My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 879

“How can I kill her without worrying about you! You just need to do your own thing! Do your job! This is cooperation!!!”
Chuck said coldly!
“Well, you guys, you dare to talk to me this way? Fire Dragon, grab me for me!” Zhang Xiang was angry.
A rubbish that can’t enter the Zhangjiamen by itself, is there a face to say so? ?
Fire Dragon nodded!
She must listen to Zhang Xiang!
Chuck was unmoved!
“I said, give You Shiwen time to consider!” Chuck repeated.
Fire Dragon looks at the Zhangjia head!
“So how long does she have to think about it? Do you have to wait for her for ten days and a half months?”
The Zhang family owner didn’t have so much time to wait!
Wan Ziwen inherited Wanjia soon, she will definitely make big moves!
“You don’t need it. You Shiwen’s action ability and execution ability are very strong! At most one day, she will reply to you!”
Although You Shiwen is now indifferent and insidious!
However, in terms of execution, she won’t be degraded after sitting on the head of the house, and will think about the problem faster than before.
“You say one day and one day? Don’t think you know Yu Shiwen, you are great, you think you can eat her, you see through her? What!!!! People are now the owners of the second family What are you doing?” Zhang Xiang said angrily.
However, she did not finish!
The phone is coming!
Zhang Xiang took it out, and Liu Mei stood upright, not ready to pick it up, because it was a stranger’s number! !
“I think you should pick it up! Maybe it’s You Shiwen?” Chuck shrugged.
“Are you saying that? If this call is from You Shiwen, I will kneel for you today! If not, your mother will kneel for me for a day!” Zhang Xiang was angry!
How could it be You Shiwen’s phone!
How long have you been back? ?
She herself feels that You Shiwen is so smart, it is impossible to agree to the alliance!
“OK, then pick it up!”
Zhang Xiang took it. Three seconds later, she was stunned!
Twenty seconds, it has stayed even worse!
Fire dragon color change! !
The owner of the Zhang family moved, “Zhang Xiang, whose phone is this?”
“Dad, You, Youjia!” Zhang Xiang was shocked!
“What do you say?”
The Zhangjia family has stood up!
“They said that You Shiwen agreed to the alliance!” Zhang Xiang couldn’t believe it!
Is this call true or false? ?
“Really!” Zhang Jiajia took the initiative!
Fire Dragon is very unexpected!
How could You Shiwen agree!
“Really, but the people at home said that they would meet alone after ten days!”
“Why do you need ten days? Can’t you now?” Zhang Family Master chilled!
Chuck’s light flashed, revealing a mysterious look…
“You people say no!” Zhang Xiang didn’t understand ten days!
Why ten days?
How much has changed in ten days?
“Fire Dragon, what do you think?” Zhang Family head asked.
“I think it’s normal. A woman like You Shiwen will definitely be cautious. It takes 10 days to prepare!” Huolong thought so!
Everyone is careful.
What’s more, it’s such a big deal?
Zhang Jia’s turbid eyes are cold.
This kind of thing, really will consider!
“Chuck, ten days, what do you think?” Zhang Family head asked again.
“It doesn’t matter how you look at it, she agrees. I will be ready in ten days, and you are ready on your side!”
Chuck shrugged.
Ten days, Chuck thought?
You Shiwen will mention this!
As for why, Chuck also thought of it.
“I hope that after ten days, you can really get me the lower ten articles!” Zhang Jiajia’s eyes shone!
On this day, I waited too long!
The pattern of the hidden family for so many years has finally changed!
“Of course, I will be ready!”
Chuck’s eyes are cold!
In ten days, Chuck will prepare everything!
Make sure it’s foolproof! !
“Okay, you did a good job this time!” said Zhang Family.
In this matter, he did not even think of this so-called alliance plan!
Chuck thought of it and succeeded.
“What I should do, this is cooperation!” Chuck shrugged.
“Grandpa, I think we have to re-plan on this side. There may still be many changes in ten days.”
Zhang Xiang proposed.
“Um, this matter, let you and Fire Dragon do it!”
“Yes! Master!”
“Yes, Grandpa!”
Zhang Xiang was cold, “Chuck, what are you still doing here? Haven’t prepared yet? Don’t forget, ten days is not too much for you, because You Shiwen’s ability exceeds you too much !”
You Shiwen is the owner of the house!
What is Chuck?
Not on a level!
Without preparation in advance, the chance of success will be very low!
“I will prepare, you seem to have forgotten something,”
“What? I haven’t forgotten anything! You can leave! Fire Dragon, you and me go out to prepare!”
Zhang Xiang left, but Chuck stepped forward!
Fire Dragon said coldly, “Chuck, what are you going to do?”
Zhang Xiang was angry, this wild seed, dare to stop crying?
court death!
“You said, kneel down for me, you forgot about it! Now I remind you, then kneel down for me now!!”
Chuck said!

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