My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 863

“Husband, don’t be like this, don’t be like this…”
Yvette’s face was pale, she saw Chuck crouching underground!
Bloody eyes! !
He held two bloody guns in his hand!
Surrounded by the ruins of the explosion, the ground, flowers and plants have been destroyed!
Here and there, there are amazing blood in several places! !
This blood is not yet dry!
It seems to be radiating heat!
Betty was shocked!
“It’s late, I’m late…”
Chuck closed her eyes and burst into tears!
Logan is dead, the body is gone, and the body is destroyed! !
Chuck can’t see Logan’s last face!
forever and always!
“Master, I’m sorry, I…” Bettymei turned red.
“It’s not your fault, you’re flying fast enough! Enough!”
Chuck’s tears came out, painful, uncomfortable intertwined!
When I remembered meeting Logan, Chuck was curious about women.
Logan satisfied his fantasy.
Therefore, at the beginning, Chuck had illusions about Logan!
Chuck was on the brink of guilt and ignorance. He struggled, pained, and dared.
Logan’s tolerance and her trust in Chuck made Chuck bold step by step!
She always smiles! Always!
In the end, Chuck woke up and walked back to the right path!
Knowing that fantasy is not respecting Logan!
Therefore, Chuck is no longer fantasy!
He began to respect Logan!
Even if the two embrace, Chuck is treated as usual!
Even if he sleeps on Logan’s legs, Chuck is honest…
Now, Chuck can’t hug her anymore, and never will ever hug her…
Chuck is in pain!
“I’m late.” Chuck shook his head in pain.
“Which of the two guns, apart from Logan’s, is it?” Yvette asked sadly.
“It’s a black rose.” Chuck muttered to himself, and he looked down.
Chuck knows this gun!
Because for a while, Black Rose has been protecting himself personally!
How did Chuck not know?
Black Rose also came out, she discovered Logan by accident, and then formed a cooperation?
Yvette was stunned, and the black rose was also dead? ?
“How can this be? Aunt Logan is dead, Black Rose is dead, how terrible is this man?” Yvette’s eyes were blood red!
“According to the traces on the scene, this sniper rifle has a lot of shells, but the shell of another kind of gun is only four! This is still a pistol, what does it mean?”
“Logan and Black Rose fired more than thirty shots, but the man missed the man with one shot, but was solved by the man with four shots!
“The gap is obvious, more than thirty shots, four shots, which is correct, in a spike,”
“Also, there are no traces of fighting at this scene, they are all traces of falling out, and both Logan and Black Rose were beaten away. Logan and Black Rose joined forces and did not touch…”
Betty was surprised. “The man first shot Logan and Black Rose. He didn’t shoot them directly, but…”
“Instead, tortured! The hunter caught the prey, played, and then killed…the same as Mr. Li, tortured…”
Yvette was surprised, she still has a killer identity!
She knows what Betty’s words mean!
Super strong!
The difference between children and adults!
“This kind of strength, I know, only Li can always do this…” Betty muttered to herself.
She was so shocked.
“I understand why President Li was assassinated by that person, because that person’s strength is already the same as President Li…” Betty still murmured to herself.
Tell the experienced Betty the neat traces of the scene!
“Sister Li, find the traces here, I must find this person! Must find!!”
Chuck’s blood-red eyes shot out his anger! !
The mother was assassinated, Logan, and the Black Rose were tortured. This person, Chuck does not take it off!
Chuck will die! !
“Master, I will find it! Master, you must cheer up a bit,”
Betty knew how uncomfortable Chuck was at this time!
One after another, the closest person died.
Replaced with ordinary people, it has long collapsed!
Chuck is holding on hard! !
“Her husband, Sister Li, this man is a woman!” Yvette held a cartridge case in his hand.
Chuck asked.
Betty was taken aback!
“The guns used for this kind of cartridge case are relatively small, and only women can use them!” Yvette discovered carefully.
“So, You Shiwen found a powerful killer woman?” Chuck eyed cold!
“Well, husband, aunt is good enough, I really can’t think of, there are people more powerful than aunt in this world, and still a woman.” Yvette couldn’t accept it.
The world is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!
But there is also a limit!
However, Karen li was originally the limit of humanity!
There are still people who exceed the human limit of Karen li!
Chuck clenched his fists, You Shiwen said, to kill all the people around him!
Well, You Shiwen, you will regret it, surely!
“Sister Li! I’m going to a technology company! I’m going to take a medicine to strengthen my body!!” Chuckzi’s blood was red, and he was going to kill a housekeeper! !

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