My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 874

“Chuck, don’t say it, I don’t want to know about it.” Emily covered her ears.
Tears came out unconsciously.
“Then do you want me to like it or not?” Chuck asked.
“My perspective as a daughter, I hope you like it! I also urge you to like it! Because she is under a lot of pressure and the family’s burden is on her. I always wanted to find a man to help her, but she was unwilling.” Ai Millie fell into memory.
Yes, for so many years, she has broken her heart.
At one time, she introduced Alice crazy!
But there is no right eye!
She worked hard for a while and gave up.
Chuck smiled slightly.
“But, as a woman, I don’t want to, because, I like you too,” Emily said, tears already flowing.
Chuck sighed, “Why do you like me? You have always looked down on me as a Chinese?”
“Yes, it was like this at the beginning. I especially hate Chinese people and I especially hate you, but when you are in the Amazon deep forest, after saving me, I… I start to like you, since then.”
Ai Millie said.
Chuck still sighed.
For Emily, Chuck now, don’t hate it, nor like it.
Even if there is, it is because of Alice.
There is no point, men and women like it.
“You should thank me for saving you,”
“No, absolutely not, I made it very clear, this is like it! Absolutely!” Emily said anxiously.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, “Forget this feeling.”
Emily wept silently. “Don’t be so cruel to me. Don’t be like this. I never liked someone. You are the first one.”
“I can like you too, but it’s because of Alice,” Chuck said.
“No! I don’t like this! I hate it like this!” Emily burst into tears.
She is young and beautiful, with a standard squint perfect woman figure.
From the moment of reading, too many people like her.
However, she doesn’t like it!
She also felt that she would find a handsome American man to marry!
However, this is not the case today.
She didn’t even think of it herself, she liked the one she hated most, Huaxia.
Chuck remained silent.
Emily cried for a long time, the sun went down.
Until dark!
Emily’s eyes cried and swollen. Chuck did not have a word in this process. If there was any comfort, he didn’t.
Finally, choked.
Maybe there is no reason for tears, or it may be suddenly figured out.
She looked at the moon in the distance and fell silent.
“Enough crying? I’ll take you home,” Chuck said.
“Well, no, I will go home by myself,” Alice refused.
Just get up and get in the car.
Chuck catches up, “I’ll take you home,”
“What identity did you use to send me?” Emily asked.
Chuck was blocked.
Chuck has a wife, that is Yvette!
What is his identity?
He didn’t understand it himself.
“What do you think is the identity?” Chuckla Emily got into her car!
Chuck agreed to Alice and wanted to chase her back safely.
Emily calmed down, “Okay, I’m home, you can go back.”
“I’m still looking for Alice. Are you driving me away?” Chuck asked.
Emily got out of the car and went in.
Chuck was silent for three seconds. This situation was indescribably embarrassing.
It can only be said, make people fool! !
Chuck entered Alice’s house.
Emily embraced Alice!
Alice lost her soul, her tears could not stop.
Waiting in the afternoon, what a pain it is!
“Mom, I’m sorry, I’m not wayward anymore.” Emily apologized.
She figured it out.
Alice raises herself with painstaking efforts, she should know the trade-offs!
“Emily, sorry, me…”
“Don’t say that, you are worried about hurting me, I know,”
Chuck nodded.
Tell Alice that she has persuaded Emily.
Alice is grateful.
“Mom, you two are talking, I’m in,” Emily entered her room.
“Don’t see me again,” Alice knew, and Emily was sad.
For Chuck, she is emotional!
However, this relationship, she knows, will not have results!
Buried in my heart!
Choosing Emily is the best result.
That thing should be a dream that I can’t help myself.
“No, you should meet, I’m in,” Emily returned to the room.
Alice is at a loss, what happened to her daughter in the afternoon?
She felt that Emily would make a big noise and would find a place to hide.
However, no!
She, is this grown up? ?
Alice was touched and distressed. Once upon a time, how capricious Emily!
Chuck was stunned and brought to a place like Amazon!
Today, it is not reasonable to be rational!
“Alice, me…”
“Chuck, you and me, that’s all for now. I have a memory. This is what you gave me. I will remember it in my life. However, how is it so far?” Alice said.

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