My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 84

A minute later, Zelda hung up the phone. She breathed a sigh of relief. She looked down at the number on the screen, and her heart felt warm.
She briefly talked to Chuck just now. His first words were not surprise, nor irritation, nor blame, but he said a few words after being silent for three seconds.
“Wait a minute, I’ll come right now!”
Zelda’s heart is getting warm. This is such a big trouble, and she has to lose so much money. She took out all the deposits, and the turnover of the chain restaurant, and it was very reluctant to collect 30 million.
Unless she bought a few restaurants immediately, she couldn’t make up the money. She actually just thought about selling the restaurant directly, but how can she sell it in a short time?
Chuck said that I came over immediately, which undoubtedly comforted Zelda. At least, if the money can be less, then she will be easier to pay.
“Mom, two aunts, don’t worry, my boy…my boyfriend is coming over right away.” Zelda said softly.
“En…” Manny couldn’t stop the tears, “Daughter, I’m sorry, it’s all our bad…”
“Yes, we are all bad.”
Zelda shook her head, and then she said to the front desk, “Wait a minute, I have a friend here.”
The front desk was helpless, “Okay.”
“Zelda, right?” The middle-aged man who was picking up debris on the ground looked up at Zelda.
“Yes, hello, President Hu.”
Zelda is polite. This is a well-known antique collector in the provincial capital. Not only has he collected thousands of antiques, he has also heard that he has collected three night pearls, one of which is worth hundreds of millions, which shows his strong financial resources.
“I went to your restaurant for a few meals, but I didn’t expect you to remember me.”
“It’s my honor to remember me.”
Manny and the three looked at each other. The boss just spent two million to buy garbage on the ground. They were shocked. They all saw that the boss was rich and powerful, but Zelda actually knew him?
Then… can you say something to the owner of this mountain house, don’t pay, or pay less…
Young woman in tight jeans thinks so
In fact, she just proposed to ask Zelda to call Chuck. She also has the mentality of a dead horse to be a living horse doctor. After all, she has no choice but to let her husband sell the company and sell the house, it is impossible to collect so much money. , Can only think of another way, then there is no other way to call Chuck.
She doesn’t believe that the square belongs to Chuck, but Chuck can book such an expensive hotel, maybe it has something to do with it? Even if there is only one point?
It can be said that the desperate young woman in tight jeans gave Chuck the last gleam of hope on the spot, although she was already prepared for disappointment in her heart.
“Who is your boyfriend? I’m very curious.” The middle-aged man suddenly said such a sentence.
“His name is Chuck.” Zelda said.
“Chuck? I haven’t heard of it. I only know that the hotel owner is very difficult to talk about. If they can make them pay more than 30 million yuan, it is considered to have paid a favor. He may be angry, and it won’t work for anyone to come.” Said.
Zelda is silent, it’s not easy for anyone to come? So why does Chuck come? She is not quite sure, only knows that the owner of this hotel is very rich, will Chuck know him?
The young woman in skinny jeans was completely disappointed because of these words. Yes, this is a six-star hotel. The owner’s net worth is at least several billion. Even if you Chuck is the owner of the square, there is a huge gap in net worth. , Can you talk in front of other bosses?
She was desperate again.
Manny sighed, tears flowed silently, this time it was really useless for anyone to come.
The middle-aged man collected all the fragments on the ground. He didn’t let go of any of the pieces, and didn’t let go of the slag. He swept them up gently. He was relieved, and couldn’t wait to find someone to splice the things together.
To some extent, he also thanked Manny and the three of them. If the three of them were not stupid, he would not get this blue and white porcelain vase.
He was ready to leave happily, but at this time, a taxi stopped at the door, and a young man got out of the car and walked in.
Middle-aged people wonder, this is Zelda’s boyfriend?
do not know.
Zelda saw Chuck coming, her heart was warm, you are here.
Manny and the others looked at Chuck with three eyes, sighed in their hearts, and came by taxi… Are there really two cars?
The three of them were even more disappointed. There was nothing to do. They were really desperate. The young woman in tight jeans couldn’t help crying again. There was no car. How could she know the owner of this hotel?
It is estimated that they can book here, it is just a pure money transaction, the last glimmer of hope in their hearts is shattered.
Chuck looked at the middle-aged man in surprise, and saw fragments of blue and white porcelain from his box. Chuck did not speak, but found that Zelda was a little haggard, which made people feel distressed.
He came over and asked softly, “Is it all right?”
“It’s okay.” Zelda shook her head.
“Auntie is okay?” Chuck asked Manny and the three of them.
They were already desperate, crying, and forgot to answer with dull eyes.
The front desk looked at Chuck, and she hesitated, “You came here to solve this problem, right?”
Chuck nodded, “Yes, I have already sent someone to call your boss, but he hasn’t returned the call yet. I guess he will come in person later.”
Since this hotel was set by Betty, when Chuck came over just now, he naturally called Betty directly.
“Come here in person? Young man, do you know how weird the boss is?” The middle-aged man said suspiciously.
He has been dealing with this boss for many years. He has a very good personality. He has a good reputation in the antique industry. He has also personally talked to the boss many times. He paid for the blue and white porcelain bottle, but they simply ignored him. Ask someone for help and say that they don’t give any face to anyone.
Such a person, he did not think that the young man in front of him could know him.
“I don’t know.” Chuck shook his head. He hadn’t seen this boss, and didn’t even know his name. How could he know the character of this boss?
“You know?” the middle-aged man asked again.
Chuck shook his head.
Manny and the others have more despair in their hearts. Why do they not know you? Is it useful to call?
The young woman in skinny jeans was already slumped on the ground, she was crying in disintegration, it was over, it was really over, there was no hope.
Zelda bit her lip and stared at Chuck. Her heart was still warm. He didn’t know him. Then you came before, so enough.
The front desk was helpless. She thought Chuck knew the boss, so there was still some room, but he didn’t know him at all. So what’s the use of finding someone to call?
The middle-aged man suddenly became weird, “Young man, you don’t know the boss, then who do you call?”
“Betty.” Chuck said.
“Betty? Never heard of it. Forget it, don’t bother you guys. Now it’s the most important thing to prepare to raise money. Other things, don’t think about it. This boss won’t care about you at all,” middle-aged. The man shook his head and walked outside with his arms around the debris.
“Sir, look…” the front desk hesitated and said.
“Wait later, your boss will come in person.” Chuck said.
“Don’t tell me, you don’t know, why would someone come over?” Manny shook her head and sighed, disappointed, really disappointed, she didn’t know him, why bother to brag? Did you come and watch yourself joke?
Chuck glanced at Manny, “Wait,”
“What are you waiting for? The boss won’t care about you at all. If we wait for a day, they won’t come over. You just came to watch the joke!” the young woman in tight jeans cried.
“Auntie, don’t say anything.” Zelda was angry!
Helpless at the front desk.
At this time, the middle-aged man who walked out of the hotel was stunned, because a custom-made Rolls-Royce hurried in from the outside, and a man in his early thirties came out in a hurry. The middle-aged man was startled. This is not this one. Is the hotel owner Yang Wenjie?
“Hey, Boss Yang, what are you…” The middle-aged man raised his hand to say hello, but Yang Wenjie ignored him at all, and walked in directly past him. The middle-aged man was helpless, and he walked in suspiciously. Who are you looking for?
I saw Yang Wenjie directly shouted, “Who is Chuck?”
There was a hint of politeness in his tone, and the middle-aged man was stunned.

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