My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 864

When the mother destroyed the Oak family among the four major families, there was a research medicine made by the Oak family!
Because the Ok family is a family that develops medicines and strengthens the human body!
Chuck now has that kind of potion in his hand!
Just wipe it out!
However, the injection in the body will be much stronger!
No more pain!
Can also strengthen muscles!
Then the strength will rise to another level!
This is Chuck’s only way to deal with Youjia now! !
“No, young master, absolutely not!” Betty will not work!
Yvette was also shocked, “Don’t be like this, husband! If that kind of medicament hits the body, it will lose the pain, and it will reduce your life span. Don’t do this!!”
“This is my only way now!” Chuck clenched his fists! !
“This is not the only way. If you let the aunt know that you tortured yourself in order to avenge them, she would not be able to look away! If you died of the medicine in advance, how would you face the aunt?” Yvette hugged Chuck Don’t let go!
Never let Chuck do this!
Chuck pain!
If you don’t do this, Yvette will leave him, Betty, they will be the same!
How can Chuck let Yvette leave them again? ?
Chuck can’t do it!
“Master, don’t you, President Li didn’t do that before his death. If the medicine was injected, it wouldn’t be a human. That would be a machine. President Li knew that she would be sad,” Betty persuaded. This kind of thing, the dead are fighting!
Not afraid of death!
Chuck still has a good future. How can he turn himself into a painless machine? ?
“I don’t want you to leave too.” Chuck is in pain!
If you want to see someone you know leave, Chuck prefers it!
“Husband, I will not leave you, never will.” Yvette wept!
Between her and Chuck, it was because of Karen li before!
Now Karen li is dead!
Yvette will not leave Chuck anymore!
“Master, rest assured, we will be fine!” Betty shook her head.
She moved Chuck to miss her too.
“Well, Sister Li, take me to the technology company! I want to prepare the kind of potable medicine! If it will be used that day, then I will use it!” Chuck said. “Wife, Sister Li, you have to prepare!”
Logan and Betty look at each other!
If it’s just preparation, that’s okay!
Chuck has been here for a long time.
Yvette, Betty accompanied Chuck!
Betty also asked people to come over and look for the bodies of Logan and Black Rose!
However, it was not found!
Chuck is even more painful!
The mother’s body could not be found, and Logan’s and Black Rose’s could not be found.
Chuck is sorry for them!
Yvette stared blankly at the dried blood on the ground, Logan died, and the black rose died.
The next one will be yourself!
She gazed at Chuck reluctantly, “I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of leaving you…”
Betty, take Chuck and Yvette to the technology company!
Everyone prepared the same potion!
Just inject into the body when it is dangerous!
People have no pain!
Then the strength will increase!
Chuck stayed in the technology company for a long time, and also added the weight of the body weight again, Chuck wants to break through the limit again and again!
“Master! Someone is looking for you! It’s Logan’s…” Betty called Chuck.
During the crazy training, Chuck went out to meet a person. When he was in China, Chuck met this person and was a person trusted by Logan.
“This is what Mr. Tang asked me to hand over to you. This is all of Mr. Tang’s company, all real estate, funds, cars, land…” He said a lot.
Chuck’s eyes were red again.
Logan gave everything to himself.
She knew she was going to die, so she explained everything in advance!
Chuck felt sad and wanted to cry.
“There are these, Mr. Tang’s most precious things, all put in this safe,” he brought a safe.
This is what he found in Logan’s office.
Put the most important things of Logan.
“Thank you!” Chuck muttered to himself.
“Yes, please have time to take over everything from President Tang.”
Chuck murmured and nodded, “I know!”
Logan’s people left!
Sitting at the door, Chuck opened the safe.
what is inside?
It’s not a diamond, it’s not gold or silver jewelry, it’s not a real estate certificate, but something very ordinary…
Suddenly, Chuck was dull.
He took something out of the safe, a mask, a cat mask…
Chuck returned to that night instantly.
Chuck took the woman with the cat mask out of the bar. Chuck thought that it was Yvette, so she kissed her.
Chuck still remembers the feeling of this kiss.
As sweet as the first kiss!
Chuck thought about it and was reminded that the person with the cat mask was Logan.
Chuck does not believe it!
He also entered Logan’s room to find it, and found nothing.
It turned out that the person I kissed that night was really Logan…
She did not resist, but left after kissing her.
It’s shy, tangled.
It turned out that I had already kissed Logan.
Chuck thought back to this picture, unconsciously, already burst into tears…

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