuous. At first glance, he liked antique collection. boss.
He walked in and said, “I said Xiao Chen, what about your boss? I’m going to have a good chat with him this time. How many times have I been here? Ask him to sell the decorative blue and white porcelain in your shop. I, he just won’t do it! How can that kind of baby be put in such a place, if it is touched or broken, it will be a violent thing! Call your boss over, this time I decided to spend 30 million to buy that Blue and white porcelain, see if he sells it, or if he doesn’t sell it, I will break up with him!!…”
“thirty million??”
The young woman in skinny jeans was already frightened, and once again sat down on the ground, her tears streaming out, she was desperate.
Manny was shocked, actually asking for thirty million? My goodness! So expensive, these two blue and white porcelains can actually buy their daughter’s chain restaurant? ?
Manny cried, she was extremely sad, how could this be?
The young woman in hot pants has eyes wide open, astonished as a wooden chicken!
“I said…I fuck, I fuck! What’s on this ground?? My fuck!!” The middle-aged man walked in and saw the debris on the ground. He was stunned, as if he had lost a child!
“President Hu, this blue and white porcelain cannot be sold.”
The front desk was helpless. Since the boss had seen it once, he saw this blue and white porcelain vase at a glance. From the first 10 million to the last 28 million, his boss didn’t sell it, and today he actually bid 3000 Million…
“Who the hell broke it, the grass mud horse! There are only more than ten such blue and white porcelain vases in the country. You actually broke one of the grass mud horse! I killed her!” The middle-aged man glared at Manny and the three of them! !
Manny and the three of them were frightened and stupid. Now they were scolded by the middle-aged. The three women were so frightened that they started crying at the same time, holding each other and daring not to speak.
“Fuck! I have been fond of this blue and white porcelain vase for several years, and I was actually fucked by you!!” The middle-aged man yelled and became more and more angry.
“Mr. Hu, don’t be angry.” The front desk can only say that, otherwise it will noisy other customers, which is not good.
“What about your boss? How much do you plan to make them lose?” the middle-aged man asked.
“The boss hasn’t answered the phone yet,…wait, the boss has answered the phone, wait a minute!”
The front desk took out his mobile phone and answered, immediately nodded, “Boss, you mean 35 million, right? Well, boss, don’t worry, I will let them lose money…”
After hanging up the phone, Manny and the three of them cried even harder. The young woman in skinny jeans was dull-eyed. So much money is not enough for her to sell it now!
Manny cried, feeling wronged to the extreme.
Her husband has said that this is priceless, and it will only become more and more expensive. Now it costs 35 million? Even if she spread it, she would also get 10 million, which would greatly hurt their family’s vitality.
“Thirty-five million? Your boss is kind, if it were me, my mother would have to kill the three idiots!”
The middle-aged man pondered, he suddenly said, “I will give them one million, no, two million! I will give them two million!”
The front desk asked, “Mr. Hu, you are…”
Manny and the three of them were stunned. What is he doing?
“Don’t do anything, I’ll give them two million. You give me all of this fragment. You don’t want to miss a piece. Give it to me. I’ll go back and find someone to splice it.”
“What? This is broken, President Hu!” The front desk was also dumbfounded.
No matter how valuable this antique is, it must be kept intact. Now it’s broken into pieces like this, and it’s impossible to put it together. The time and money spent on it is not 10,000 to 20,000 to complete. To put it bluntly, it’s just a pile of rubbish. , You can directly sweep out.
But this boss actually spent two million to buy it? ?
The three Manny and the others were even more shocked, and they cried more desperately and sadly. They were willing to spend two million to buy a pile of garbage, which only means that this blue and white porcelain bottle is really worth 35 million! !
“I know, that’s what I said. I immediately transferred the money to your boss. Anyway, I lost money.” Before the front desk could respond, the middle-aged man immediately called his assistant to transfer the money.
He ran out in a hurry, took out a box from the car, walked over and started collecting piece by piece carefully, not letting go of any debris.
The front desk was also speechless, and she became serious, “The three of you can discuss it, 35 million, President Hu has given you two million, and the remaining 33 million, no one can be less, trouble three Raise money to solve the problem!”
“No, I don’t have so much money, no…” The young woman in tight jeans cried sadly and desperately.
The front desk frowned.
At this time, Zelda, who was driving by, walked in quickly, and Manny and the three cried even harder.
“Mom, don’t cry first.” Zelda walked over solemnly.
“Zelda… we, woo…”
Zelda sighed. She saw the boss who was picking up debris on the ground. She felt bad in her heart. She asked, “How much money do you need?”
“Thirty-three million,” the front desk said.
Zelda was surprised, so expensive? When she drove over, she thought about ten million yuan would be fine, but she didn’t expect to lose so much money, more than thirty million yuan, she didn’t have so much cash, and she didn’t sell a few restaurants.
Manny saw her daughter’s face turned pale, she cried, “Daughter… I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay, I will find a way now,” Zelda smiled bitterly.
“Zelda, don’t you know this boss?” asked the young woman in tight jeans.
Zelda shook her head. She didn’t know her. The owner of this store is super rich. She is not in the same class as others, so how could she know him?
“Then what should I do? Or, maybe I can find your boyfriend, he might know the boss here?”
“Yes, you call your boyfriend and ask him.”
The three women suddenly felt a glimmer of hope.
Zelda was silent, she hesitated, isn’t this making Chuck trouble? But what can we do if we don’t fight? She sighed, took out her mobile phone to find out Chuck’s number and dialed it.

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