My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 843

“I’m relieved!” The white-haired old man sighed heavily. Product=Book/Web
“However, what do you have, you can still say it!” the old man with white hair asked.
This is not a normal You Shiwen.
Become a house owner and work hard for the inheritance of the morals in the house. This should be what every house owner should do.
Ever since You Shiwen became the head of the house, what she has done is for you!
This matter alone, hesitated today!
“No!” This is Yu Shiwen’s answer!
“Ah, the owner doesn’t have to hide me, I am the one who came here too! The owner, this is someone in my heart, so don’t let other people touch it!” The old man with white hair sighed.
“The state of mind can’t deceive people! The owner!”
“I, no! There is no one in my heart! Absolutely no! But, someone who knows me did something that disappointed me. I hate him! I hate other men!”
“Ah? Wouldn’t it be Chuck!” Now that he has analyzed all these things!
No answer in the room!
The old man with white hair said coldly, “Homeowner, what did Chuck do?”
“He shot me with a gun!”
“What! This animal! The owner is assured that this person, and his mother Karen li, our tour home will definitely let them die without a burial place!!” The white-haired old man was furious!
It’s unforgivable to shoot a gun at the head of the house!
“Well! Give me a month to prepare me mentally, and you will bring people over again!”
“Okay! The owner will rest early!”
“Right, Zhang…Chuck returned to China?”
“Yes, Chuck left, he returned to Huaxia! He is doing his own business in Huaxia! But the owner is assured that there is also a property for us to travel there! After Chuck’s business is done, I will take another shot and take away his Everything, come and report a small revenge to the house owner first!”
The old man with white hair returned to where he was just now, and he said what You Shiwen said.
Everyone in the house is relieved.
Just a month, you can wait! !

“Qingyang, what are you doing here again?” In the dark house, this is the secret family, the third family, and the Zhang family!
Zhang Qingyang recently became uneasy. “Grandpa, I feel that Karen is a bit uncomfortable. I should help her! Otherwise, she can’t bear the revenge of Youjia!”
“No! You have forgotten Karen li’s identity? She is one of our pawns! Now is the situation I want! She is fighting with Youjia, I am now optimistic about her, she should be able to make Youjia not so good. It’s better to let Wanjia take a layer of skin off, so my Zhang family is not the first family?”
In the dark, a pair of turbid eyes, exuding viciousness! !
“But! I’ve been upset recently! I feel that someone should stare at Karen. Although I haven’t seen anyone who can beat her, there are still many people in the world Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I suspect that Karen may have this time. Dangerous!” Zhang Qingyang said.
This is what he felt!
“Well, as long as you can’t die! She has been the one with the best toughness I have seen in all these years! As long as she doesn’t die, then she will fight back! I won’t let you go! Let her come!
The real chess player, How can I protect the pawn and do it myself? Ching Yang, I’m very optimistic about you! The next head of the house is definitely yours! But ah, don’t let me down!”
“But… I feel so quiet that something will happen this time, really! My sixth sense is accurate, Grandpa, I…”
“Shut up! You are too disappointing me! She is just a chess piece! Even if it is really dead, I will train another chess piece. Her son Chuck is my spare chess piece! Her son Chuck is dead, and I will Cultivate the third pawn!!! There are so many pawns, don’t forget this! Go out!!!”
Zhangjia family said coldly!
“Go out and reflect on yourself! Do big things without any restrictions? You can’t do this. In the days to come, how can I safely give Zhang family to you!!”
Zhang Qingyang sighed and went out on his own.
He called Karen li.
“Hey, what are you doing?”
“I’m going to the technology company! Is there something?” This is Karen li’s voice.
I don’t know when to start, the two seem strange!
“It’s okay! I have time to go home, you… drive carefully!” Zhang Qingyang didn’t say much in the end!
“Okay thank you!”
Karen li put down her mobile phone, and she went to the technology company to look at it. In the past few days, she has researched a new metal and came out.
See if she can equip Chuck!
Chuck has made great strides in strength, but there is an iron law in the world after all, that is, there are mountains and mountains!
During this crisis, she didn’t want Chuck to have any accidents!
The driving road, this is a bridge, burst suddenly!
A bomb exploded on the bridge!
The scope of this bomb was too wide, the bridge deck collapsed ingeniously, the debris flew over and hit the car glass!
In this sudden situation, the car overturned in the explosion!
Drilled into the ruins!
The car hit a rock and stop!
Appear alone!
Long Yi!
She was indifferent to her eyes and swayed her long legs to the side of the rollover. The scene of the rollover was fierce. A car was hung on the pier near the cliff, and there was no movement in it! Is this dead?
“Karen li, this unexpected design, I still think of a lot of plans! I hope you are satisfied!” Long Yi said lightly.

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